10 Best Business Travel Backpack 2023

On a normal routine, you will find yourself always carrying shoulder bags or briefcases as a way of bringing along your belongings to the office or nearby places that you might need to visit. However, when it comes doing business trips, these types of bags will make you feel exhausted quite easily. In other words, when it comes to business trips then we can simply say that backpacks are the best option.

Business backpacks are always somehow quite comfortable to carry around while at the same time offer better storage as well. These backpacks will also provide you with a better way of organizing your luggage including everything you might require on the train, airplane or even at the site when meeting a client.

However, the market right now is quite flooded with most of these products and getting to know the best business travel backpack from the rest is not just a mere walk through the park. You need to know how to comb your way through until you land on the best products, otherwise, you might just waste your money.

This article has got your back covered though as everything you might need to know has been discussed here.

Business Travel Backpack

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Travel Backpack

1. Material of construction

An ideal best business travel backpack should be quite strong and durable. Most backpacks are made using nylon or materials that are close to nylon. When choosing the type of backpack to buy, you might need to check the material of construction as this is very important in telling you one or two things about the durability of the travel backpack.

The material could also determine whether the backpack is waterproof or not and this might mean the difference between saving or losing your luggage in the event of rainfall as you attend your meeting. You could also know whether the backpack is water resistant or not from the material it is made from.

2. Organizational features

When trying to buy a backpack for business travel, it is very important to consider the items you will be planning to carry around and by extension the types of pockets the bag has been equipped with. Majority of travel backpacks normally come with padded laptop compartments and several external and internal pockets for organizing your items in a smart way.

3. Weight of the backpack

Most backpacks are normally of almost the same weight and that is why you shouldn’t be worried about the weight so much. However, in the event that you would like to buy a travel backpack then it would be generally advisable to avoid heavier backpacks fitted with wheels. You need something light that won’t stress you around and give you enough time to concentrate on the business issues.

4. Size of the backpack

The average size of most backpacks is normally 18 by 13 by 9 inches. On the other hand, there are some that are somehow larger than this size while others are also quite smaller than this size. The larger ones may not be ideal for you if you are planning to travel with your backpack as a carry on.

A smaller one may make you have less space for packing all the items you need for your business trip. This, therefore, makes it quite important to always check and confirm the size of the backpack before you can make an order.

5. Other unique features

There are some backpacks which come with so many extraordinary features which have been known to either break or make the deal. Some of those features that always attract some customers may include wheels for easily lugging the backpack around, sleeves that allow you to attach your backpack to the handles of your suitcase or even removable daypacks.

So as an individual planning to buy a business travel backpack, consider these features as well before buying a particular product that could qualify as your best business travel backpack.

6. Straps and handles

The good thing about a backpack is that it normally leaves your hands quite free to do other things like checking social media updates on your phone, carrying coffee or juice to even holding the plane ticket.

This is why your backpack really needs to have strong and durable straps capable of carrying the entire weight in a way that does not tire your shoulders.

7. The levels of comfort provided

A typical best business travel backpack must be comfortable to use. When attending your business trips, you should feel very comfortable having the backpack on your shoulders. You don’t want to get to your destination when you are so tired and worn out and become unproductive in the process.

When it comes to matters dealing with comfort, you need to make sure the handles and straps can comfortably sit on your shoulders and easily be able to carry the weight of the bag. They should not start becoming loose or get strained at the seams.

The backpack handles and straps should also be somehow adjustable to allow you to get the best and most comfortable position that does not make your back to strain.

Business Travel Backpack

10 Best Business Travel Backpack 2020

eBags Professional Slim Travel Backpack4.8
Everki EKP121-1 Checkpoint Atlas Friendly Backpack4.9
Pacsafe X30 Venturesafe Adventure Backpack4.6
Victorinox Luggage Flapover Altmont 3.0 Backpack4.7
Solo Reade Columbian Vintage Leather Backpack4.8
SwissWear Scansmart TSA Backpack4.8
Nomatic Water Resistant Travel Bag
Incase City Collection Backpack4.7
Herschel Heritage Backpack4.8
Arcido Akra Backpack5.0

Here are some of the best luggage sets that you should consider buying.

1. eBags Professional Slim Travel Backpack

Globetrotters who like to have modern, functional and durable luggage will love the eBags Professional Slim Travel Backpack. The bag features a simple yet elegant design that will thrill you if you value functionality and clean lines in a travel backpack. This backpack will definitely become your favorite if you are the type of a traveler that likes to have a travel backpack that can allow you to carry off your gadgets wherever you go.

It is well-padded and is designed to help you stay organized. It is made of a high-quality material that is water resistant to protect items such as laptops in all weather conditions. The bag comes in three different shades; solid black, brushed indigo and heathered graphite. Despite the color you will pick, the design is still the same.

Just like its name, the eBags Slim Backpack Comfort is designed with comfort in mind. Regardless of the weight in it, the bag will perfectly sit on your shoulders. It features contoured straps that will instantly conform to your body shape. The straps are adjustable so that you can achieve the right length for you.

The bag is made with Airmesh material that not only improves the bag’s padding but also its airflow and ventilation. If you have a lot of items to carry in your backpack, there is an extra removable sternum strap that will help you deal with the added weight.


The laptop compartment is well-padded and can accommodate a 17-inch laptop.

Has a middle compartment for carrying documents, papers and books.

Its zippers are L-shaped to facilitate easy access.

AC adapter garage that is secure, removable and crush-proof.

Back panel made of breathable air mesh.

Can be transformed into a briefcase using the side handles.

Has plenty of pouches for keeping little things like cables and pens.

Thoughtful design.

Sleek appearance.


It comes in only three color choices.

Its profile is slightly thicker.

Its beverage holder needs some improvement.


2. Everki EKP121-1 Checkpoint Atlas Friendly Backpack

Are you looking for a perfect bag that will stylishly and comfortably take you through every step of your journey? The Everki Atlas Friendly Backpack is what you need. It is designed to meet the needs of a mobile professional like you. The Everki backpack is loaded with solutions that can meet the demands of your business travel.

With multiple organizational features and flexible functionality, the Everki travel backpack has a lot of meaningful details that will suit your travel needs. The Atlas 17.3 inch backpack has a 5-point strap system that is designed to balance so as to lighten your load. It has a technology compartment where you can safely and securely store your tablet or laptop.

It has a large main compartment where you can carry whatever item you need for your overseas flight. Even better, the Everki backpack has a quick-access newspaper slot. The slot is conveniently placed at the front section of the backpack to allow you to easily retrieve your magazine once you are seated on your flight. Having something to read will make your travel to be more enjoyable.

Its ergonomic design evenly distributes weight so as to reduce muscle strain. Even when it’s full, you will still feel comfortable carrying the backpack.


Well-designed zippers that move with zero effort.

Designed to keep your laptop safe.

Comes with plenty of organizational pockets.

Shoulder straps are well-designed and wide.

The bag can stand on its own to make it easy to load and unload it.

Its key hook looks awesome.

Designed to facilitate quick airport checkpoint access.

Its interior is stylish.


It’s expensive.

Some users though that its shoulder straps are quite narrow and thin.


3. Pacsafe X30 Venturesafe Adventure Backpack

Although daypacks are very comfortable and convenient to wear whenever you are traveling, they have one major drawback. Your valuables will not be secured since a pickpocket can easily steal anything from your backpack because you will be unaware of what’s going on behind you. This is why you need to opt for the Pacsafe X30 Venturesafe Adventure Backpack.

The Pacsafe is an anti-theft backpack that is designed to accompany you on every trip you would like to take. While it is not among one of the best hard shell luggage sets, this qualifies to be one of the best backpacks around. The backpack can play many roles, from urban exploration tours to outdoor hikes to overseas traveling.

The Pacsafe backpack meets most, if not all of the carry-on size regulations by major airlines. It has both internal and external pockets that are spacious enough to help you keep your travel items organized.

The bag is also designed to allow you to pack it to capacity and still be able to comfortably carry it on your back. It features a back panel that is aluminum supported, mesh shoulder straps that are padded and a stowaway belt.

Pacsafe Backpack also comes with a plethora of security features that ensure your items are safe in it. One of such features is the eXomesh Slashguard. It is a steel mesh that is built into the bag’s fabric to prevent knives from easily slashing the bag’s fabric.


Comes with a built-in rain cover.

Front pocket for quick access of your phone, keys and other small items.

Its eXomesh slashguard protects your bag from bag slashers.

The pockets are made of RFID blocking material.

Smart zippers and security clips for added security.

Suspension system is well designed.

Turn and lock secure hook for attaching the bag to fixture to boost security.


External pockets are not protected by the eXomesh Slashguard.

Low durability.

It’s still not lockable.


4. Victorinox Luggage Flapover Altmont 3.0 Backpack

Every traveler is always looking for a travel backpack that they can use to keep all their electronics in one place while they are on the move. A typical best business travel backpack like this one would make it for you and that is why Victorinox Luggage Flapover Altmont Backpack is every traveler’s companion. With pockets for all your electronic gadgets from laptop to tablets to other small accessories, Victorinox 3.0 Flapover backpack has enough room.

Its main body is made of durable materials that include an abrasion resistant nylon. The bag is divided into sections to help you stay organized when packing your things. It features a flap over compartment that has buckle closures. Victorinox backpack also has two hidden pockets on the front and a webbing loop where you can conveniently keep your pair of sunglasses.

What we liked about the Altmont Flapover Backpack is its slim profile and excellently comfortable fit. As a result, you can walk with this bag in tight spaces without it catching on something. Its shoulder straps are padded and adjustable so you can comfortably carry it on your back even when fully packed for longer. Even better, its top haul handle makes it easy for you to lift and carry the bag.


Made of nylon material making it hard wearing.

It’s easy to clean.

Has a clipped top flap that can be lifted to easily access the zips and pockets.

Its main compartment is expandable to accommodate extra items.

Easy to carry around due to its slim profile.

Padded shoulder straps for comfort on your shoulders.

Looks stylish and luxurious.


It’s not lockable hence pickpockets may steal from your backpack while it’s on your back.

Available in dull colors.

It’s not water resistant hence will not protect your electronics from rain.


5. Solo Reade Columbian Vintage Leather Backpack

To stay organized while you are on the go, you need to have a great backpack. If you have been moving around with your tatty bag made of nylon, buying the Solo Reade Columbian Vintage Leather Backpack is the best way to upgrade. We loved its luxurious look and feel that sets it apart from other backpacks.

Besides being super stylish, its overall design is also super sturdy. The best part, it is made of leather and as a result, when it ages, it will do so beautifully. In terms of storage space, the Solo Reade Leather Backpack is spacious enough. Its main compartment can hold a laptop up to 15.6 inches. The laptop compartment is padded to protect your computer from damage. It is also divided into compartments to help you stay organized. Its back straps are positioned to evenly distribute weight on your back.

In terms of durability, your Solo Vintage Colombian Backpack will last longer with you. It is made of a full-grain beautiful and premium leather that is very durable.  What’s more, this product also has padded straps to offer you enough comfort when carrying it around. However, this bag is not perfect or ideal for carrying large and bulky products.


Quite comfortable


It has enough pockets

Has padded straps for better comfort

Easily accessible pocket

Comes with a zip down organizer at the front


Not ideal for very heavy products.


6. SwissWear Scansmart TSA Backpack

Here is yet another great backpack that will be so ideal for your travel needs. The SwissWear TSA backpack is the best when it comes to durability, weather resistance as well as withstanding harsh conditions and being used heavily. This is because this product is made using 1200D ballistic materials that is heavy duty and long lasting.

This is one of the travel backpacks in the market right now that will offer you a great amount of comfort that most of you so much need. It has some contoured shoulder straps which have mesh fabric as well as adjustable compression straps on the sides. There is also a padded back panel fitted with an airflow ventilation technology that will help in offering more comfort and support.

The other good thing about this product is that it opens quite quickly and will save you time when it comes to inspection areas like airports. There is also an organizational pocket at the front of this bag for your entire writing utensils, keys and pocket notebooks. What’s more, there are also two breathable compartments on the sides suitable for an umbrella, water bottle or even changing clothes.


Weather resistant

Very durable

Opens quite quickly

Airflow ventilation technology for more comfort and support

Front organizational pockets

Large capacity pockets


Zipper breaks easily

The strap can easily get broken

Its design is hated by some people.


7. Nomatic Water Resistant Travel Bag

The Nomatic Travell bag should never miss in your list of the best travel bags to buy. As the name suggests, this travel backpack is water resistant and can guarantee you that your content inside the bag will always be safe and secured. This bag comes with a laundry bag as well as a detachable waist strap. There is also an RFID ( Radio-frequency identification) pocket which has a TSA approved lock. What’s more, all the exterior zippers are waterproof zippers.

With this travel backpack, you can be sure that you will remain organized and free of any stress as you plan your next journey. Whether you will be having a day trip or even a 7-day trip, this product will be ideal for you. Having brought together all the best features from a duffel bag, general luggage, and a backpack, this travel bag will help you reduce the amount of time you spend worrying about your luggage. It will, on the contrary, give you enough time to enjoy your journey.

What’s more, this travel backpack has around 20 features that qualify it as one of the functional bags you could ever buy. Besides being packed with the best functionality, this travel backpack has a sleek and minimalistic design and is also made of weatherproof and strong materials to last longer.


Comes with a laundry bag

Has detachable waist straps

Has been made using durable waterproof material

It has a roller bag sleeve

Ideal for carrying a laptop and a tablet

TSA Compliant


People complain about the zippers

Opening and closing the bag is not so easy


8. Incase City Collection Backpack

This is a travel backpack that will help you in protecting, organizing and carrying your luggage in a stylish and elegant manner. This City Collection backpack comes with a 360 degreed laptop compartment that is padded as well as easily accessible pockets. Even its shoulder straps are padded as well for more comfort and ease of use.

If you are that city commuter who prefers having a somehow smaller carrying solution then you need to look no further as this is your ideal bag. With a front zippered compartment that has organizational features as well as a primary compartment that is spacious, you will find it quite easy to include all your essentials as you travel.

As is expected of high quality bags, this one too has an easy to reach zippered pocket to keep your items very safe. Due to the fact that this product has been constructed using a durable 270 by 500D blended weave polyester, you can be sure that this product has the best durability.

When it comes to matters to do with design, this is one of the best bags ever because of its slim and comfortable design. Its compact profile provides the thin profile that most commuters normally need when moving from one place to another. The adjustable shoulder straps that it comes with also improve on its level of comfort.


Slim design

Long lasting and durable

Easily accessible top pocket

Helps protect your luggage

Streamlined storage

Comfortable design


Shoulder straps normally slip off the shoulders

Zipper rips quickly


9. Herschel Heritage Backpack

The Heritable backpack is one of the best backpacks that you should buy and comes in very many colors. With a shoulder length of around 34.5 inches, this travel backpack is ideal for various people with different sizes of shoulders. There is an interior multi-function pocket that this backpack features that will come in handy in carrying your various types of essentials.

What we loved most about this product is the internal media pocket that this bag comes with. The headphone port will allow you to enjoy some cool music as you keep enjoying your journey. The magnetic strap closure which has metal pin clips will ensure that travel backpack is properly closed so you don’t easily lose your essential items.

The presence of a front pocket that has a hidden zipper as well as a key clip is also an added advantage that this product has above other types of products. There is also the custom striped fabric liner that everyone would love. While this product has so many advantages, it must also have some weak points that may make some people kind of get disappointed with it. The stitching that holds the straps may rip off quite easily.


Media pocket having a headphone port

Magnetic strap closure

Front pocket has a hidden zipper

Striped fabric liner customed

Comfortable shoulder straps


Straps rip off

Crooked top straps


10. Arcido Akra Backpack

One of the best business backpacks that will offer you a great sense of organization is this one here. With this travel bag, you will never need to worry about knowing where you have placed your passport, laptop or liquids because everything will be quite organized. There are not so many pockets that will stop you from packing smarter and being organized all through.

This bag also has quite a huge inner capacity to pack so many things. The main pocket which is large can hold so many clothes, toiletries and shoes; you can travel to your business destinations without worrying about anything at all. The other good thing about this travel backpack is how comfortable and durable it is to use. There is the weight bearing chest strap and hip traps which will make everything comfortable for you.

The material used in making this bag has not been left behind either. It is a lightweight material that is durable and features high-quality zippers. This Akra bag is capable of holding in the various types of environments and this is an added advantage that makes it one of the best bags to consider buying. What’s more, because it is more resistant, you can expect it to keep your gear totally dry in rainy conditions.


Ideal in many types of environments

Has a somehow bigger inner capacity

Offers an amazing organization

Is comfortable and somehow durable

Protects your gear

It is quite water resistant

Sunglasses pocket


Quite expensive


Business Travel Backpack

FAQs about Best Business Travel Backpack

1. Can I carry more than one laptop in my travel backpack?

Generally, most laptop backpacks normally have only one laptop compartment which is designed to fit only a single laptop. However, there are some laptop backpacks that are quite large and can comfortably fit at least two laptops.

As long as there are batteries installed in your laptops and have been charged enough to work well for you, you can’t have an issue with taking two laptops on your backpack. Make sure you check with your airline though to see if they have some unique requirements.

2. Can I use my travel backpack for other things?

As long as you are not using it for what it is not recommended for then there is no problem at all in using your business travel backpack. You should just ensure that whatever you use it for does not damage it increasingly fast or does not put you in danger.

However, most travel backpacks are quite strong and durable and, therefore, suitable to be used for other different things altogether.

Business Travel Backpack


Having a business travel backpack can mean the difference between having a constructive business trip or just being messed up totally. These backpacks will help you pack everything you might need for your business while still making it quite easy to travel to your destination without any issues.

You may argue that suitcases are better for such occasions but suitcases are only ideal for longer travel destinations. Business travel backpacks come in handy for handling short distance travel trips and simply making your life easier while at it. To be able to get a high-quality product that will meet almost all your needs, you need to generally consider the size, brand and organizational structure.

All these products that we have reviewed here are great quality products that will all meet your expectations. However, if you are still undecided on which product you should buy then we might recommend for you eBags Professional Slim Travel Backpack as the best business travel backpack.

It is crushproof and offers the best security to your luggage, the back panel is made of breathable mesh for more comfort, it has several pouches for keeping your items organized among other great features. The other products are also awesome and will still just work well for you in case you don’t like our recommended product.

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