Have a “Deadliest Catch” Adventure


There are only a few places in America that truly offer incredible fishing experiences. Seasoned fishermen know that although they may enjoy heading out to their local favorite fishing spots at home, for a true fishing adventure with memorable catches, you need to travel.

One of the prime spots for fishing in the US has to be in the Puget Sound. Located on the edge of Washington State, Puget Sound is actually an inlet of the Pacific Ocean, tucked in between mainland Washington, near Seattle and the beautiful Olympic Peninsula.

Puget Sound: A Fishing Adventure

So, the location of Puget Sound not only provides easy access to transportation via the Seattle Airport, but also washes up on some really pristine spots on the Olympic Peninsula and the surrounding islands.

The sound is also home to a number of different fish species, including the world famous Pacific Northwest Chinook salmon and Sockeye salmon, two types of fish that are enjoyed all over the world.

Beyond location, the other big thing many fisherman want now is a really hands on experience. We’ve all seen those incredible fishing shows on National Geographic or the Discovery Channel and want to have that experience too, just for a few hours.

The Puget Sound is the perfect place to try your hands on fishing trip that involves a bit more than just casting and waiting. Some trips head out into the sound and spend hours on the boat, heading out at gray, before the sun rises and spend a full six or even twelve hours fishing. It is going to be a memorable experience, no doubt about it.

Freshwater Fishing Puget Sound

Now, if you are a fisherman who needs nothing more than a fly and some waders, the Puget Sound area is going to have a lot of options available as well. There are many small freshwater bodies of water like rivers and streams that feed right into the Puget Sound, so there is also going to be a lot of ways to catch some fish on a fly rod if that is the style of fishing that you prefer.

With access to a fishing boat, fly fisherman will be absolutely amazed at the places they are going to be able to cast right off of the sound. After a local Puget Sound area stream produced a Steelhead that was over 29 pounds recently, claiming an International Game Fish Association record, the area certainly started to attract a lot more attention from fisherman all over the world.

After spending time fishing in the Puget Sound, it is hard to duplicate the experience at home. That is why so many fisherman are continuing to return to the area after they have spent a weekend trip or even guys event out fishing for a few days in the Sound.

With easy access to Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula, it is truly a pure sportsman paradise that will not be forgotten about anytime soon. Next time you are looking to take your own fishing experience to new levels, give the Puget Sound a try.