Take an Adventure on a Shoestring Budget

Go on a budget adventure!

Interestingly enough, I read a lot of blogs written by British adventurers. And no, not just because I am an intern for Dave Cornthwaite in my free time, (you can read his blog here), but for some reason they appeal to me, and I suppose I could be classified as an anglophile. The biggest reason probably is that they have a lot of great ideas on how to combine a bit of travel with some outdoors and adventure.

I’ve learned that having an adventure doesn’t mean you need a support team, or accomplish something record breaking, or even be gone for a very long time. It’s really just doing something that is a little bit hard and a little bit out of the ordinary.

With a lot of people who work 9-5 corporate jobs, vacation time is at a premium, many only get two weeks, and many really can’t afford to go all out on a big two week long vacation, or even a one week long vacation, especially if it involves spouses and kids. So the next best thing is to have some fun with it. If you use one of your two weeks on a big trip then you have 5 remaining days. Throughout the year take a day or two off and have an adventure.

I was reading Tim Moss’ blog, The Next Challenge and he did a series on a micro adventure he took that challenged him to spend 100 pounds or less. From London to Dublin and back, he returned with 30 pounds in his pocket and a great story. Read about it here.

Something like this is totally do-able for anyone.

With a little ingenuity and the willingness to rough it a bit, anyone can take a trip somewhere.

Try it out, over the next few months, set yourself a budget and go somewhere, for at least one night. Hit up the comments below and tell me about it. You can go near or far, in a car, on a bus, riding a bike, doesn’t matter, just try it out.

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  • Being accountable to my job is the other side of what inspired me to create the 100+Project. I was pining for a big adventure and pouting because of a lack of time and resources. I realized that I could have many small adventures that fit nicely into a weekend. That’ll do for now…