10 Best Anti-theft Backpacks 2023

Most of us, if not all must have experienced theft of our belongings at some time or another. We might think that we are currently living in the most modern and civilised society, but the actual fact is that modernisation does not necessarily come together with improved moral standard. Crime, especially theft is very common wherever you go! That’s why you need the best anti-theft backpack to safeguard your belongings.

You don’t want to lose things when travelling especially when you’re backpacking or going for outdoor activities. With backpacking becoming a popular activity with the young and old ones alike, there are so many backpacks to choose in the market. Anti-theft backpack is surely a wise choice considering the apparent exposure and naked fear to theft.

When travelling, there are some essential items that you carry along.  If you travel overseas especially, then you must bring along passport and other travel documents, cash and off-course your indispensable smartphones and other electronic gadgets.  To keep them safe, you need a bag that is not easy to rummage through – you guess it right, it’s the anti-theft backpack! In this article, we will guide you on how to choose the best anti-theft backpacks and also list out 10 of the best anti-theft backpacks for outdoor activities available in the market.

Best Anti-theft Backpacks

How to Choose the Best Anti-theft Backpack?

Before we look at the guide on choosing the right anti-theft backpack, let’s first look at how a backpack is considered anti-theft.  It’s made of lightweight but durable material. The main material is made of fabric but it is strengthened by stainless steel wire mesh inside. Attached to the strap is a somewhat hidden hook.  Then the special compartment to keep your credit cards and other gadgets is made of RFID blocking material, in order to safeguard your personal data.

Here’s a simple guide on how to choose the best anti-theft backpacks. Basically it depends on your own need and priority, based on the following anti-theft features:

RFID blocking material

Do you know that ‘white collar’ crime can happen on the go? The culprits can easily steal personal information from your credit cards and other cards containing your personal data just by scanning from a few feet away. For all you know your credit cards are being charged for purchases all over the stores and gas stations.

For every problem there’s always a solution to it. Some of these backpacks contain RFID blocking material in the small compartments or pockets.  These materials can shield whatever you put in the compartments from interference with external rays or electric fields. So when you have this kind of backpacks it is safe to put your passport and other travel documents, identification cards and off- course your credit cards. With this anti-theft feature, you can rest assured that your personal data and identity are not spared.

Concealed zippers and pullers

A backpack would normally has lots of compartments for easy and tidy packing, and therefore require many zippers and pullers. Unfortunately, zippers and pullers are easy targets for theft.  Some backpack designs appear very clean with no zippers or puller at all.  But actually there are, only thing is they are hidden.  Normally they were designed to be camouflaged in the back panel of the backpack, so that when you wear it they are not visible to anyone.

For a backpack, two pullers seem to be a must to secure the central compartment. You may want to look out for pullers with locks, to act as a double security against theft. To make it even more secure, some pullers are interlocked with each other, to add more misery to the potential thief.

Anti-slash backpacks

These backpacks are made from fabrics so strong that no knife or other sharp tools can rip through. However, this come with a price – they are more expensive and considered premium backpacks due to special material used to manufacture them. A point to note that being solely an anti-slash backpack would not necessarily make the backpack secured.  It has to combine with other anti-theft features as mentioned above on order to be well protected.

And here are the 10 best anti-theft backpacks that we recommend.

10 Best Anti-theft Backpacks

Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port4.5
YTONET Travel Backpack for Hiking/School/College with Anti-Theft Features4.9
Tocode Stylish Fashion Backpack with Multi-Function Pockets, USB Charging Port and Anti-Theft Functions4.8
XD Design Bobby Compact Anti-Theft Unisex Backpack4.6
Bopai Anti-Theft Travel Backpack with Anti-Glare Functional Rucksack4.7
Newhey Travel Anti-Theft Waterproof Backpack With Large Capacity4.7
Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack
Mancro Anti-Theft Travel Backpack with Slim Design4.6
Tzowla Backpack with anti-theft features Suitable for Casual Hiking & Travel4.8
MATEIN Travel Backpack Anti-Theft, Slim and Durable4.9

1. Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port

OSCAURT is a backpack manufacturer who has its own designer team. It presents simplicity in an outgoing lifestyle.  We have some great features in this backpack.

It’s installed with anti-theft compartments. The zipper of the central compartment is situated at the back and therefore not visible to potential thieves. You can also put some items at a secret pocket concealed in the back.

You can find an USB charger on the outside. There is also a charging cable inside the bag. It is therefore very convenient to charge your electronic gadgets on the go, but don’t forget to bring your own power bank.  It does not come with a power bank!

The central compartment is 180°adjustable. There are a number of pockets where you can put personal essential items such as wallet, smartphone and utensils. This bag is also suitable to keep a laptop with soft velvet-like material in the inside to protect it from scratch marks.

For those who like to travel at night, or if sometimes you may find that you have to travel at night, then this backpack is very useful because it has a reflective strip at the front to make it visible at night.

Overall, this backpack is design with comfort in mind.  The shoulder straps are padded for soft feeling and they are adjustable to suit everyone’s preference.  The back portion is made of EVA material that offers protection and comfort to your back with air-ventilated design.


It has all the basic anti-theft features

Great looking modern design


The central compartment opens up wide

Reflective strip is very useful at night


Quite small

Unable to stand up by itself

2. YTONET Travel Backpack for Hiking/School/College with Anti-Theft Features

YTONET backpacks should last for a long time – so that if you break one, YTONET will replace it.

If you plan to carry a lot of things then this bag is a great choice.  It is very spacious indeed with 50L of space. That’s a lot of space – you can fit in a laptop with spare space for clothing, books, electronic gadgets cables, wallets, utensils locks water bottles and even an umbrella!

It’s a huge bag with lots of compartments – there are a total of 9 compartments in all, with easy access to each one of them. The central compartment is designed to house a laptop, clothing and books. There 3 front pockets to store loose small items like coins, pens and other utensils. The 2 compartments at the sides can fit an umbrella and a water bottle. A hidden pocket at the back can be used to safe keep valuable personal items such as your passport and other identification cards, wallet and keys.

The material used to make this backpack is from oxford fabric, making it so strong as well as water resistant. Despite its strength and durability, the back part and the straps are made of sponge mesh to present that comfort and air ventilation to the shoulder. This feature ensures that you are able to maintain the comfort after a long carry. The ergonomic design makes it feel comfortable to carry and snug fit to the body.

This backpack is designed to make easy and hassle-free to scan in case you are passing through the checkpoint at the airport. With the TSA friendly design it means that the compartment can easily be unfold flat on the X-ray conveyor belt.


Very large bag

9 compartments to store so many small items

Useful TSA design at the checkpoint

Durable material

Replacement warranty if it breaks


Shoulder straps are not that comfortable to your back

Zippers might give way after some time

3. Tocode Stylish Fashion Backpack with Multi-Function Pockets, USB Charging Port and Anti-Theft Functions

Tocode multi-purpose backpacks have it all!

The central compartment is designed to house a laptop, clothing and books. There 3 front pockets to store loose small items like coins, pens and other utensils.

It comes with external Micro-USB port and USB charging cable inside. However, power bank is not included! You will need prepare for your own power bank, so that you can charge your electronic gadgets on the go.

This bag is specially provided with lock based on password.  This will no doubt guarantees the safety of valuable items you want to keep inside. The 2 side pockets are there to hold umbrella and water bottle. The design is multi-purpose – be it for outdoor activities, travel, school or business use.

It is made of Oxford fabric, which well known for durability and water resistant as well. The edges are sewn with strong thread to provide that additional strength around them. The top handles are ergonomically designed to make long carry comfortable enough.

To ensure comfort and smooth air flow at the back, the padding has multi panels and ventilated. Shoulder straps are adjustable and breathable for maximum comfort and it protected with a 1-year warranty.


A long backpack that can fit a 17” laptop

Have lock with password

Durable and strong edges

Perfect weight distribution


Bad odour

Zippers might give way after some time

4. XD Design Bobby Compact Anti-Theft Unisex Backpack

XD Design is a proud Dutch Design brand, with offices all around the world and the experience spans over a period of more than 30 years.

Designers who hail from different parts of the world, design and produce affordable and unique backpacks, using materials involving environmental friendly processes.

That’s the idea. That’s XD Design.

This backpack featured with Integrated USB Charging Port and standard charging cable. It has anti-theft zippers and pockets which are hidden from direct sight. It also has protective layers as an additional precaution.  The board is also slash-proof.

Equipped with various compartments capable of holding a laptop or a tablet. It also comes with integrated rain cover and it match with a shopping tote, free of charge!


It comes with integrated raincover

Clean, modern design

Perfect for light load

Fit nicely at the back


Not suitable for large load

Bad airflow

5. Bopai Anti-Theft Travel Backpack with Anti-Glare Functional Rucksack

There is a secret zipper at the back of the bag that can be used to keep your valuable personal belongings like wallet, credit cards, money and passport or ID. In that way you can have a peace of mind when travelling.

The back part opens only up to 45 degree to avoid items falling out easily. It also has a strap that holds it on pull rod of luggage – a convenient feature when you have lots of luggage to carry at the same time.

USB charging port is available as with most other backpacks in the market – another convenient feature for contemporary online dependable travellers of today.

There is a secret card pocket, which is almost invisible situated at the left shoulder.

It can fit a laptop, clothing, books for multi-purpose use at school, business or leisure activities.


45 degree opening to avoid items falling out

Secret card pocket

Stylish design

High quality stiches

Durable and comfortable


Water bottle slot is too small

Zipper tends to catch inner lining

6. Newhey Travel Anti-Theft Waterproof Backpack With Large Capacity

This backpack has multiple chambers with uncountable pockets! It has 15 in all! You can surely store a lot of thing. On top of that it still has that almost compulsory laptop compartment. For the other numerous compartments, you can put other items like smartphone, wallet, credit cards, passports, ID, umbrella, water bottle, books, clothing and other utensils.

It is made of highly durable polyester fabric topped with nylon lining. In this way it is more resistant to water and tear compared to normal material. Yu can keep valuables like wallet safely in an anti-theft buckle and very durable metal zipper.

For comfort and better back support, which is ever needed, the back part is designed with air flow and with soft ventilated padding. This is very useful, especially when you want to carry the backpack for a long period of time.

Due to its large size, it can be used for so many purposes such as camping, hiking and other outdoor activities, or even for schooling and for business as well.

It also has what normally offered by other manufacturers like USB charging port and cable, safe pocket, safe buckle.  On top of that it also offers headphone port and glass hook.


It has 15 pockets

Little zipper on straps to put small things

Heavy duty

Well padded straps

Internal organizers are pretty neat


The handle might break due to heavy load

Zippers might get stuck after several use

7. Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack

Yes, as a classic anti-theft backpack, it has it all. It is lightweight, made of nylon and therefore highly water resistant. The central compartment is very roomy and can store clothing, books and off-course a laptop. The front organizer is available for keeping things like pens, cards and other small utensils.  You can put items needed frequently like smartphones in the side pockets. For critical items like credit cards, wallets and cash, it is advisable to keep in the anti-theft hidden zippers which is cut-proof.


Simple and modern design

Cut-proof material

Perfect all round backpack


Safety clasp might break

Zippers can break after a few use

8. Mancro Anti-Theft Travel Backpack with Slim Design

The size is just nice to fit a laptop, clothing, books wallet, cash, credit cards, smartphone, and even an umbrella and a water bottle.

USB charger is located on the outside and USB charging cable is inside for easy charging on the run.

This backpack is packed with anti-theft features like locks and metal zippers.

It is manufactured using water resistant material – nylon fabric. Therefore it’s very sturdy and durable. The 2 shoulder straps are padded and curved in design to ensure comfortable back support for long carry.

It is multi-purpose – you can use it for school, work, overnight at friend’s house or for any outdoor activities like hiking and camping.


Curved shoulder strap design for comfort

Great looking with simple design

Perfect for all purpose

Almost perfect water resistant


The handle is too filmsy

Zippers might get broken after several use

9. Tzowla Backpack with anti-theft features Suitable for Casual Hiking & Travel

It has a LIFE-TIME WARRANTY – it is rare that you can enjoy this warranty!

This bag comes with the usual USB port and cable and headphone interface as well.

It has lock based on password and a Durable Metal Zippers in order to safeguard important belongings like wallet and credit cards.

It is produced using durable Polyester Fabric which is water resistant. Can be used for multiple purpose in school, office or outdoors.

The bag is spacious and can fit a laptop, clothing, books, wallet, pens smartphones and other small items as well as umbrella and water bottle.


Life-time warranty

Lock with password

Professional looking

Worth for money


USB port quality is quite low

Weak zippers

10. MATEIN Travel Backpack Anti-Theft, Slim and Durable

This backpack has a separate space for laptop as well as another roomy compartment specially designed for electronic gadgets and other utensils. Other than that it also has many pockets for pens, and other items, as well as a key hook.

The back part is designed with comfortable airflow and soft ventilated padding.  The shoulder straps are adjustable and breathable, to provide that extra comfort even for long period carry.

You can attach this backpack to a luggage because it has a strap to do so. There is also a concealed anti-theft pocket at the back in case you need to jide your valuable belongings like wallet and credit cards.

It comes with USB charge outside and a standard USB cable charger inside, which is useful to charge your phone on the go.

Very durable since it is manufactured using polyester fabric, which make it water resistant.


Large size

There is strap to attach to luggage

Fits nicely at the back

Value for money


Straps can snatch with heavy load

Weak zippers

Best Anti-theft Backpacks

Frequently Asked Questions

How heavy is the backpack?

The normal weight is about 1kg.

Can the backpack be used for school?

Yes, most of the backpacks are multi-purpose.

Can I carry my laptop?

Yes, most of them can fit a laptop.

Is USB port and cable comes with a powerbank?

USB port and cable – yes.

Powerbank – no!

How sure is the backpack waterproof?

It is not 100% waterproof.  The correct term is water resistant or water repellent. This means that your belongings will stay dry when the backpack is exposed to normal rain. But it is not so if you submerge it underwater.


When you blindly search for an anti-theft backpacks, you will find a plethora of backpacks with various designs, features and prices. There are a lot of things to look at and consider. Chances are in the end you might not end up with anything at all resulting from overwhelming offer from the manufacturers. With this guide you are able to narrow down your search and zoom straight to what you really need.  Happy shopping!

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