Read Now, Travel Later

There are about a billion travel blogs out there. And quite a few of them are really, really good.

I could probably spend hours a day sorting through them all.

What about you?

Not enough time during your lunch break I bet.

That was my issue. I’d always end up trying to sneak in just one or two more posts about my next vacation destination before I got caught.

So, I figured why not make it easy for you.

Come here on Friday’s during your lunch break and I’ll give you a highlight of the very best travel articles out there for the week.

Plus, maybe a couple of extras for some travel inspiration 😉


10 of the Absolute Dreamiest Beach Resorts in the World

While I generally travel with value in mind, a girl can’t deny wanting to live in a little bit of luxury every once in a while. This post that features ten absolutely amazing luxury beach resorts might be catapulted to the very top of my bucket list for the next few years. I’ll check back in with my coconut drink!

Time Lapse of New Year’s Eve in Times Square

Since we’re not all that far removed from New Year’s I thought this video was a cool share. I have been lucky enough to watch the ball drop in Times Square one New Year’s Eve (thankfully from the warmth of my office conference room). But, I can tell you that the buzz around the area during the entire day is absolutely something to witness at least once in life!

Legal Travel to Cuba for Americans and Why NOW is the Time to Go!

If you follow my Facebook page (why aren’t you following me on Facebook?!) then you might see this post. Normally, I don’t like to duplicate content, but this I had to share. Cuba has been a dream location for a lot of travelers, but due to those pesky government restrictions you basically had to sneak in, unless you’re Jay-Z or Beyonce. But now, restrictions are open and travelers are flocking to this island hot spot.

Top 10 Ski Runs and Lodges

Ski season is well underway by this time of year and for all you snowbunnies out there looking to experience a few runs on some killer mountains. This list might just come in handy. A ski vacation is the perfect long weekend trip you can take that really makes you feel like you got away from it all, I always try to add at least one in every winter.

15 Spectacular Golf Course Photos to Help You Forget About the Cold

Golf and travel is a big business. I’m sure at least some of you have tried to sneak in a round on a vacation in the past few years. So, when I saw this series of really amazing photos from the golf travel site, Breaking Eighty, I had to share!

These are just a few of my favorites this week. Check back in next week for a whole new list.