Sneaky Travel Fees and Scams

travel fees


Being ripped off anywhere is never fun, especially if you are doing the traveling on a budget.

However, different customs and languages along with all the red tape involved is a living nightmare and send the traveler into a tailspin.

But, there is a way to get around the scams. What is it? Knowledge!

Knowing a few of these before you go can help keep you alert, and end up saving you time, knowledge and money when you’re on vacation.

So keep an eye out for 10 of the worst travel rip-offs:

Excess Baggage Charges

It seems simple to pack an extra bag for your shoes or three different outfits for one day. However, you need to curtail your packing. Chances are, you won’t wear the extra dresses or shoes, and they will charge you more in baggage charges. In most of the hotels, there is a laundry service that will launder for less than taking more and you having to pay for excess baggage charges.

Trip Insurance

Oh trip insurance, buy it only if you completely understand what you read and understand the policy and maybe you can get a deal. However, most of the time you won’t. What they call travel insurance used to be flight insurance and it would cover the flight. However, when they came out with non-refundable tickets, businesses landed a way to market selling insurance that will cover expenses for the whole trip, like medical insurance, which, you have to really watch close, or you could end up paying for nothing.

Shady Taxi Drivers

Be careful that the taxi drivers don’t rip you off or take advantage of you. They will use unscrupulous methods such as incorrect change refunded, high-unstated charges, and less than efficient routes. Think of these questions before entering a taxi, does the driver speak my language, is the license or permit visible, is there a price chart available.

Eating Like a Tourist

Eat as the locals do if you can. Especially in a college town, where you know the students don’t have a lot of money, they will know the best places to go and where the cheaper ones are. You want to avoid the tourist traps, especially watch when you are taking a cruise. Ask what the price range is before you order your food. Does the place seem to suck up the tourists’ money?

Manhattan Hotels

Enticing you with a room in the Big Apple is a wonderful opportunity, but you don’t have much when you do this. What you get is a hotel that hasn’t been renovated in many years, rotted curtains, and stained sheets. Basically, the hotel on Elm Street. This is where you might want to spend a little more to be safe.

Airport Airline Clubs

Do you remember the member’s only clubs where the piano was played, cigars were smoked, and you appreciated the finer things in life before you got on the plane in your first class seat? Oh yeah I forgot where the alcohol flowed freely. Now you will get a shock when you go to the lounge. Now that lounge has been replaced to look like a spa setting. Now it is a sophisticated Zen environment. So before, you decide to join one of these airline clubs, check your prices close and see if it is worth it.

Uniformed Guides at Airports

When you get off the plane, you might be bombarded with guides and women with leis, etc. These locals will take the tourist to a high priced hotel today. In addition, we don’t do enough research beforehand. So go on the internet and stock up and make those reservations before you fall short, more ways than one.

Minimum Fees at Restaurants or Clubs

The prices for minimum charges are commonplace and sometimes it feels like the restaurant charged and people pay double that the person had to pay with water. This is the biggest joke of them all. I can’t believe that people do this. It’s water!Remember, for the restaurant may or may not be listed on the menu so before you accept the bread or water, ask if it is included in the price of the meal.

Insanely High Booze Taxes

You might need to skip the cocktails at your table and or the bar, some of the drinks can cost up to $15 each! And, remember in some places drinks can be even more! I’m sure you don’t want to pay those high prices for alcohol. Remember to check prices before you order especially those specialty drinks.

Changing Money on the Black Market

Changing money on the black market will hurt not help. They put in a few good bills that are mixed with money that they have padded with either folded bills that are smaller, newspaper, other illegal money, and whatnot. This is a resource topic. Before you start your traveling experience you need to check out the dollar exchange rates, this will help to avoid sticker shock.

Next time you travel, keep a few of these in mind!

What are some of your best tips to avoiding sneaky travel fees?