Photography Friday – San Francisco

Back again with another photography Friday, and let me say, thank God the weekend is almost here (well at least on the East Cost of the US), when it’s not torrentially pouring, my newly developed allergies are torturing me!

Anyway, on to bigger and better things, this shot comes from my friend Erin, who is budding into a nice little photographer, I’m so proud. She went to college in San Francisco – which looking back sounds a lot more entertaining than Western Massachusetts, so knows the ins and outs of getting a good shot around there.

This photo is from Alcatraz, which for those of you who are unfamiliar, was a former prison on a small island in San Francisco Bay. It used to house the big boys of crime back in the day, among them Al Capone, Whitey Bulger, and Machine Gun Kelly. It’s now run by our good friends over at the National Park Service, and is a pretty cool tour.

What makes this shot cool is that it’s a view from one of the cells looking out over the Golden Gate Bridge. Kind of a funny juxtaposition, being trapped in this notoriously dangerous prison, but having such an amazing and unique view, makes you think.

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  • Erin

    And if you take a tour of the island and “miss” the last ferry back to the mainland – you can brave a night on the island alone. Not exactly legal but definitely earns you some bragging rights.

  • Liz

    Thanks for the illegal tips! I can always count on you!

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