10 Best Backpack For Men 2023 – Get Ready For The Next Excursion

Can you imagine your hiking trip without a backpack? Well, I cannot. Imagine someone climbing up the hills or simply taking a road trip without a backpack. Doesn’t it seem wrong? Backpacks have been around for many years. However, it hasn’t been too long since they have been graciously accepted by all. Planning a trip? You need the best backpack for men that can accumulate and organize your stuff in the best way possible.

Men don’t have a lot of needs. Unlike ladies, they don’t need multiple bags only for their clothes and precious shoes. We can survive with 2 pair of t-shirts and jeans. You can back me up on this, right boys?

Well, I am an avid traveler. I like taking short trips every now and then. But, there are some unmissable accessories that I take along as I go on these jaunts. It includes my camera, clothes, other accessories that are specifically dedicated to a certain kind of trip, and so on. So, I need a backpack that can easily accommodate all my stuff and accompany me on the trip.

In this post, I will discuss my favorite travel bags for men. I have collected this information from the trustful sources online and personal experience. Hope this post will help you with your purchase.

Best Backpack For Men

How To Choose The Best Backpack For Men?

If you have been following my reviews, I always like to disclose the features that every buyer should know before purchasing any product.

Similarly, this guide will also help you in considering the factors that must be considered while purchasing the best backpack for men.

#1. Comfort

You will be carrying the backpack for the longest time. It has to be comfortable. Trust me, you don’t want a bag with an uncomfortable body or strings. It will ruin your travel experience completely. Of course, while reading a review, it seems pretty obvious that you want a bag that is comfortable. But unfortunately, many men tend to forget this feature while making the actual purchase. For busy people, whether you are purchasing a backpack for routine usage or ideally for travel purpose, it should be weightless and extremely comfortable.

The ones that are genuinely comfortable have discreetly designed compartments that can provide weight distribution throughout the back so that a particular muscle or joint is not targetted. Moreover, they are made of high-quality material and the straps are specially made of quality foam so that they don’t tire your shoulders.

Thankfully, the brands manufacturing the backpacks these days make sure that they have comfort element in them.

#2. Material

Backpacks are among few such products that enjoy immense versatility in materials. Also, the materials largely differ from the mesh on the top to the zippers installed on the bag. Let’s take a look at the options that we have in backpacks:


I will start with leather because it is my favorite. These bags look super luxurious, fancy, and clean. However, these are not as comfy as the other materials available out there. If your purpose of buying a backpack is to carry to work then these can make a suitable choice. You don’t have to wear them for a very long time plus they look super amazing. They go with highly formal to casual office clothing.


One thing that I totally admire about nylon is that they are very light in weight. These days, you can find many brands that have moved towards nylon in construction of their high-selling backpacks. These are waterproof and a perfect choice for the people that stays on the road for their jobs or for travel purpose.


This is practically the most common material that you can find in backpacks. It has all the qualities that anyone would want in their backpacks such as water-resistance, durability, UV rays resistance, and most importantly, these bags are affordable.

Buying Advice

Well, I will give heads up to polyester because it carries all the advantages that any person will need in their backpacks. However, it always comes down to your personal choice at the end.

#3. Durability

These bags are not use-and-throw products that you don’t want to ensure durability before purchasing. If you are spending your hard earned money on them then you will expect them to last as long as they can, right? Durability is an unmissable feature to look in a backpack.

One of the most common problems with backpacks starts with the straps as they tend to tear down soon. Also, zips could also stop working. The high-quality bags are mostly constructed with nylon material.

You also need to check if the backpack is waterproof or not. Surely, people don’t buy such products based on certain weather. You will be wearing it, irrespective of the weather conditions around. You can invest in a product that looks stunning and impresses everyone. But in the long term, if the bag is not durable then you will probably regret the purchase.

#4. Purpose

The purpose of your purchase opens a lot of new arguments to the list. The term backpack doesn’t just refer to a bag that is suitable for mountains. It could be a casual travel bag or simply a work backpack. If you will be taking the bag to the office, you don’t necessarily need a product constructed to serve travel needs.

Same way, the tenure of wearing the bag also contributes to the element of purpose. If you want to wear the bag as you travel then focus on finding something surprisingly comfortable.

You have it in your mind for the purpose you want a backpack. Best is to make it a key element while researching. For everyday use, a small-sized and stunning looking bag can suffice. However, for travel purpose, you need something that can easily distribute the weight of the bag and keep your comfortable throughout the jaunt.

#5. Weight

The belongings in the bag have a pretty decent weight of their own. You don’t want to double your trouble by adding the extra weight of the bag itself. You might think that come-on, I am a man, I can bear some extra weight but trust me, you will regret saying this in the first place. Surprisingly, the most robust and quality-verified bags in the market are pretty weightless.

In this aspect, the purpose plays an essential role. As the theory goes, larger things are heavier, same is the case with the backpacks. You don’t need a huge bag for daily use. As far as travel is concerned, it depends on what kind of excursions are you most interested in, their type, and how long do they last.

#6. Accessories

Who doesn’t like getting extra things with their purchase? While accessories will be considered as a luxury element to focus, it still plays a considerable role with your purchase.

No wonder that buyers are keen on buying bags that come with accessories. But this feature should not be a decision maker.

An outside key pocket or a place to keep your phone is also considered as an accessory. Moreover, if you have a pocket to keep the water bottle outside for easy access, even that is a pro. Least you can make sure is that there is a pocket for a water bottle.

#7. Other Points

Not many people will tell you about this feature but you should also consider the bag’s suspension as a critical feature. The suspension is related to the amount of weight that you plan to have in the bag. Let me elaborate; if you are carrying 30 lbs of weight in the bag with fragile straps or hip belt, the weight will automatically fall on the shoulders, eventually leading to pains.

One more thing that you would like to make sure is that the shoulder straps are adjustable. You need to tighten them in such a way that there is no lingering space between your body and the bag. Also, the straps should be well padded and should conclude 2-3” below the armpits.

So, these are some of the tips to help you shop better. All these features contribute to your purchase. Make sure to keep in check all of them.

Best Backpack For Men

10 Best Backpacks For Men – Reviewed

Vaschy Water-Resistant Travel Backpack4.9
Nike Sport III Golf Backpack4.8
Timbuk2 Blitz Backpack5.0
Oakley Mens Men's Enduro 30l 2.04.7
Under Armour Coalition 2.0 Backpack4.7
Earth Park Waterproof Backpack5.0
SOLO Reade Leather Backpack
Oakley Men's Kitchen Sink Backpack4.8
Herschel Classic Backpack - Dark Chambray Crosshatch4.7
Polare Cowhide Leather Travel Backpack4.7

Welcome to the recommendation section. Here, I will give you suggestions of top 10 backpacks for men in the market. These are tested and verified for comfort, quality, and durability.

#1. Vaschy Water-Resistant Travel Backpack for Men

I will open my list with this brilliant and cost-effective product from Vaschy. There are a number of colors available in this model that gives you enough choice to make. The designing is also done thoughtfully with 4 leather straps on the top and one front pocket. It is a decent bag that one can consider for regular use.

The construction is done with lightweight polyester and this is water-resistant. The smooth SBS zipper makes it sufficiently durable and increases its lasting. There are two main compartments and water bottle mesh pockets on both sides. There is a laptop pocket and 1 hidden zipper back pocket. To help make this bag adjusting with every body type, there are adjustable straps.

It comfortably sits on the back of the wearer. The straps are well-padded and do not tire your shoulders even after prolonged wearing. All the compartments are also padded so that nothing can happen to your gadgets, even in the roughest conditions. All in all, this bag is highly suitable for routine users. You can take this to the office and never have to compromise on the style.


Effortless construction


Amazing weight distribution



Size is smaller than what it appears


#2. Nike Sport III Golf Backpack for Men

Like I have mentioned above, the backpacks are available for varying purposes. Like this one from Nike is a golf backpack, more precisely, a sports backpack. The crafting and designing are done while keeping in mind the need for golf accessories. That is why acknowledging the purpose of your purchase is of great importance.

The colors are not available in massive variety though. The fold over top and buckle closure gives maximum storage and full protection to the backpack. Remember, how we always wanted a separate compartment for the golf shoes, well, this model answer all your prayers. There is an individual zipped compartment dedicated to the shoes.

The capacity of this bag is decent as there could be a lot of accessories that you want to take to the golf course. Also, even if you are going straight from work or college, this bag will help you accommodate your routine usable stuff as well.

It is made from polyester material which is not only light in weight but also extremely durable. There is one large compartment, accompanied by multiple smaller compartments to organize your things in the bag. Whether you crave for fine looks or brilliant construction, this model is an explicit choice to make.



Super stylish

Separate shoe compartment

Great capacity


Color choices are meager


#3. Timbuk2 Blitz Backpack for Men

Coming to the next model, this one is from Timbuk2 and has been ranked among the best backpacks for men. The designing is mind-blowing and it is quite durable as well. However, this bag also doesn’t have much color variety to offer. It is available in Jet black and Surplus colors.

Unlike the other two models discussed above, this one is made of nylon which explains the slightly larger cost of the bag. If you have been following my guide from the beginning then you might know that nylon is equally as good as polyester and quite vividly available in backpacks these days. The quality of the bag is impressive and it will stick around for a long time.

This is a typical travel bag but not too large that you cannot take it along at work. It is 58 cm high and 15 cm wide. It opens up like a briefcase to give you sufficient space to pack. Also, the size is suitable if you are packing for 2-3 days.

What’s inside? Yes, inside of the bag consist of a 15 cm large and padded compartment for laptop, internal organizer for pens, phones, and other small stuff. Since the compartments are padded, your gadgets will be safe inside.

As far as style is concerned then this is modeled in such a way that whoseever will see it, surely be impressed. If you want to have the most stylish bag among your peers then this is a fantastic choice to make.



Capacity is decent

Opens like a briefcase

Padded internal pockets


No outer pocket to keep a water bottle


#4. Oakley Mens Men’s Enduro 30l 2.0

Who doesn’t know Oakley? This is among the most recognized brands in the world that manufacture the finest backpacks. This model is also available in 4 colors. The style is really amazing and fashionable enough that you can easily wear it to your workplace.

There are polyester and other fabric used in the making of the bag. However, it is not water-resistant. You might have to be careful in this context. But on the bright side, you get to machine wash the bag.

There is one big compartment with zipper closure. The 30 L capacity of the bag so you can rest assured that there won’t be any need of leaving behind stuff while going to the office.

There is a dedicated compartment for laptop, shades, and more. The size is suitable enough to accommodate travel needs as well. This could be your multipurpose backpack. The interior of the bag is padded and keep your gadgets secure.

This bag is a great purchase for all kind of buyers. Mostly, it is an office backpack for the interested people out there.


Suitably sized

Multiple compartments


Machine washable


Not water-resistant

Limited color options available


#5. Under Armour Coalition 2.0 Backpack

Under Armour is another brilliant brand available in the market that you must consider buying. It has got the great style to relate to a man’s personality. It has two outer compartments. The bag is available in 4 color options.

To be precise, this is not a travel bag. This is a dedicated office backpack made with 100% polyester. The material is comfortable and easy to maintain. Other qualities that you will find in this fantastic model is that it is tough and abrasion-resistant bag with 1680 Nylon bottom panel for doubled durability.

The compression molded shoulder straps and back panel are there to provide you the most comfortable experience. You will never feel tired while wearing this bag.

There is an independent compartment for laptop, fully padded from inside so that even if you drop the bag somewhere, no damage would come to your gadgets.

The main compartment is large enough to hold all the essentials that you like to carry along. It has durable zipper which adds to the lasting of the backpack. With this model, you are sure to find peace and joy because it is a robust backpack.


Heavy-duty material


Multiple compartments

Perfect cushioning


Overall looks could have been better


#6. Earth Park Waterproof Backpack

Coming to the next option, this model from Earth Park is an incredible product for all the men that like to travel in style. This model gives full value of money to the buyers. First of all, the style is mind-blowing. There is a front zip compartment for easy access where you can keep all your important belongings.

The best part is that this bag is completely water-proof. The big backpack features the main compartment of 55 L that comes with a roll-top closure and single reinforced strip. This prevents water from entering from the top opening of the bag. It can accommodate various gadgets and gears and other travel related stuff.

The back of the bag has an ergonomic padded back panel that provides extra support to the wearer. Whether you wear it for a short time or large, the bag will not agitate you or initiate pain in any part of the body. This is a wonderful model that you can buy while planning a trip with your friends. This is especially handy for hiking or kayaking trips where you need to carry a lot of stuff. The large capacity will suitably inhibit all that you want in the main terminal of the bag.


Reinforced straps for added support

Great for traveling

Submersible phone case included





#7. SOLO Reade Leather Backpack

If you like to go vintage with your purchases then this mind-blowing leather bag from SOLO is also a suitable option. Leather has its own imperialness so it does not require much doing in the designing department. This model is available in two color choices, both authentic and wonderful in nature.

It has a full-grain premium leather body. The space-savvy bag has got large compartments of 15.6 inches size. It is completely padded so whatever gears and gadgets you plan to place inside the bag will stay safe. Also, there is a quick access pocket at the front where you can keep your keys or mobile phone to immediately grab when you need.

Another interesting feature of this bag is that it has padded straps that keep your shoulders at ease throughout the day. The weight distribution is also done fantastically. Therefore, you never feel extra pressure on your back or shoulders, even when the bag is full to its capacity.

To add a cherry at the top, you get a 5-year guarantee of this bag. Usually, you don’t get this kind of warranty on leather bags but SOLO does make it extremely helpful by giving such a fantastic guarantee.


Extremely comfortable

5-year guarantee

Ample space in the bag

Classic making


Very few style options and colors


#8. Oakley Men’s Kitchen Sink Backpack

Here is another model from Oakley with spectacular looks and desirable design. What I really like about this model is that it has such fancy looks that starting from college boys to office going men, anyone can carry this.

This model is primarily made with polyester but there are other fabrics too contributing in the making of the backpack. It is machine washable and you can clean it monthly or however, you like.

The bag has got a decent capacity and the length is 20” which means that you can also keep a 17” laptop. The width is 8 inches and you get sufficient capacity for all your belongings. That is why I said that whether you are a college student and needs to carry your books or an office going man, your needs are carefully addressed by the bag. There are various small to large pockets to keep the stuff accessible.

This is an amazing product that you would like to buy. You might feel overwhelmed with the cost but since this is a durable model, you should not hesitate the amount that it asks.


Multiple pockets

Designer bag

Machine washable



Not water-resistant


#9. Herschel Classic Backpack – Dark Chambray Crosshatch

If you are uber-selective about the backpacks that you carry, this is a product that will entice you. This model has a style to compliment every man’s looks. There are 4 colors and different styles and available at a really pocket-friendly price.

Now, coming to the compartments, there is one large terminal at the top and a small easy-access pocket in the front. Also, the outer patch has Herchels logo made on it.

The material is weather-proof. You can practically take it out in any weather conditions. This bag enjoys hefty demand because of its features.

There are padded shoulder straps that keep your shoulders and back extremely comfortable. You can wear it for the entire day and still not feel any pain in the body.

You can also treat it as a hunting bag because this one has got all the compartments necessary to keep stuff for hunting. With the padded interior, the gadgets, whether it is a camera or tablet, or any other device, you can keep them protected inside the bag.




Easy access pocket



Not too many compartments


#10. Polare Cowhide Leather Travel Backpack

So, I would like to close my list with this fantastic model from Polare. With imperial making and resourceful designing, this model that fascinated countless buyers and still attracting many potential ones.

It is made of full-grain leather. You can expect great durability. However, if anything goes wrong, there is a 1-year warranty to cover it all up.

The numerous pockets outside gives you enough room to keep your belongings inside the bag. There are 5 individual quick-access pockets at the front of the bag with a separate compartment to keep a water bottle.

The durable zipper with two heads makes it more intriguing. It also has double stitching to make sure that the bag doesn’t fall apart after meager usage. The classiness of the bag is definitely a feature to look out for.

You can carry it to your office on a routine basis. The upper-most terminal is dedicated to your sunglasses or smaller things like keys or mobile phone. The padded interior also ensure that no wrong could happen to your laptop or other gears. This bag is an answer to all your prayers.


Multiple compartments

Imperial making

Stunning looks

Super comfortable




Best Backpack For Men


The guide to the best backpack for men has come to its beautiful end. The models that are discussed above are tested for authenticity, looks, durability, and robustness.

I was saving the best till the last. My favorite among all is the Polare Cowhide leather backpack. For starters, I like leather material quite a lot. That is why I have favoritism towards this bag.

Secondly, it has got various terminals where you can place your things. And to top it all, a 1-year warranty does the trick. This bag is perfect for anyone who does not want to compromise with the style or durability of the product.

Anyways, I leave the rest to you. Happy Shopping!

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