Slow Travel and Photography Friday

I have to give myself some credit for being smart enough to take this photo a few weeks ago on my way to meet some friends for a night out with my sister. We were running a bit late going over a little bridge in between two ponds not far from where I grew up in my parent’s house.

As I was going over the bridge I glanced over and saw this sunset. I had to stop. Even though I was running late, and was literally in the middle of the road. Thankfully, since the road isn’t traveled all that much, I didn’t have to contend with traffic, just a few fishermen packing up for the night eying me curiously as they stood on the side of the road by their cars. My sister, knowing my love for, as she calls it “could porn,” just rolled with it.

Picture copyright to Liz Froment

How's THAT for a sunset!

Thank god for smart phones because I just whipped out my new Samsung Android – which, by the way for all of you are waiting for another addition of Favorite Apps here and here, it’s coming up soon with some options for Android.

The next day, when I uploaded the picture to my computer, taking the minute to stop and make that shot was totally worth it. What struck me as I drove by were the colors. To say they popped would be an understatement in the least, but I loved how the colors were reflected in the water. The night was totally gorgeous. Cloud porn never ceases to amaze me just because of the colors the sky can produce sometimes, from golden yellow to bright red and deep purples, love it!

Normally, I do not make this blog very philosophical, just the cold hard facts here, sir. But, I was a little light on posts this week, so I shall make this Photography Friday a bit more meaty so to speak. Since I’m in an introspective and photography minded mode (I did just get a new DSLR, so I’m envisioning Photography Friday to get infinitely better – or I will just be subjecting you guys to more and more of my practice shots, have to build the portfolio somehow!), I will take a second and toss a bit o’Zen your way.

This weeks lesson: travel slow sometimes.

It seems that we’re all always in a rush, trying to fit in as much as possible, tick off all the boxes on the guidebook, find all the ‘best’ places, get your picture in front of all the ‘must see’ monuments and statues. But, are we really actually seeing much of anything that way? Are the memories of your trip just you in front of Big Ben or the Colosseum? Or did you have some experiences along the way to the touristy places.

You can be in the most exotic place in the world, or you can be (literally) in your backyard, but stop for just thirty seconds when you see something amazing and appreciate it. Take a picture, make a note.

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