Sports Geeks Unite

Hey everyone, my name is Liz, and I am sports nerd.

I watch a lot of games on tv. A lot. But what’s even better, is going to a game, the green grass, the cold beers, the crack of a bat, the ping of a puck hitting iron….ok ok back to earth, what’s even better, you ask, sports road trip!

A lot of people out there have the goal of hitting every baseball stadium, and with 30 stadiums, that is a pretty cool accomplishment. It is something that I’ve thought about, but has not become The List worthy just yet, since I’ve only been to 5 stadiums (my beloved Red Sox, then the Yankees, Mets, Braves and Astros for those of you checking off your bingo cards). But, I am interested enough that I’m debating when I make my trip to Vancouver in June, if I should head back to Seattle on the earlier side to catch a Mariners game.

So, in honor of the start of Spring Training, start planning a sports trip!

You can think big, the World Series or the Super Bowl, but the thing that sucks about most of these big game events (beyond the cost), is that by the time you figure out if your team is actually in the game it could be too late to prepare, not fantastic if you need to plan for time off at work.

Think about a sport you love, there is always a way to play a vacation around it.

There’s soccer (football), football, baseball, basketball, hockey, curling, rugby, cricket, lacrosse, you name it, there is an event, a most of the time, a lot of these non ‘big 4’ sports, offer a lot of entertainment on a dime.

When the World Cup was in America in 1994 (does this age me? I was BARELY into my teens), I went, granted they played a few games in the then Foxboro Stadium (now Gillette), but it was still a really cool atmosphere, and being a kid who played a lot of soccer, I thought it was fantastic to see so many people passionate about the game. I’d love to go abroad and see a World Cup played with the masses, and thankfully, since they are every 4 years, there is plenty of time to get into the beautiful game, save and head over!

My dream biggie to go see is the Olympics. I love love love the Olympics, the majesty, the cheesiness, the patriotism, it’s fantastic! Now, since we all know I am heading to England this summer, going back again (no offense, England) in 2012 seems like maybe oh a tad of an overkill, so as of now, I have my sights set on 2016 in Brazil as a potential hot spot.

Now, what if you think, you really just want to stay domestic and follow your own sports. Well, then I would suggest Spring Training. Pick your favorite team, head to Florida or Arizona and catch a few games.

They also recently held a tournament in Las Vegas just this month for 7’s Rugby.

Thinking you want an anti-Spring Break this year? Head to exotic Fargo, North Dakota, for the 2011 US Curling Nationals.

Say you take a more literary look at the sporting world, there are still Pilgrimages to be had…

“If you build it, they will come….” to Dyersville, Iowa, the site of Field of Dreams. Or go on a dusty roadtrip through West Texas to feel the excitement of your own Friday Night Lights.

And if you’re just looking for something fun, interesting and cheep, well then damn, Google it, what kind of operation do you think I’m running here? Kidding, kind of, but do a little research into your area, just in my little area of New England, I can catch free (and some future MLB stars) games all summer at the Cape Cod Baseball League, the Head of the Charles rowing regatta in the fall, the Boston Marathon in the spring, and for $10 a pop all day tailgating and fun at International Polo in Newport, RI.

If you’re looking for even more information on cheap and fun sporting events, check out this posting (which ironically I discovered at about word 615 of this posting), that Sports Illustrated did in 2009 listing the 25 best summer sports bargains.

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