Photography Friday – Expedition1000 – Mississippi River

Since Dave Cornthwaite started paddling on the Mississippi River for Expedition1000 this past Monday, he has been making some amazing progress down the river. Paddling upwards of 25 miles a day, he has been navigating the wilds of Minnesota, encountering beautiful scenery, and amazing wildlife.

Picture to - Dave Cornthwaite

The official start of the Mississippi!

Cool, right?

This pristine spot is where the mighty Mississippi River begins, few Americans have even been lucky to see this place, so we can all live vicariously through Dave as he paddles. And since he might be the most technologically connected person I know, which for a guy who is calling home a paddle board, is pretty amazing. He has been updating daily on Twitter, Facebook and on the main site page of Expedition1000.

Also, don’t forget, if Dave’s energy is inspiring you, toss a little cash towards the AV Foundation or CoppaFeel, I’ll even make it easy for you and provide the link here.

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