Travel Posts Roundup

The Resort at Paws Up

Photo by: Fathom/The Resort at Paws Up

I know you probably love my travel site above all others, right? 😉

But, there are a ton of awesome blogs out there that offer a ton of great information all the time. I even find myself reading a lot of the posts just because other bloggers are offering some great travel tips, or beautiful destination photos.

So, I thought it might be cool to feature some of these other travel related posts that might be of use.

Let’s get started.

30 Travel Hacks for Traveling
Who doesn’t love a travel hack? We all want to be able to save a little extra or squeeze a little bit more out of a vacation, especially since, being in the 9-5, we don’t have a ton of time to travel. In this post, you’ve got 30 travel hacks, plus a list of 10 pretty awesome travel hackers, a few I’ve had the pleasure to meet, and one I work with!

Living in the Lap of Luxury in Montana
I have always been obsessed with two things: glamping and Montana. And what do you know, Fathom came to my rescue and gave me an article that features both under one space. I always felt that these luxury tents seemed so romantic, hearkening back to a time of Hemingway and the Green Hills of Africa. And then put them in the rugged beauty of Montana? Sold!

Travel to Europe’s Most Stunning Landmarks in Under Four Minutes
The Smithsonian has yet to fail me, and this is just another example why. This video was shot by two budget travelers who traveled all over Europe filming some of it’s most famous and iconic landmarks at night. All of which is beautifully presented in less than four minutes in this really cool video. It’s enough to tide me over until my next European vacation.

That’s it for this week, every once in a while I will share some of my other favorite posts. What do you think, are these articles helpful? Let me know in the comments!

Photo:The Resort at Paws Up