Thanksgiving Travel Infographic

If you’re not suffering in an airport or train station from the Thanksgiving travel blues. Then chances are you’re still in the office.

Isn’t working the Wednesday before Thanksgiving terrible? Everyone knows that nothing of value is actually going to get done until next week.

But we’re forced to sit at our desks pretending to get those TPS Reports out there for first thing Friday morning. Uh yea right, all set with that, thank you.

In corporate finance, ‘leaving early’ for a holiday is somewhere around 4pm. And most likely, you’ll be back in the office on Friday.

In academia, the day before Thanksgiving is a waste. You get out around 1pm, but then you have an office lunch, which of course starts at 11am. But you need to start setting up at 10am. At some point you wonder why the hell couldn’t I just have stayed home in the first place?

So, while you’re sitting at your desk pretending to work (I know you are), check out this cool infographic on Thanksgiving travel.

Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving travel infographic credit to Love Infographics and America by Rail