Two Weeks to Travel Goes Back to it’s Roots

When I started this blog a year and a half ago (!), I did it because I saw a big gaping hole in the travel blog world.

There are literally millions of travel blogs out there. Blogs about backpacking for a couple of weeks through Europe or South America or Southeast Asia, blogs about traveling with kids and proving that it quite certainly can be done, blogs about I sold all my stuff and now everything I own fits into this bag and I bounce around the world from adventure to adventure until the money I saved up runs dry, blogs about people living lifestyle independence who travel because all their work can be done on their laptop, blogs about solo women braving the world on their own because they love to travel and don’t give a damn if others think that it’s a bad idea or ‘not safe.’

But, there were no blogs about me.

Of course I love to travel, and I did the whole backpacking gig, I’ve slept with my backpack duct taped to me in an $4 a night hostel, I’ve been awoken on a night train by the tip of an AK-47 asking for my passport at 3am, I have called home for more money, missed flights because I was hungover, gotten completely lost and still go back for more.

But now, I have a job. So, where’s the travel blog for that? Because if I had to guess, there are a hell of a lot of us out there who like to travel but have jobs. And with those jobs come vacation time, usually very short, and always up to the whim of approval by some higher power on the executive food chain.

And when we start a job, and they say here you go two weeks vacation, it can be a struggle. There is a lot of this world to fit in during two weeks every year. It can be frustrating to plan, and expensive and it’s really easy to get overwhelmed in the process so you just end up going to Florida every year because of that JetBlue sale.

Our travel lives do not have to be like that. We have options! We can see all the places that we want, and still make it back to work on Monday.

I promise you that you can get to that far away place on your bucketlist, or afford the safari you’ve always wanted to go on, there are ways to do it all.

Maybe you are content in your job, maybe you are looking for something else, maybe you have six more months before you quit, it doesn’t matter, we’re all in the same spot, we’ve got vacation and we want to figure out how to use it.

My goal on this site is to help you figure out how to use your vacation time in a way that causes you less stress, less aggravation and saves you more money. Simple as that.

Two Weeks to Travel is for:
– People working in jobs
– People who have set vacation time each year
– People who want to experience traveling but don’t think they have the time
– People who get overwhelmed planning vacations
– People who want ideas, help and inspiration on how to make the best out of their vacation

Two Weeks to Travel is not really for (but hey, you’re welcome to hang out):
– People who do not have jobs
– People who have been traveling for 18 months in a row
– People who have less than 3 pairs of underwear

If you are reading this sitting at an internet cafe in Chang Mai on phase two of your round the world backpacking trek, get out of here and go drink something out of a coconut, stop mocking the rest of us.

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  • Well this is something I definitely write about as well. I just do it from a different part of the country. Granted, you started yours a little before mine. However, you are completely right about the message and it’s one that I feel is important as well.

    A majority of people like to travel but can’t quit their jobs to do it. I love traveling close to home. I’ve had some fantastic experiences. And I think that people anywhere can travel regardless of how much vacation time they get. For me, travel is a mindset and an attitude. With an open mind and an adventurous spirit, you don’t have to go far to travel.

    Whether you have two weeks or two years or whether you want to go to the other side of the world or just the other side of town, there are plenty of travel experiences to be had!

  • Liz

    Those are some fantastic points, Jeremy, there a certainly some of us who blog about this stuff, but I’d think, at least from my point of view we are in the minority. And I recommend that anyone looking for great info on the California area, check out I agree, there are a TON of great trips to be had close to home, which sometimes are overlooked for not being glamorous enough.