Action Packed Activities for Families in London

Guest post this week by London expert Abhinav Jain, he has a great site that offers all sorts of tips on any London vacation you might be looking at. It’s an awesome place to visit, I highly recommend. Take it away, Abhinav:

Action Packed Activities for Families in London

Adventure tours are often misinterpreted as individual or adult vacations. London offers you a chance to enjoy an adventurous trip even with family and kids. Family fun helps in tightening the bond and exploring new together with family members.

Families can have comfortable accommodation at any London hotels according to their need and budget for an adventurous trip to the city. London has so much stored in for thrill lovers.

Chessington World of Adventure

Chessington World of Adventure
Chessington World of Adventure

This is a theme park and zoo located in South West London. The park is divided into 10 themed lands. All these sections include stunning and thrilling fun-filled activities.

Chessington Zoo: This is one of the oldest areas of this theme park. The western side is home to Trails of Kings and leads you to enclosures for gorillas, lions, tigers and binturong. The eastern side will take you to the enclosures of rhea, capybaras, meerkats, mara and agouti.

• Land of Dragons: this dragon themed park contains rides and attraction that allure young children.

Visitors often love ‘Dragon’s Playhouse’ and ‘Canopy Capers’. There are rides and ‘Dragon Tale Theatre’ just appropriate for kids.

There are many of such dedicated section in the park to create adventurous fun for families.

Jurassic Encounter Adventure

This is a themed golf course offering adventures in the 18-hole course. Visitors are delighted by caves, waterfalls, caves and a range of moving dinosaurs to look for. The golf course is stunningly designed along with adventurous built by one of the adventure golf designers.

Lee Valley White Water Centre

Lee Valley White Water Centre
Lee Valley White Water Centre

This is one of the best places for white water kayaking, canoeing and rafting. They are the host venue for the London 2012 Games too. Children above 14 years can have an adrenaline pumping experience and adventure at this place.

Thames RIB Experience

It is a breathtaking experience of a high-speed boat ride through the heart of the capital city of London. This is the most exciting experience to take in London and is always fun. Adventure is accompanied by an exploration of royal landmarks like Westminster, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square lying close to this River Thames experience.

Westway Climbing Wall

Westway Climbing Centre has something for every visitor. Whether it is the first time you are climbing or an experienced climber who wants to get trained to a higher level, a lot is stored in for all. Climbing walls are 14.5 kilometers high. A strong coaching ethic at Westway runs a comprehensive programme.

All the above adventures are sure to fill your family trip to London with thrill and excitement. The visitors will have a memorable experience with any of the above adventures in London.

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