10 Best 6 Person Tent 2023

You have understood the importance of going outdoors and decided to get into the woods with your family, but did you check out that you have all that it takes to create a fantastic outdoor experience? You might think: “What do I need other than a backpack and few essentials?” If you feel that way, you are missing something. What’s the one thing that gives you and your loved ones comfort, a pleasant stay, protection from bugs and unwanted seasonal impacts (storm, rain, or snow), and a way to stay organized and, at times, stay connected with your gadgets? It is none other than a top-quality 6 person tent.

Backpacks are OK for a day trip. But if you want to spend outdoors with your family for at least a night, you need a 6-person tent. Camp tents come in all shapes and sizes, and there are a perplexing array of products to choose from, bewildering the uninformed buyers. Don’t worry. We, through this blog, will make you a tent expert.

6 person tent

How to choose the best 6-person tent

6-person tents are preferred most by families to have a great outdoor experience. Young adults wishing to enjoy outdoors with a group of friends or campers looking for lots of in-room activities would sure go for such tents. 2- and 4-people tents are light weight, has less features and comes with low price, whereas 6-person tents offer comfort, protection from weather, and livable space for movement within the tent. On top of this, it comes with affordable price. Choosing a right tent that has good features and lasts longer is vital to enjoying your camping experience.

Here we are focusing only on 6-person tents. For information on smaller (1-4 people) or larger (8-10 people) tents, You can read it here. The main factors to consider before buying a 6-person tent are:

What do you want this tent for?

For instance, if you need a tent for backpacking, then you must quickly consider the weight of the material. Rather, if you need to buy for car/canoe camping, then you need not think about weight.

How many people can it accommodate?

Size does matter and “One-size-up” thinking is very much needed here. That is, if you want accommodate 5 persons, consider a 6-person tent.

Do I need a three- or four-season tent?

Go for a four-season tent, if you go outdoors during winter; otherwise go with the three.

What is the dimension of the tent?

The height and width of a tent is an important decisive factor because even the tallest person could be able to comfortably move within the tent.

 What is the style of the tent?

Basically, there are four styles: Cabin, dome, frame, and backpacking tents. Cabin, apt to its name, have vertical walls with peak height, suitable for mobility and livable space. Dome provides superior wind-shielding abilities, but offers less livable space than Cabin types. Frame tents (aka “pup” tents) are quite large. Backpacking tents are smaller (solo to 4-person models) and has relatively less weight than other types.

What is the material of the tent?

A tent with rainflies and tentfloor with Higher-denier fabric is worth buying because of their good rain- and water-leakage-protection features. Ensure that the tent floor is seam taped, which prevents water seeping in from outside.

What types of zippers are used?

It is better buy tents with plastic or brass zippers rather than steel or aluminum, which corrode easily.

How many doors it has?

Tent with multiple doors is worth buying because you need not have to crawl or do acrobatics to move in and out of tent when all your people in the tent are sleeping.

Does it have proper ventilation?

If a tent is provided with large mesh panels, air circulation would be better, which is very well needed during hot or humid climate. Some advanced models come with even a battery-operated fan.

Does it have options for storing items?

In addition to provisions for storing general items inside, will it have vestibules to offer a dray place outside the tent for keeping muddy shoes and other camping gears or for cooking comfortably in rainy weather?

Will there be provision for power sockets to connect gadgets?

This is another important factor to consider because we need to stay connected with others even when we are outdoors.

Would there be a tent repair kit/seam sealer?

While camping, things can go wrong. You may break a pole or damage the fabric. To prepare for these unexpected events, it is better that tents be equipped with repair kit or seam sealer. If these do not come with the tent, you can buy separately from tent stores.

Top 10 best 6 person tent

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room4.6
CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent4.7
TOMOUNT Professional Waterproof Camping Tent4.9
Tenaya Lake Lighted Fast Pitch Cabin Tent4.6
NTK Cherokee GT 5 to 6 Person tent4.9
NTK Indy GT XL Sleeps up to 6 Person4.5
ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek Two-Room Tent
ALPHA CAMP 6-8 Person Dome Family Tent Camping Tent4.5
Kelty Trail Ridge 6 Tent with footprint4.8
Mobihome 6-Person Tent Family Camping Quick Setup4.5

1. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

Ranked no. 1 in Amazon bestseller, this is a great buy for having a decent sized (height: 5’ X 8” feet) tent. Thanks to its extended window awnings, which lets you get adequate air circulation without letting in the rain. You could enjoy bug-free lounging in a separate room, which makes up for an additional sleeping area in warmer nights.

Storage pockets provided in the wall lets you keep and retrieve your small necessities easily. Its spacey interior conveniently accommodates two queen-size beds and lets you stretch. Its protected seams, strong frames, zipper cuffs, and waterproof floor are additional features worth mentioning. You could remove the rainfly to let the sun in or to gaze upon the galaxy on rainless nights.

The interior may be well protected from rain but not the front porch (it is covered only by rainfly).


Easy to set up

Good protection from mosquitoes

Excellent ventilation


Front porch gets flooded during rains

Privacy is not adequate

2. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

A reliable tent with a large door, has space for 6 people, and is provided with a gear loft with a lantern hook and large wall-organizer to keep your items neat and off the tent floor. But the flooring material is not made up to standards; so you need to place a tarp underneath to keep it dry during wet days.

Tarp used in this tent is thin. In addition, breaking of poles and fabric rip off is also noted. Handle the zippers with care to avoid them getting caught in the tent fabric.


Instant 60-second set up

CORE water block technology

Adjustable ground vent

Huge rectangular storage bag on wall

Expandable Tent storage bag


May not withstand strong winds

Not suitable for winter

3. TOMOUNT Professional Waterproof Camping Tent

This mammoth cabin comes with features such as easy & quick setup, 3 large meshes for ventilation, anti-UV coating, and lightweight. Thanks to its colored poles, which aids you in a quick installation, and a room divider, which helps you customize the tent and to maintain neatness inside. The smooth zipper features it offers is a great relief for buyers who don’t have to deal with zipper stuck.


Huge livable space (roomy for 5 people)

Best-in-class waterproof (4000mm)

Good windproof

Smooth two-way zipper


Tent Instructions are not clear

4. Tenaya Lake Lighted Fast Pitch Cabin Tent

A very popular product with easy 8-minute set up, tall size, built-in LED lighting, closet with shelves and hanger bar for convenient organization.


Snap-free insta-clip suspension for faster set up

WeatherTec system to keep water out

Superior wind protection (35 mph winds)

Hinged door

Two cabinets with shelves for extra storage

Wheeled carry bag for easy transportation


Takes more time to set up

5. NTK Cherokee GT 5 to 6 Person tent

As an Amazon’s choice product (meaning rated by Amazon as highly rated and well-priced product), it is loaded with elegant features such as easy assembly, durable fabric, full-coverage rainfly, micro mosquito mesh, and two-way zipper. It also comes with antifungal-coated floor material and bathtub-style barrier, help preventing water seepage.


Good rain protection (2500 mm)

Strong nano-flex frame poles

NO-SEE-UM polyester micro-mesh fabric

Antifungal-coated floor material

Excellent wind protection (40+ mph)

Ample ceiling vents


Not suitable for winter camping

6. NTK Indy GT XL Sleeps up to 6 Person

A stunning European design in the making, it has a cleverly crafted and fully coverable vestibule (with an awning, a side door, and a detachable PE tarp), which can be used for lounging or for storing your heavy baggages.


Stunning European design with front vestibule room

Good rain protection (2500 mm)

Strong Nano-flex fiberglass poles

Chrome-plated hardware

Good waterproof by bath-tub style flooring

Antifungal-coated floor material


Difficult to set up (No hooks to poles only sleeves)

No window in the back

7. ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek Two-Room Tent

This is a roomy tent with a floor space of 10’ X 10’ and a center height of 7 feet, which is ample for keeping 6 adults (even taller ones).  Unlike other tents, it lacks vestibule and its ventilation is not up to standards.


Easily set up by one person

Unique hub design with sturdy poles

Rainfly with large awnings for better rain protection

Large windows


Short people finds difficult to put rainfly

Heavy to carry in a backpack

8. ALPHA CAMP 6-8 Person Dome Family Tent Camping Tent

Another excellent product to receive Amazon’s choice badge, this tent boasts a whooping 14′ x 10′ floor space and 72″ center height.  It has an eco-friendly silver-coated material that prevents damage from UV, its huge extended storage room and two large side pockets help you to keep items in easy reach, and its electrical port helps you to stay online.


Easy assembly

Large open roof

Plenty of livable space

Suitable for kids


Material is very thin

May not be suitable for cold weather

9. Kelty Trail Ridge 6 Tent with footprint

It is the most highly rated tent on the web and offers superior rain protection. Its light weight, easy set up, large mesh panels, and great sky-view at night makes this tent all the more attractive for buyers.


Unique 2-door model

More spacious interior

Full-length rainfly

Superior upper-mesh ventilation

Large windows

High-quality aluminum poles


Privacy is not adequate

10. Mobihome 6-Person Tent Family Camping Quick Setup 3.9

Featured with Amazon’s choice badge, it is the highest rated (5-star rated) and well-priced product in this 6-person segment. Its “up in seconds and down in flash” feature makes it easy to set up and unwind.


Super quick, 60-sec, easy-to-pop-up setup

Large front door

Adjustable ground ventilation system

PU-taped inner tent seam for superior rain protection


Not suitable for winter camping


How big of a tarp is needed before setting up the tent?

It varies from model to model. Please read the instruction manual and do accordingly.

In spite of the floor material, can water creep in from below?

Regardless of the brand you use, it is better to spray the seams with waterproof seal to avoid water entering the tent.

How to care for my tent after a trip?

Ensure your tent is dry before packing and storing. If you cannot dry your tent before packing for any reasons, ensure you dry it completely as quick as you can because prolonged exposure to moisture causes hydrolysis, which ultimately breaks down the waterproof. On the other side, keeping a wet tent in warm weather induces mildew growth, which causes unpleasant stain, rips off your tent, and damage the tent waterproof.

Store your dried tent in a mesh duffle and secure it in a cool and dry place, beyond sunlight reach.

What is the proper way to clean my tent?

Cleaning your tent is the first step in maintaining its upkeep. Just a simple spraying of water from a garden hose is sufficient for light- and medium-soiled tent. For stubborn dirt, set up your tent and hand wash it with mild detergent mixed with warm water, using a sponge. Avoid using dishwashing liquid, detergent, bleach, pre-soaking solutions, or spot removers because they will damage the tent’s waterproof coating.

How can I repair tears?

You can get self-adhesive patches for all fabrics and mesh on your tent from tent stores at extra cost. Buying a seam sealant would also be good for repairing some minor holes in your tent. If you don’t have a seam sealant, you can use duct tape for temporary field repairs (but remember to remove it after the trip, as this will eat away the fabric). If you need any major amendments to your tent, please contact the Product Service Centre.


It is easy to get occupied with life, forgetting nature, the need to go outdoors and enjoy some good moments with family and loved ones. It only takes a little effort to go outdoors, but it first starts with choosing a good family camp tent.

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