Vegas Road Trip: Valley of Fire

As you probably know, I was in Las Vegas all last week, hanging out with some friends for an extended Thanksgiving break.

The first few days of the trip was a solo adventure. Having secured a really good deal on a car rental (scored a sweet little red Fiat $500 for less than $60) it was time to get road tripping.

When most people go to Vegas they hop in a car and head East towards the Grand Canyon.

And while I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon, yea yea I’ll get there eventually, I didn’t want to spend 8 hours round trip driving, so figured there had to be another option.

A quick look at Google Maps brought me to a little gem just one hour north of Vegas, Valley of Fire State Park.

With almost all five star reviews from everyone who visited, this baby looked like a winner, and it totally was.

On the way, I took the long route, headed past the Lake Mead National Recreational Area snapping some pics until the Valley of Fire State Park appeared in the distance.

It was pretty hard to miss, considering the main feature of the park was the dusty red sandstone formations that dotted the skyline.

The striations in the rocks showed not centuries but millennium of geology, with the lines going from bright red to purple to pink and even yellow in some parts. It was pretty awesome.

Let’s just say, there were more than a few photo opportunities.

Lake Mead

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire