Photography Friday – Expedition1000 Edition

Well, I guess it’s fitting that the last Photography Friday for the Mississippi River SUP trip from Dave Cornthwaite’s Expedition1000 is today, because today Dave finished his paddle, and made it to the Gulf!

Picture belongs to Liz Froment

2,400 miles down the map, the little red line reaches the Gulf of Mexico.

Yesterday, he broke the World Record for most miles paddled eclipsing 2,323, the previous mileage record, with about 60 miles to go before hitting the Gulf. For some more coverage of Dave’s trip, including a great piece about him in the Huffington Post, check out his Media Page.

This has been a long three months of paddling I’m sure, but keep following Dave to see what he has lined up next in Expediton1000. And don’t forget to help out and donate to Dave’s charities, the AV Foundation and CoppaFeel.

Pic belongs to Dave Cornthwaite

The last sunset of Expedtion1000 Journey 4 - Mississippi River via SUP.

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