6 Traveling World Adventures You Should Know About

Everyone knows I love to live my adventure vicariously through people who have a bit more time to get out there and do some amazing things, you know adventure being their 9-5 job as it were.

But, since my second favorite thing is imparting my wisdom upon people, here are a bunch of traveling world adventurers I think that you should know about, follow and cheer on!

Photo: davecornthwaite.com

Dave Cornthwaite – Alright, maybe I’m a bit biased (see posts June through September, 2011) but one of my favorite adventurers has to be Mr. Expedition1000 himself, Dave Cornthwiate. If you didn’t know, Dave is on a mission to travel 25 journeys each 1,000 miles or more all by non-motorized transport all to raise $1.5 Million for charity. So far, Dave has done things like Skateboard the width of Australia, and stand up paddleboard the Mississippi. Upcoming trips include a 3,000 mile sail from Cabo to Hawaii and a 1,000 mile swim of the Missouri River. Check out more happenings on his site, blog, and on Twitter.

Photo: cyclingtheearth.co.uk

Sean Conway – Sean is entered in a race. Not just any race, but an event to see who can cycle the globe in the fastest amount of time. Yup, read that again to take it in. Sean will be racing 18,000 miles to be the record and hopes to return to London in just 150 days. So far, he’s about 500 miles into the trip having just left a few days ago. Follow Sean’s progress and cheer him on at his Facebook page, website or on Twitter.

Photo: sarahouten.com

Sarah Outen – Don’t think I wouldn’t include any girls on here. Sarah Outen already has a pretty impressive adventure resume, after all she did row the Indian Ocean solo a few years ago in 124 days. Her current adventure will take a bit longer than that, because is on a mission to circle the Earth traveling via only bicycle, kayak and rowboat. Having left in April 2011, she has bicycled and kayaked to Japan and is currently getting ready to row across the Pacific Ocean, planning to hit Vancouver at towards the end of 2012, where she will then cycle across Canada (with Dave Cornthwaite) and then row from New York back to England on the final leg. Follow the incredible journey on her site and Twitter.

Photo: pushingthelimits.com

Andy Campbell – Andy Campbell broke his back in a climbing accident a few years ago and now spends his days in a wheelchair. If you think that stops him from doing shit, you’re wrong. He does more adventure sitting down than the vast majority of people in this world. And in just a few months, Andy will be completing a 30,000 mile round the world trip on his wheelchair. He will be crossing four continents, and traveling from England to China and then Alaska to Patagonia, all in an effort to raise funds for mobility equipment for people affected by spinal cord injuries everywhere. Follow more about Andy on his site and Twitter account as he progresses towards the start of his adventure.

Photo: geographyofyouth.org

Alan Winslow and Morgan McCarthy – Alan and Mo started a project called the Geography of Youth. And their goal is to cycle through 50 countries on a 30,000 mile tour all the way documenting via writing, photography and video the lives of 20-somethings around the world. In July 2011 they left Alaska and have been peddling ever since, most recently connecting with youth in Argentina to get their stories and document them. Check out some of the amazing stories and photos of people just like you in other parts of the globe, on their incredible journey on their site and Twitter account.

Photo: danmartinextreme.com

Dan Martin – Starting in May 2012, Dan Martin will be competing in a triathlon, big deal, right? Wrong, this triathlon will include a bike trip across Asia and Europe, a swim across the Atlantic (!!) Ocean, and a run over the US and Canada. I’m tired just typing it out! Dan is no stranger to long distance adventures, in recent years he cycled from London to Cape Town, South Africa and then from Korea to South Africa. But planning a four month daily dip across the Atlantic has got to be a pretty daunting (and freezing) feat. Follow Dan’s adventure on his expedition site and via his Twitter account.

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