Vacation Time!


Hey even us travel bloggers need to be on vacation every once and while right? I’m headed off to the Pacific Northwest next week and super excited since I’ve never been there before. I’m hitting up Portland for a few days, then Seattle and finally I have to make sure to hit up my beloved Canada with a little eco-adventure trip out to Vancouver Island.

Watch this space because I have some great stuff planned for when I get back and will be sharing with you all the things that I was doing while away like whale watches and zip lining, oh yea.

Be sure to keep up with me on Twitter and Two Weeks to Travel’s Facebook page to check out an up to date minute by minute report (yea, not completely true, I do have a little bit of a life in the non-virtual world), and of course if anyone has any suggestions for me, let me know!


  1. yana@Travel Visa to USA

    Yah’ I believe that each of us needs to have vacation every once and while. Most travelers do that every month. They traveled and at the same time they have the relaxation that they want.

  2. Kurt

    Hey Seattle I lived there for a year. Don’t forget to go to Freemont, ohh and Golden Gardens Beach. It is out of the way a bit and up north from the city, but my God you will find the coolest people there spinning Poi, playing guitar and bone fires at night. If you are on CouchSurfing, do go to their events there. The community is out of this world.

  3. Liz

    There was plenty to do in Seattle, thanks for the tips, Kurt!