Photography Friday!

For all you budding travel photographers out there, I’m adding this new feature to the blog, wahoo! So, I’m putting a call out to all my beloved readers to send me your pictures, and I will post them here, on Fridays, with credit to you (of course, what kind of operation do you think I’m running here?!).

Pictures don’t have to be fancy, or of anywhere particularly famous or beautiful, it can be out your office window, or in your backyard, or something you took a few years ago on vacation. Choice is yours.

So enjoy, and let’s all be reminded of the cool places out there in the world that we might not even know about!

I’ll go first, this picture I’m even amazed it came out because I took it out a window of a car!

Was visiting my friends who live outside Leeds, England, and we were off to a little traditional bar/pub in a cottage out in the countryside. I fell in love with the area, and it made me appreciate simplicity; green pastures, a blue sky, a little breeze blowing, with great friends heading for a larger…and all is right with the world.