Top Three Ways to Watch the Kentucky Derby

Hello again everyone. This weekend is the so called ‘The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports,’ the running of the Kentucky Derby. It is also the first race of the Triple Crown, followed by the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore, and then the Belmont Stakes in Long Island. Some might call it the unofficial start of true springtime, others may look forward all year to these five weeks for the excitement of horse racing, especially since there hasn’t been a Triple Crown winner since 1978, although we have come close a few times in recent memory.

For me, the Kentucky Derby really signifies the start of outdoor party season! All winter my madras and seersucker has been trapped inside the closet, just screaming to get out, belts with whales and lobsters, my Sperry Top Siders, you know the drill. After all, after the Kentucky Derby there is summer polo, and the fourth of july, and clambakes with bonfires….ok so maybe I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself here, but it’s still exciting!

So in honor of the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports, I present to you the Most Exciting Three Ways to Watch the Kentucky Derby:

1. Head on over to Louisville and see the Kentucky Derby in person. Not to be captain obvious, but as with most things in sports, there is no experience like being there in person. I have always wanted to hit the Derby, I love the energy and the idea that everyone dresses up, its basically a giant party that stops for a few minutes every now and then. And there are pricing options for everyone, even though they always show all the fancy pants people up in their private boxes, don’t forget that infield seating on the grass is available as well. Grab a patch of lawn, bring some food and drinks and get your mint julep on.

Although I haven’t been to the Derby, I have been to Belmont Stakes and had a fantastic time. We packed up a ton of food and drinks, did a little tailgate in the parking lot, and brought the rest in via a huge cooler. We were able to have an area out on the grass, and then pop into the stands and see some races from there. I won on my first bet (budding professional here), and overall for the $10 admission, it was a really fun day.

2. Go to a sports bar. Let’s face it, sports can bring a lot of people together. So can wearing funny outfits while drinking beer. Toss all that together, and its a pretty explosive recipe for a good time. A few years ago I watched the Derby in a bar with some friends. We got dressed up and marched down to the neighborhood bar, hats raring to go, and of course after some initial snickers, were welcomed with open arms. Especially good, considering this bar wasn’t even having a Derby party. However, there are a ton of places across the US that will be having events this weekend, so if you want to get out, wear your biggest hat, and have a few minutes of excitement, hit your local watering hole.

And since I’m anti BS and excuses, I will now provide you a list of bars across the country that are indeed having Derby events this weekend, you can thank me later:

« Lodo’s Bar and Grill – Denver, CO
« PBR Rock Bar – Las Vegas, NV
« The Royale – St. Louis, MO
« Pappa’s Ranch – Clearwater, FL
« Brickyard Gastropub – New York, NY
« Galaxy Sports Bar – Wadsworth, OH
« The Nodding Donkey – Dallas, TX
« Portland Meadows – Portland, OR

3. The homegrown party. Throw an event yourself. If not, then go to a friends house. I will be attending a Derby event at one of my friends on Saturday. Her and her husband always throw fantastic themed parties, down to food and drink, and it’s always fun because virtually everyone that goes shows up decked out in full themed attire. Make up a few gallons of mint juleps, bake up a peacan pie, have some party games going for the yard and you’re good to go.

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