Tips for NYC on a Budget



Do you dream of visiting one of the most fabulous and famous cities in the good old USA but feel that you won’t be able to truly experience what the city has to offer because your pockets are a little more close to empty than they are full?

Great news!

You can experience great dining and culture as well as historical places while you’re in The Big Apple. There are plenty of cheap and even free opportunities in the city that are guaranteed to be a great and memorable experience that so few people know about.

These tips were created to help you have an unforgettable time in the gorgeous and busy New York City.

Tip #1:

Travel on the weekdays instead of the weekend.

Airfare expenses tend to be more pricey when you fly on the weekends because of popular demand and slim seating arrangements. If you travel during the week instead of at the end of it you’re guaranteed to find more affordable airfare, saving you a ton of money to do with what you please when you get to the city.

Tip #2:

Be weary of your hotel concierge and travel agents.

Both are available to help you plan your trip and optimize your time but keep in mind they often might try to direct you to more expensive routes of entertainment and opportunity.

Tip #3:

Take into consideration some of the free attractions.

A lot of travelers often don’t realize all the city has to offer. Some of the most well known parts of the city are completely free to visit: Central Park, Rockefeller Plaza, Times Square, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral are completely free. You might also opt for a ride on the Staten Island Ferry and enjoy the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the beautiful New York Harbor.

Tip #4:

Eat smart. Eat Cheap.

Take a look around for cheap places to eat, which means avoiding tourist hot spots like Times Square. Some of the best and tastiest meals in NYC can be found at some of the incredible food trucks that are all over the city. Explore some of the best and you will get some great meals for a good price.



Tip #5:

Check hotel rates ahead of time.

Certain hotels offer insane discounts on rates during certain times of the year usually during off times like holidays and kid’s school vacations. Call around before booking a hotel to make sure you are saving your hard earned cash.

Tip #6:

Consider doing things you might not normally do.

One very fun thing to do in the city that is completely free to do is taking a tour of the Brooklyn Brewery, if you do end up in the city on the weekend. Another good options in that same vein are some of the food walking tours.

Tip #7:

Consider government places.

You can visit New York City’s fabulous City Hall if you make prior arrangements. Historically significant places can prove to be a rewarding experience for your travel time allowing you to get a background on the city and the operations of it.

Tip #8:

Visit the city during popular times of the year.

You can always visit New York City, why not visit during the most popular times of the year? Going to Times Square for the ever popular New Year’s Eve dropping of the ball is one very special time. Also, you could consider going during festivals like those in Little Italy. Since a lot of festivals don’t require an entry fee, you’re able to have a good time on a budget while enjoying street vendors.

Tip #9:

View the beauty of New York’s finest architecture.

Sure, you have to pay a little bit to get into the Empire State Building and other popular attractions but you’ll be able to view lovely architecture such as The Brooklyn Bridge for nothing. You can also take The Circleline – The New York City Liberty Cruise starting at only $20.



Tip #10:

Walk to destinations. Walk for fun.

New York City is a view large city, of course. If you’re traveling to site-see you can always opt for walking instead of taking the expensive cabs. If you have no destination in mind, why not walk to get exercise and see things you would have probably missed had you been driven (or drove yourself)?

Tip #11:

Take a tour.

Tours are almost always very very inexpensive and it allows you to take a few hours out of your day to find out interesting facts about the city that you might not have previously known. The various New York City tours will also allow you to possibly be introduced to places you never knew about prior to your trip.

Tip #12:

Purchase goods from street vendors.

Street vendors are your best friends! You can find some of the coolest things at street vendors shops. Buy a hot dog, or a scarf, or an “I Love New York” t-shirt. You’ll save tons of cash shopping here rather than at expensive boutiques in town.

Tip #13:


As many know New York City has a ton of neighborhoods: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Chinatown…you get the point. Explore what the city has to offer by foot, by taxi, or take the subway. You don’t have to buy anything (other than your cab fare or subway ticket) and you’ll get to experience all that New York City has to offer in terms of neighborhoods.

Tip #14:

Visit a museum.

New York City has a lot to offer when it comes to museums. The good thing is NYC museums are almost always very affordable (in fact many museums are pay what you want) and you can spend an entire day there. New York City has art museums, fashion museums, and museums of natural history. You’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

Tip #15:

Kayak for free.

Yes, FREE. Try out kayaking at the Downtown Boathouse and Long Island Community Boathouse in Queens for absolutely free. Who could argue with that?

The keys to having a good time in any city is simply using your imagination. You can find activities and entertainment for cheap or free in New York City if you just take the time to research ahead of time.

Save yourself money, plan ahead and have a great time.