Twitter’s Best Travelers

I love Twitter and follow a ton of great people on the site who provide me with a lot of fantastic travel tips (don’t forget to follow me @lfroment).

So, what better way to help you guys out then showcase some of my favorite travel people. If you end up following any of these guys and girls, you will absolute be ahead of the crowd when it comes to travel smarts.

My Favorite Travelers on Twitter


jodi twitter
Jodi is the true definition of a world traveler, having spent time all over the world. Beyond her own blog, she posts a ton of great informative articles from around the web on travel and food.


rob twitter
Rob writes at the blog Stop Having a Boring Life and he truly practices what he preaches, from spending a day on the course to a night swimming with dolphins, he covers it all.


captainandclark twitter
This traveling couple are some of my favorite people to follow on Twitter, from the Taj Mahal to Seattle, they have great insights and tips on getting the most out of travel.


Iain Mallory is not only a world traveler, he’s also a pretty awesome adventurer too. So, it’s no wonder why I love following all of his tweets, and photos, from around the world.


Spencer has some real travel chops, not only does he have his own fantastic blog, but he’s also the host of one of my favorite Twitter chats each week #ExpediaChat.

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