10 Best Camping Cots 2023 Reviews

Summer time often brings the desire to reunite with nature and spend some time away from society. Some people like to camp out for a weekend, and some enjoy weeks spent in forest away from modern life gadgets and social media. Families take their kids our for adventures and some individuals are excited for the chance to conquer yet another hiking route in a new location.

And with all the excitement for a new adventure, of course, comes the stress of packing. What to take? How to save more space? What is absolutely necessary? What to take for the kids and how to make this trip comfortable for everyone? Luckily, we live in a progressive era and can get almost everything delivered to your doorstep, including all the possible comforters for your hiking and camping travels.

No matter what the purpose of your camping trip is and no matter if you are going alone or with your family or partner, I would say one of the most important things during any travel is good sleep. Sleeping well will give you the needed energy for the day and of course a great mood. And even if you are not planning to camp out – a nice place where you can lay down and read your favourite book is something to look forward to during the weekend.

With all of this said, I believe, for all the summer-camping lovers out there and those who are just trying the camping life out, a camping cot would be a lovely addition to the travel equipment already owned or a great start of a “must have camping things”.

Best Camping Cot

Top 10 Best Camping Cots

Tough Outdoors Camping Cot - Folding Military4.6
Trademark Innovations Military Arm Folding Portable Camping Cot4.5
ALPS Mountaineering Ready Lite Cot4.8
Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot Folding Outdoor Camping Hiking Sleeping Bed4.9
BYER OF MAINE Allagash Plus Portable Camping Cots for Adults4.6
Folding Bed with Mattress Camping Cot by BMS4.5
Coleman ComfortSmart Cot
PORTAL Folding Portable Camping Cot4.5
REDCAMP Folding Camping Cot for Adults4.6
Alpcour Folding Camping Cot4.7

1. Tough Outdoors Camping Cot – Folding Military

It is perfect for a festival as it is a military cot: sturdy and rough. It will not break even if someone stubbles on it and will be easy to clean in case something spills. Its large (75” x25”) and is 16 inches high – which will give you plenty of space to keep your backpacks and festival belongings safe under it. The materials will allow you to use this cot for multiple years and many camping occasions.

The biggest problem I can foresee with this selection is that it might need a bit of strength to assemble it and it will need preparation time as well before the trip. The cot needs to stay in an assembled position for a few hours for the material to break into the shape and allow easier set up later. Also, it will not bring you the most comfort – just a place to sleep during your festival or camping weekend. It also comes with a free organizer that can help you store all your belongings (glasses, water bottle, etc.) in one spot.

All in all – if you are in need of a cot for one weekend and want to save money as well – this is your best bet.

2. Trademark Innovations Military Arm Folding Portable Camping Cot

It is black, so no dirt or spills will be visible (if any) and is made of quite durable materials, which is always a pro for camping equipment. It is much easier to set up, as it simply unfolds, so anyone will be able to assemble it during travels, it has a steel frame and can hold up to 250 lbs so most likely will survive the festival nights or any heavy baggage put on it.

The cons of this product are simplicity and lack of comfort. It is very simply and most likely will not be comfortable, it’s a simply straight bed and should not be a good choice for those after comfort and/or good looks of the product. It is still, however, one of the cheaper options on the market and will serve you a long time (as it is made from good materials). So, if you are looking for something compact and affordable – go for it!

Next category of cots I looked into were for hiking occasions, when you would require something extra compact and light as well as something that can last through your hiking adventures. The price was not in the picture in this scenario – so mainly I was looking for a cot that is extra light and good enough for different weather occasions as well as possible options of combinations of products such as cots + tents (2 in 1).

3. ALPS Mountaineering Ready Lite Cot

It is a great choice if your camping destination is somewhere in the mountains and you need a durable, long-lasting as well as very light solution. It is made from sturdy ripstop fabric that makes it very light to carry with you yet does not affect the durability of the product life. Its frame is made of aluminium, which also helps to keep it light and easy to transport as well as guarantees a long-lasting use.

However, it sits quite close to the ground, so would be a better option for those camping out with a tent – as it will perfectly fit inside as a comfy bed option for your camp outs, will not take much space and will be easy to transport with you, even when hiking up mountains.

Some of the cons of this product is low height and small functionality. It really can only be used as an addition to a tent and it lacks storage space as well and will most likely occupy a lot of space in an average tent. This option is best for those travellers that have big tents and want to add a bit of comfort to them.

4. Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot Folding Outdoor Camping Hiking Sleeping Bed

It comes as 2 in 1 Cot Tent – which is great for any types of camping out, including hiking. It will be perfect if you are going to a place with a bit worse weather and will save you from the unexpected rain (as it always happens when you did not plan for it).

The design of the product allows you to use is as a tent cot, a chair and a simple flat cot, it is also designed to withstand most of the weather conditions. It has a very simple set us and can be set by anyone within a matter of seconds which is useful in case you need an emergency stop for the night on your way. Nylon is the main component and it has a nice green colour so if you are looking for something durable, light and compact, with a tent option – this product will surely meet all your needs.

The flaw of this product for some will be the number of items you will need to carry with you for the proper assembly. This tent – cot will occupy more space than a simple cot and will be much heavier due to the additional parts of it. In addition, it is not a suitable choice if you are travelling with a family, as this product is designed mainly for single users, who prefer their private spot when travelling.

5. BYER OF MAINE Allagash Plus Portable Camping Cots for Adults

BYER OF MAINE Allagash Plus Cot will be one of the cheaper options for hikers and campers alike, its main functionalities are: wide (75” x 30” x 8”), light and compact. Its frame is aluminium and the cot itself is polyester and can hold up to 250lbs without compromising the weight of the product. It is fairly simple to set up and can be done by most people, it is easy to carry (legs can be used as a handle after rolling it up), and the height is optimal for those camping out with a tent.

Some issues with this option could be: not adaptable to the body due to materials used and hard first time set up (also due to materials). Using such materials for the cot to assist its compatibility and reduce the weight can affect the way it feels to lay on it and the first-time assembly. It might be hard to put together as the material will need time to stretch. Also, those with a sensitive back might find it difficult to sleep on it at first.

Next on the list for cots and camping are families and those who love to travel with comfort no matter where they go. There is always something pleasing to be in your soft warm bed before falling asleep and sometimes, even when reuniting with nature you do not want to give this comfort up. Or, perhaps, you simply want to go camping with your family somewhere close to the beach and need your vacation to be as comfortable as possible. For such occasions you wouldn’t care much about the compatibility of the product you are purchasing as about the materials it is made from and the comfort options it has to offer.  For such requirements there are also products out there that will please your hearts.

6. Folding Bed with Mattress Camping Cot by BMS

This option is for those who prefer a transportable bed rather than anything else for their comping trips. The cot/bed has 3 inches of high-density sponge and a foam mattress on the top layer which makes it soft and comfy. The materials used are sturdy and durable and the foam layer helps to keep the cot safe when bending it for transportation. This option is great for those who also wish to have a foldable guest bed, as later in the year you can use it for that purpose as well.

The obvious con of this choice would be the compact function of this product. It will occupy a lot of space and you will not be able to carry it around with you on your back. In addition, when assembled it still takes up a lot of space. In addition, the price of the product is high if compared to other, more functional camping cots.

All in all – if you are scared to camp because of the comfortless visions of camping that you have in your head – purchase this product and sleep with comfort even when camping in the woods.

7. Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

It is a perfect choice for those travellers that wish to have a more pleasant and comfortable environment while camping but keep the compact functionality, as well as stay in a reasonable price limit.

It has a steel frame and a foam mattress on top, it is easy to assemble and not to terrible to carry with you. The foam bed is not too thick, so it keeps the comfort bed like feeling while saving some space in your car. This product is easy to set, it is comfortable and looks nice, it’s in quite a good price range for such product and keeps its consumers happy.

Same as in option seven, this products disadvantages in comparison to other offered cots is obviously its size and the inability to fold into a small bag. It will be much harder to carry around than the less comfortable cot options and it will most likely take a lot of space on the travel once you set it up.

Obviously the last two choices of cots are more for those traveling by car and those ho really need their soft bed around with them anywhere they go. They are, of course, still good options for some, but lastly, I would like to list a few cots that would be good for most of the camping occasions be it a weekend with your friends or a solo camp in the woods.

8. PORTAL Folding Portable Camping Cot

It is made from high quality and durable materials, it is very easy to set and to transport (foldable), it has a classical design suitable for any types of outdoor adventures.  The price is not that high, and this product will serve you many years and accompany you on multiple camping trips. In addition, it could also be used as a guest bed in the house.

One minus of this cot is that it is not the best bot tents – the legs of the cot are a bit too high for that so it would only be used for warm nights out. Another problem could be the lack of comfort, when comparing to other cots, this one’s material will probably be a bit hard for most to sleep on.

9. REDCAMP Folding Camping Cot for Adults

PORTAL Folding Portable Camping Cots would be the practical choice for families. It can be used indoors as well, for kids, and outdoors for any type of camping (it can even fit I a large tent if needed), it is made of aluminium and will be light enough to carry. It is very easy in set up and, also, comes with a side pocket and a pillow – so you won’t need to worry about that when you pack for camping. The price starts at 66$ and the product has multiple colour options for all.

In comparison to other cots, this product will be a bit heavier than the others and might not serve you as long, as some other options. In addition, it might make noise when you move around on it, so will not be the best choice if you are traveling with light sleepers (or are one yourself).

10. Alpcour Folding Camping Cot

It is made from polyester fabric and has a portable design. It is easy in set up and perfect for a camping night under the stars. In addition, it comes with a pillow and a side pocket to make your camping more comfortable and convenient.

The disadvantage of this product is that the head rest on this cot is not adjustable and you have to use it as it is. In addition, it will be heavier than some other options and less portable.

How to Choose the Best Camping Cot

Obviously, here comes the important question: how to choose the best camping cot? And the answer to this is not that simple: you need to start by deciding what exactly you want from this piece of traveling equipment. Your best bet is somewhere out there, you just need to figure out what function you want it to serve and which problem to eliminate in order to know that it is indeed the best option for you.

Generally, there are a few categories for all products that people are going for: affordable, comfortable, compact (space saving), easy to use, family product. And then you can match the categories according to what you want.

For example: I want to go for a hike up the mountain this weekend and I would like to travel light with a minimum number of things, however, I would like to take a cot with me in case I stay overnight or need to rest. In this case: I would go for compact + comfort. In case I am on a budget but really need a cot with me for me overnight camping trip with friends, I would go for affordable + compact and maybe pay less attention to the comfort addons if it will let me purchase a cheaper option. After deciding what your goal is for this purchase, you will be able to find the ideal match for yourself.

I have gone online to see what is currently offered on the market for camping cots and think that there is a fair selection for any ocasion and combination of desires. In this article, I would like to select a few items I would personally purchase in case I needed a camping cot. These items will also fit the needs for different set goals and can be cheap, expensive, compact, comfy and many more other combinations. As a recent graduate and a person who likes festivals (with camp out options) I decided to first go for the affordable + compact option and here is what I have selected.

Best Camping Cot


All 10 of these cots would be a great choice for a camping trip, but I, personally, would stick to number four – as I prefer tent camping and this cot can turn into one if I need it.  And if after reading about specific types and options of cots you are still doubting to purchase one, please read further for the answers to some of the basic questions regarding this product.

Why do I need a cot if I have a sleeping bag and a tent?

Some of the cots have low legs so they can adjust to a tent camp out, they are better for your back and if you choose the material wisely it will give you a more pleasant experience during your travels. There are also cots that are more compact than sleeping bags (as the bags are quite fluffy) and are cheaper while performing the same function.

How do I keep my cot in a good condition?

The top parts of the cots can be washed and most of the cots are designed to withstand any weather conditions, meaning if you keep it in a safe spot in your house it will keep its durability and strength of materials. With some army made cots you should give a few days to remain in an unfolded position to train the material, and then use as normal.

Do I get a warranty for my purchase in case the cot is damaged?

Most companies provide a warranty for their camping products for about 365 days from the purchase, so you will be able to give your cot a try in the camping world and see if all its functions are working correctly and they satisfy you.


In conclusion, if you are a camper or not, purchasing a camping cot can serve you in multiple other occasions such as extra guest visits or simply sunbathing outside your house. It is easy to keep in the house and transport with you, it can be stylish and comfortable as well as compact, it can last you for many years and if you do get a spontaneous camping offer from your friends or family – you will be always ready. The camping cots are the future of comfort camping and are useful household objects as well.

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