Why I Like AirFareWatchDog for Flight Price Alerts

Ok we all know I love vacation.

So, I’m always on the look out for good deals on airfare, because you never know a great deal to LA or Miami might just pop up right in time for a long weekend get away.

What I like about airfarewatchdog.com is that I tailor it to my needs so I get the flight price alerts on the destinations I care about and skip all the places I don’t.

When I first signed up for the site, I made sure to set Boston as my home airport. This way, every time I get an email I know that it’s only on deals from Boston. I don’t need to scroll through trying to find flights from Boston or get super excited to see a really cheap price and find out it’s from New York.


Then, anytime a good deal comes up, I get an email like this:


It shows all the domestic and International flights from Boston.


Pretty sweet, right? It works pretty well, and I’ve been able to grab more than one cheap flight right after I’ve gotten my email alert.

But, what if you can’t just hop on a plane anytime and instead you have a specific trip you are planning? No problem, friend. Because you can also set up your alerts to tell you when a specific city pair is on sale. If you are headed to Chicago in May, put it in to be alerted for deals specifically on that city.

You can put in quite a few city combinations which works well if you have a few vacations planned, or have familiy or friends you visit often out of town. Here’s what I have set up on mine currently:


Now I’m set. All I have to do is sit back and wait for my inbox to let me know when I can get a good flight and I’m ready to go.