Vacation Destinations in Pictures: Peru

When I hear Peru, I think Incas and ceviche.

I also think, hmmm pretty good idea for a vacation spot. In one country there is beautiful coastline, rugged mountains and rain forest, the only negative I can think of might be packing issues, I will have to bring my sun hat, my bug spray and my North Face puffy on one trip.

Machu Picchu Photo by David J Thomas on Flickr

Photo by geezaweezer of Lima, Peru on Flickr

Photo by PezMico of Cusco, Peru on Flickr

Photo by Bruno Jifas of Cañon del Colca on Flickr

Photo by Antoine Nexon of Chan Chan Trujillo, Peru on Flickr

Photo by Alex E. Proimos Boats in Peru

Photo by JHenley8 of El Misti on Flickr

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  • Great photos! I especially like the mountain pics, but they’re all nice.

  • Liz

    Thanks Chad, they are all some really quality shots of a beautiful country.