How to Really Enjoy a City: Take a Ferry Ride

seattle ferry

Can’t beat these views from a Seattle ferry.

I’ve traveled to plenty of places, both here and abroad, but there is always something for me about cities on the water.

Maybe it’s because growing up in Boston having a city on the water is just a way of life, it’s easy to spend afternoons gazing out from the harbor, and the summers out sailing.

For me, one of my favorite ways to really enjoy a city is to get outside of it, and view it from the water. It holds true anywhere I go, especially in the US, when I get to a city that is on the water, I find a ferry or boat to get on, ASAP.

So, when I got to Seattle, the first thing I did was rush past Starbucks, the fish market, the hot spots from Grey’s Anatomy, and went right to the water on a local Seattle ferry.

Most cities are going to have a boat tour you can pay to go on. Generally they will be about an hour or so, and give you a pretty good view of the city.

If you are looking for to save some cash look into public transport, a lot of cities will have ferry systems that are pretty cheap, just a few bucks. Granted, you might not get the best view lines, but you will be able to enjoy some time out on the water having a nice view.

There are couple of reasons why I do this, the first, is simple, I love being out on the water. So, I’ll take it wherever and whenever I can. But, beyond that it helps you to really establish the lay of the land.

I am notoriously directionally challenged, so by getting a view of Seattle from the water first, I was able to have a much better sense of where I was going once I was back in the city.

Plus, can’t hurt to get some views like this, right?

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