Why I Created Two Weeks to Travel

A lot has changed in the (almost) three years since I created this site.

Probably the biggest is I went from having two weeks to travel to having fifty two weeks to travel.

About two years into this blog, I quit my 9-5 job, started working on my own projects and with an entrepreneur. Life has never been better.

Now I can travel a lot more, and do all the cool stuff I’ve been wanting to do forever.

It was something that started as a seed and grew from the second I finally decided to start this site and click “publish.”

The problem is, you probably didn’t know that.

Actually, you probably don’t know very much about me at all.

It’s not that I have made efforts to keep my real life a secret from my online life, well maybe a little while I was still writing blog posts from my cube…

But, I think, somewhere in translation the reason behind this site and what the outcome of the site has become things got a little bit messed up.

I wanted to write a travel blog because I loved to travel.

But I was really frustrated.

My vacation time sucked.

I was over sitting down the first of the year and trying to figure out how I could divide up ten days to actually do something.

I hated having to think I was limited on where I wanted to go.

I hated taking half the world off my travel list because there was no way I could get there and back in a week.

I hated feeling guilty asking to take vacation.

I hated feeling like I was missing out.

I was just tired of not being able to go anywhere fun or do anything fun because I had this massive time constraint around me.

I figured I wasn’t alone, and I didn’t want to be alone in my frustrations.

So that’s why I made this site.

Because there are a million incredibly inspiring travel blogs out there of people waking up on the beach in Thailand and spending a month in Rio at Carnival and jumping from Sweden to Argentina to Morocco and back.

And all that stuff sounded awesome.

But what about me?

In my job I couldn’t jump from Sweden to Morocco, unless I spent a night at each place.

I couldn’t spend two weeks in Rio unless I didn’t want to take a vacation day for the rest of the year.

Why did it always seem like only people without traditional jobs could travel?

That’s why I made this site.

I wanted to find a way for people like me who had jobs to find ways to live a lifestyle that allowed them to do all those things they wanted while still working a traditional job.

Even if it was just taking a road trip around your backyard. There are so many things to see everywhere, not only in foreign destinations.

I didn’t think you had to be limited.

So, instead of writing much about my own experiences trying to travel during my limited vacation time, I figured I’d put up tons of posts that were informative or inspirational or pretty.

Turns out they were pretty boring.

The best blogs have a personal connection with readers.

I’m afraid mine doesn’t because I was so focused on providing information, not personality.

Looking back, I probably would have been better off spending three years writing Wikipedia pages than posts.

I never felt my real personality was coming through.

Because of that I’ve almost abandoned this site about 47 times. I’ve let long time periods lapse without posting. I’ve published blah posts out of desperation that I probably shouldn’t have to stick to a posting schedule.

All this time I was moving forward under the hope of thinking I was being helpful.

But at the end of the day, I don’t know if it has really helped anyone.

So, I’m pressing the reset button.

Reading the stories of other travelers used to be the bright spot in many of my otherwise dark days in my corporate job.

From now on, I’m sticking to the posts I should have been writing all this time, things that are funny and engaging and personal.

They might not be about exotic and far off places, but you’ll probably get a laugh and hey maybe even a tip or two.

I still want to help people who were just like me make more from their travel time. Even if you absolutely love your job, who doesn’t want to do some awesome out of the ordinary stuff on vacation?

The new and improved Two Weeks to Travel should help with just that.

Stay tuned.

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