What’s Your Biggest Vacation Frustration?

Let’s face it, not every vacation experience is positive – say it ain’t so! And before you even set foot into the vacation zone, there is a lot to do to make sure things are progressing smoothly towards vacation nirvana.

I know people have different things that challenge them when it comes to vacation, for instance, while I love the planning stage, I have friends who hate it (I have planned many a foreign vacation in places I’ve never even been to!). Other people love packing, and I wait until about midnight the evening before to even start thinking about it. And the list goes on.

So, I’ve got a little poll here, because I want to find out what you’re biggest frustrations are. I’m interested to see what you readers think, and I’ll do my best to target some posts to make sure I can help address and find ways to make some of the biggest frustrations a little easier.

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