Will Peach Gives Us a Little Action – Interview Series

Since maybe sometimes you get tired of me rambling on, I figured I’d bring in some of my pro travel blogger friends to give a bit on their take on travel, insights on new places, and introduce you to some of my other favorite travel sites on the web.

Photo Courtesy of Will Peach - Will makes sure not to embody any drunk British stereotypes whilst in Spain.

First up, the always entertaining Will Peach. Will has a small harem of travel sites going on, and all of them are top notch. Follow him as he lives a location independent lifestyle galavanting through Spain learning Spanish at My Spanish Adventure. Or, if you need a bit of excitement in your blog list, hit up Travel Sex Life. And for a one stop shopping of travel blogger interviews from around the world, check out TraveLinkSites.

How did the concept of TravelSexLife come to be?

TSL was born out of reading lots of travel blogs that all talked about the same boring stuff. As a person that doesn’t care much about reading what people saw in Cambodia or how people ate street food in South America, I always wanted something a little more interesting. Sex, for me, is as interesting as it gets. It’s something we all do, something we all kind of want yet something we don’t all feel comfortable talking or writing about. The basic idea of TSL was just to accept that it’s there as a part of travel and not to shy away from it. Now it’s out in the open people really like it!

Why do you think the topic of sex and travel is hidden away on most blogs, I’m pretty sure people are still gettin in on…at least that’s what I’ve heard.

Easy answer. People’s family read their blogs. We all know they’re getting in on it, but they don’t want their family or random strangers to necessarily know that. I think that’s kind of symptomatic of Western society, that we’re repressed and we daren’t let know other people (even those closest to us) that we engage in this kind of activity. I kind of abhor that. I think it makes people think of sex, a perfectly wonderful human act, as dirty and seedy. I want TSL to get people to think differently about it and embrace it as something that can be also good and conducive to travel and life experiences.

At the same time I think we should also highlight how other countries view it and what’s acceptable where and why. So many people are so sensitive to the idea of having a blog that discusses these things but I know, and my team knows, that our intentions are completely forthright and sex-positive.

Give it to me, baby – 100 words on why I should become a frequent reader of your TSL.

We go where no other blog dares tread. We don’t accept or condone any sexual practice, we simply accept it’s there and let those who want to read and know about it, do exactly that. If you don’t like sex, or don’t believe it’s a big part of travel, don’t read the site. My mum says she likes it and finds it interesting, so I’ve already won!

I know you’re living the Expat life in Spain right now, which we can follow on your other site My Spanish Adventure. Tell me three places I have to go or things I have to do in Spain – and no hiding the good stuff.

Ha! Well you’ve got to go to Granada and check out the Alhambra, a massive Moorish fort that overlooks the city. While in Granada make sure you get hammered on Spanish wine and beer and tuck into tapas too. As for other places, Sevilla is certainly worth a trip and a walk around – but go in winter unless you want to die of heat exhaustion. Sexy people there too!

The last thing? Something I haven’t done yet. The tomato-throwing festival La Tomatina. If I don’t make it to this, get all sticky and have tomato pouring out of every orifice, I’m going to be very disappointed indeed!

What’s the hardest thing you’ve found about adapting to a different culture?

The hardest thing is probably just getting your head around the way other people think. Spanish people are really laid-back, almost to the point where you want to scream at them and shake them by the neck so that they get things done. They also clog up the streets and stand in the most inappropriate places for human traffic to pass too.

It’s kind of a double-edged sword as I equally love these quirky differences but I’d be a liar if I said it doesn’t often irk me!

Favorite Spanish food?

Being a vegetarian I miss out on most of the good shit. No ham, no steak, no chorizo. Good job I really love Spanish omelette (tortilla de patatas). Eating it in a sandwich seemed kind of weird at first but now I bloody love it. Oh and Manchego, a special kind of sheeps cheese. That rocks hard too.

I’ve also noticed that the fresh produce is a lot bigger in Spain too. Are they trying to tell me to bulk up or something?

One place you would return to every year?

Without a doubt, Cambodia. Bloody love the place. Especially Siem Reap and the temple complex of Angkor Wat. I could quite happily spend every Christmas and birthday (they’re close together for me – 20th December is my birthday suit anniversary) sitting on top of those crumbling stones watching the sun come down. Cambodians are so amazingly lovely too. Bet they’d read a travel site dedicated to sex without any scruples whatsoever!

A lot of people in the US only get two weeks to travel, as an experienced traveler, what can you recommend to get the most out of that little bit of time?

I think if you rush and plan and put massive emphasis on “getting the most” out of something you’re always lining yourself up for disappointment. I think the best you can do is try and keep it casual, loose and spontaneous. Surround yourself with cool people (I always say it’s the people that makes the travel memory more than the place) and just do things you usually wouldn’t. Challenge yourself a bit, but don’t make it the be all and end all.

Don’t be one of those people who gets into the line as soon as your flight is boarding. Those people are suckers for punishment!

Photo Courtesy of Will Peach - If you can spot Will in this picture, you win a prize!

Top five things/places/events on your bucketlist.

Ooohhh. Now you’re forcing me to think.

Number one would be to live in Brazil and experience the Rio carnival. Two would be to stay in a high rise apartment in Manhattan for a few weeks. Three would be to engage in copulation with every race and gender in the world. Four would be to take TravelSexLife global and do seminar’s promoting sexual openness around the world, starting in the Middle East! Five would be to hang out with Liz Froment in her native New England/Massachusetts (I’m not sure what’s right – help!). Ed: Haha, I found this too funny, so had to leave it in, technically both are correct!

Who plays Will Peach in the movie?

Owen Wilson apparently. Or Jason Russell, although I’m not sure of his acting abilities. Apparently I strike a bit to both!

Thanks, Will! You can also follow him on Twitter @WillPeach, to see what other projects he’s working on.

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