10 Best 4 Person Tent 2023

Camping outdoors can be a rejuvenating experience, particularly when you are with a large group of family and friends. You need to make prior arrangements for equipment, fuel, food, etc. if you want to make your camping trip truly memorable. Also, you would need the best 4-person tent with you to make your camping trip more fun with a group.

For any camper looking to spend time in a serene natural setting, having a reliable shelter for the night is very crucial. Your tent must be quite sturdy if you are looking to spend time in rugged terrains.

Moreover, if you love camping in large groups, you should think of investing in a tent which can accommodate at least 4 persons. The best 4 person tents are those which have ample space inside without making the entire setup bulky for you to pack and carry.

To help you out in making an informed purchase decision, we have come up with a detailed buying guide enlisting the best 4 person tents available online. Before we spill the beans about our favorites, let’s enlighten you on how to choose the best 4-person tent.

Best 4 Person Tent

How to choose the best 4-person tent?

If you are actively searching for the best 4 person tents, here are some tips to help you narrow down your choices. No matter what the description says, make sure to check out a tent’s dimensions and verify its size before buying. Sometimes, discrepancies in sizing standards can make tents unsuitable for four people. So, it’s better to ensure everyone inside will have ample space.

Also, an ideal 4-person tent must lightweight, easy-to-pack and carry and should come with all the accessories. Here are some more points that will help you in getting the best value out of your investment in a 4-person tent:

Weather Resistance

While choosing a tent for camping, the first thing you should consider is how strong it is against natural forces. You don’t only need a tent to sleep out in the open. It is your only shelter against weather anomalies like strong winds, rainfall or excessive heat.

Make sure to check the hydrostatic head rating of a tent before buying. The rating depicts how waterproof the tent fabric is. Higher the rating, better the waterproofing. Also, the tent’s frame must be sturdy so that it can withstand strong winds, effectively. If you have sensitive skin, you should look for tents with UV protection.

Fabric Type

Your tent’s fabric should be capable of dealing with outdoor conditions. Several tent manufacturers, in a bid to reduce weight, use low-quality fabric and materials which can cause problems in the long term.

Though there are several fabric choices for tents, the best 4-person tents are made from canvas. You can also go for a tent made of nylon and polyester. Nylon and polyester are lighter than canvas and have a higher waterproofing rating. Each of these fabrics has its own benefits. Tents made from polyester provide UV protection while tents with rip-stop nylon fabric are resistant to wear and tear. If you are serious about breathability and ventilation inside the tent, choosing fabric such as canvas would be a better option.

Weight of the tent

This is an important aspect that should affect your purchase decision. As you will be carrying your tent for camping on undulated terrains, it is important that the tent is lightweight and less bulky. Ideally, your tent should be able to fit in a backpack as it will not stop you from hiking.

Though you might be planning to reach the camping site via your car or RV, still choosing a light-weight tent that’s portable would be nice for a camping trip with family or friends.

Height & volume of the tent

It goes without saying that you plan a camping trip to relax and enjoy. In such a scenario, you would not want a cramped-up tent without adequate space to stand. So, its important to check the height, floor size and volume of the tent.

A great idea is to choose a cabin style tent which offers more space inside the tent. Also, if your tent comes with an option of additional storage space, it would add up to your comfort while camping. So, make sure you check out the dimensions.


The design of a 4-person tent is quite important as it enhances the utility and comfort. 4-person tents are available in all kinds of designs. The best ones are either dome-shaped or in the form of a cabin. While a dome-shaped tent offers best weather resistance, a cabin style tent provides greater comfort.

When you are buying a tent, make sure that it has an ample number of adequately sized doors and windows. If possible, search for a tent with multiple large doors. Also, the windows will help in air circulation. Check if the windows come with a mesh screen lining to prevent the insects from barging in.

Best 4 Person Tent

Top 10 Best 4-person Tents Available Online

Coleman Sundome Tent4.8
OlarHike 4 Person Tent for Camping4.7
ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent4.9
Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent4.6
Eureka Copper Canyon 4-Person Tent4.7
MIABOO Camping Tent, 3-4 Person Family Beach Tent4.6
OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent
Cedar Ridge Granite Falls 4-person Tent4.6
Cedar Ridge Rimrock 4-person Tent4.9
Kelty Outback Tent4.5

1. Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman is a pioneer in manufacturing camping equipment and tents and this 4-person tent is one of the best options available in the market. Designed with a smart family camper in mind, this tent is the best if you are looking for something that’s quick to assemble and comes with a lot of features.

Made from a heavy and sturdy frame, Coleman Sundome is ideal for warm weather owing to its large windows and ground vent for superior ventilation. Also, its inverted seams and welded floors ensure that the inside of the tent is always dry even in case of rains. This tent has enough space to fit in a queen size mattress and has plenty of pockets to store essentials.

One reviewer claim that the tent is not entirely waterproof and the tent starts leaking ‘through the seams’ leading to accumulation of water in the corners. Another reviewer claimed that the zipper was not so sturdy and broke on first use.


Polyester fabric for better waterproofing

e-Port to pull electrical power inside the tent

Weather resistant frame capable of withstanding strong winds

Waterproof floors for complete protection from rains


Weak zippers that break on routine usage

Conflicting views about the tent’s waterproofing capability and quality

2. OlarHike 4 Person Tent for Camping

This comfortable 4-person tent by OkarHike has enough space inside to fit in a full-sized air mattress. So, if you and your family need a lot of space, this can be the best choice. Moreover, its durable frame and strong waterproofing capabilities make it ideal for any weather camping. The tent has a waterproof index of over 4000 mm as it’s made from polyester fabric and has a water-resistant PE floor.

A lot of thought has been given to enhance comfort while carrying, assembling and using the tent. It comes with a sleek carry bag along with several essentials like rain fly, ground stakes and six ropes. What’s more, the tent has a two-way zipper door for convenient entry and exit.


Easily accessible storage pockets and hanging hooks for ease and comfort.

2-year return and refund commitment along with a lifetime warranty

Just takes 8 minutes to set up with 2 adults

Frame made from lightweight fiberglass poles



3. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent

This stylish mountaineering/camping tent is loved by a lot of families and individuals because of the convenience in setting it up. The tent can be set up by a single person without any help or support. Made using polyester fabric, the tent is not only water resistant but protects campers from harmful UV rays. With several storage pockets, zippers and two doorways, it can make sure everyone inside has everything he/she needs within the reach.

Many users have claimed that though the tent could withstand light showers for a day, a heavy downpour can lead to leakage. Also, there were complaints that there is no fabric on the screens for privacy and protection from cold weather and rains.


Clean and sleek design with ample space for 4 persons

Extremely lightweight and portable- can fit inside a large backpack

UV-resistance provides protection from harmful ultraviolet rays

Two doorways for easy entry and exit without disturbing anyone


Non-standard fly shape and misleading dimensions

No covers on windows from the inside

4. Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent

This trendy and spacious backpacking tent is suitable for 4 people and weighs only 6.5 lbs., making it ideal to fit inside a backpack or behind a motorbike. With a tall boy design, two doors and a large vestibule, the tent makes sure that everyone has enough room to stand, move around and relax without disturbing the others.

The easy-to-assemble design allows a single person to set up this tent within 5-10 minutes which means your family or friend group doesn’t have to keep waiting for long. Also, reliable waterproofing abilities make it ideal for camping around the year.

However, several users have questioned the ability of this tent to fit in 4 adults. One reviewer even claimed that the tent has skewed dimensions making it look bigger than it is.


Double-zippered vestibule with a sturdy rainfly

Waterproof, UV-resistant, breathable and well-ventilated making it suitable for cold nights and rainy weather

Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum poles for massive structural strength


Not large enough as advertised and claimed

Poles to fix the sunshade/vestibule not included in the package

5. Eureka Copper Canyon 4-Person Tent

An elegant and luxurious cabin-styled camping tent, Eureka Copper Canyon is suitable for any hiking or camping trip. With its nearly vertical walls, it promises large space inside with enough room for people to stand comfortably or lie down on a full-size cot or airbed. Its durable fiberglass frame, ring-pin assembly and easy-to-use accessories make the assembling process a piece of cake.

At the same time, it is sturdy enough to withstand rains and windstorms. Lined with bathtub floor on the ground, this tent makes sure that moisture or cold winds do not enter the tent at any cost.

Though it claims to have bathtub lining on the floor, many reviews complained about the low-quality flooring of this tent. Some even claim that the water will start seeping in within a few hours.


Cabin-styled tent with enough space and strength for a large family

Well-ventilated interiors with special lining on the floor

Easy-to-setup and assemble owing to user-friendly accessories

Zipped e-Port for making it easy to take electrical cord inside the tent.


Thin, flimsy and skimpy flooring

Leakage through the door seams in case of strong winds and rains

6. MIABOO Camping Tent, 3-4 Person Family Beach Tent

Made with high-quality 190T silver-coated polyester fabric, this tent is completely waterproof and can even provide protection from SPF. The Miaboo camping and beach tent has ample space for a group of 4 and its unique design with hex top ensure that there is enough space to stand and move inside the tent.

A hook at the center allows you to hang a light inside the tent, the storage pockets and 2-large doors promise absolute comfort while camping. Its color-coded poles made from fiberglass makes the assembly process quite easy for someone with minimal experience.

A few reviewers questioned the tent’s ability to fit in 4 adults. One user even complained that the door is quite small for entry and the instruction manual of being in the Chinese language, making it hard for him to understand the instructions.


Well-ventilated tent with large doors, mesh yarn and mesh skylight

Silver rubber sunscreen coating for protection from harmful UV rays

Extremely lightweight and easy to carry owing to a fold-down design


Top layer not entirely waterproof. Requires additional top layer for protection from rain

Small entrance with not enough space for a queen mattress.

7. OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent

OZARK Trail Family cabin tent is one of the most spacious tents in this list. People claim that it can even hold up to 8 adults comfortably. It has two room dividers inside and can fit up to 3 air mattresses comfortably. Also, it features 3 doors – one at the center and 2 at sides for complete privacy. Made using high-quality fabric, it is a very useful asset if you and your family love camping often.

What’s more, the product comes with one twin air mattress and 2 camping chairs absolutely free for a limited time.

Many reviews claimed that the tent is not sturdy enough to hold on its own. One user even claimed that he had to hold the pole the entire night so that the tent doesn’t collapse on them.


Taped full coverage fly for maximum weather protection

Plastic hook at the center for hanging a light source

Storage pouches and zippers close to mattress areas


Low build quality and use of materials of questionable strength

Collapses on strong winds

8. Cedar Ridge Granite Falls 4-person Tent

This free-standing camping tent is suitable if you are looking for an affordable yet sturdy camping tent option for your next trip. Completely weather and UV-resistant with 185T polyester fly, it has two zippered windows for great ventilation. Also, the tent comes with mesh side panels for airflow. All the basics such as storage pockets, gear loft and easy-to-assemble design can be found in this 4-person tent.


Spacious and airy for a small family

Cheap yet sturdy

Large doors with zipper windows and mesh screens


Few online reviews

Mesh panels on two sides making the interiors exposed

9. Cedar Ridge Rimrock 4-person Tent

The Rimrock 4-person tent is extremely sturdy despite its two-pole design as the poles are made of fiberglass. Quite easy to set up with clipped-pole and rings and pins at the center, the tent is suitable for people looking for a no-nonsense and no-frills design. Fly at the front and the back along with large mesh windows at either side makes the tent well-ventilated and breathable. An extra-large door promotes easy mobility without disturbing everyone inside the tent.


Extra support on the fly to withstand winds and rains

Gear loft and steel stakes included with the tent

185T polyester fly for weather and UV resistance

Lightweight and easy to carry

PE tub-style floor


Smaller compared to other 4-person tents

Condensation problem inside the tent

10. Kelty Outback Tent

This one is for camp lovers who vouch to set up a tent using the X tent design. It comes with a double stake point vestibule for extra gear and is extremely easy to set up within minutes. Suitable for windy conditions as well as cold nights, its freestanding design and noiseless zipper pulls ensures that there is no sound or material obstructing your natural experience.

Though this seems like a great tent, a reviewer claimed that the tent’s fabric is extremely thin and prone to tear out even without strong winds or rains.


Extra-large D-shaped door for easy entry and exit

Color-coded clip construction for easy assembly

Taped floor seams for complete protection from moisture

All-season form and functionality


Extremely fragile fabric

Best 4 Person Tent

Frequently Asked Questions about 4-person Tents

Why should I buy a 4-person tent?

If you love camping in large groups or taking your family along, four-person tents will ensure that each one of you has ample space inside a shelter. Though, you can use a 4-person tent all by yourself, too, if you are planning for a long person trip. 4-person tents provide ample space for your gear, bedding and other things.

What should I look for in a tent as far as build features are concerned?

This depends on your usage. If you are a frequent camper who goes camping every now and then, you would want a tent that’s highly durable and weather resistant. Check the tent for fabric type, quality and choose one with stronger and sturdy poles. You can read reviews about the best 4 person tents before making an actual purchase to see if a tent suits your usage patterns.

How easily and soon can one assemble a 4-person tent?

Most often, 4-person tents are used on family camping trips. So, naturally, you would want a tent that is easy to assemble and can be quickly built. Majority of the 4-person tents can be assembled within 15 minutes or less if you do it right and with the help of someone. It all depends on the number of poles that need to be passed through the loops.

How to care for the tent to extend its life?

If you take care of your tent well, you may end up using it for a lifetime. Also, you will save yourself money spent on tent repair or replacement. To ensure minimal wear and tear, make sure that that the area where you set up is free from any sharp branches or rocks. Do a clean sweep of the surroundings and use a tarp under your tent floor before setting up the tent. Also, never forget to clean your tent and dry it off properly before storing it for a long time. Failing to do so can promote the growth of mold which can lead to a bad smell.

What else should I purchase along with a new 4-person tent?

All modern 4-person tents come with all the necessary equipment, pegs, poles and guy lines needed to set up the tent. However, for additional strength, comfort and safety, you can choose to buy more of these. Also, make sure to buy different bags for poles, pegs, spare poles, etc. for easy storage and transportation.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a 4-person tent for your next camping trip is a smart move. Not only will you get more space inside the tent, but you will feel more relaxed and comfortable while camping. Buying the best 4-person tent is not hard when you have researched comprehensively about the features and benefits of the best options available online. Hope that this detailed buying guide would help you in making an informed decision when it comes to buying the best 4-person tent for your next camping trip.

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