Travel: Vegas, baby. Vegas!

Moyan Brenn Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas strip. Photo Copyright by
Moyan Brenn

After what has seemed like a very looooooooong time since I was last traveling, my calendar is looking pretty awesome coming up over the next few months.

But, before we get to that, the first trip planned is Vegas!

In fact, by the time you are reading this (hi!), I will be on a flight, holler!

Since Vegas is so crazy cheap, I scored a sick deal using my Hotwire travel tips (guide coming soon!), I decided to extend my time there.

The plan is really two fold. The first part is going to be devoted to a bit of exploring, taking photos, and relaxing.

I’ve got a car rental the first few days to drive out to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon, two places I have been dying to see forever.

I am ignoring the obvious and oh so trodden path to the Grand Canyon, instead, hitting up Zion which is actually less visited and closer so seems pretty obvious to me.

The second part of the trip my friends are arriving.

We’ll be doing Thanksgiving dinner in the New York, New York Casino (just how the Pilgrims had imagined) and then doing what people in Vegas do: drink, buffet, drink, gamble, drink, dance, pass out, wash, repeat.

Hence my plan to do all that important stuff early in the week.

Stay tuned!

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