Zion, Bryce, and Vegas…Oh My!

Well, it’s back in the office and back to the grind. No more holidays for a few week, so that means I like to spend my time vacation planning for 2013.

I have always been dying to hit up some of the major National Parks out in the west, and the itch has really been hard to scratch since my visit to Colorado National Monument not too long ago.

So, since I was able to snag a hotel deal for a few nights in Vegas, sounds like a road trip is brewing. From Vegas, Zion and Bryce Canyon are about 2 and 4 hours away, respectively. A perfect distance for a couple of nights camping (or cabining) at each spot.

This is a good reminder that there is always the potential to add a little road trip into the country on a vacation.

If you haven’t heard of Zion or Bryce, then please feast your eyes below….

Zion National Park

Located around Springdale, Utah, Zion National Park is the convergence point of the Moajve Desert, the Great Basin and the Colorado Plateau. It has some incredible formations of rock, that offers one truly one of a kind hiking and rock climbing possibilities.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Although Bryce Canyon is only about two hours away from Zion, the landscape is a completely different world. One of the biggest features of Bryce are the geological formations called hoodoos, and they make this spot truly memorable.


Las Vegas, Nevada

After all that pure nature and beauty, we need to get a little bit of debauchery in there. So why not toss in a few shots of Vegas too. Vegas baby, Vegas!

What about you guys, headed anywhere for sure in 2013?


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  • those are some gorgeous places. I don’t know where I’m heading in 2013 yet, but probably the Bahamas and back to Puerto Rico. If I change jobs tho, who knows, I might even take a one-month to Thailand! 🙂

    – Maria Alexandra