10 Best Carry on Garment Bag 2023

Is this happening to you? Regardless of how closely you fold and store your clothes, they still look less than presentable out of the suitcase. Whether you’re on the company, traveling fancy somewhere, or always wanting to go out in fashion, invest in best carry on garment bag to maintain your dresses fresh and wrinkle-free at all times.

Most of the packages we included in this list also fit in the main U.S. airlines ‘ overhead boxes, which often have a 22-inch height limit of 14 inches in size and 9 inches in thickness. Since some carriers enable a mildly bigger size depending on distinct kinds of carry-on, some of these pockets you will see below are mildly bigger than the sizes above.

While most of us are traveling with wash-n-wear clothes today, not everyone can afford to move with a scrunched wardrobe. Especially when you’re on the company, or when you arrive at your target you need to look fantastic. This is where you can save your clothes and your journey from catastrophe by carrying on your best carry on garment bags.

Best Carry on Garment Bag

The Benefits of Using a Travel Garment Bag

When you achieve your target, the best way is to invest in a specialized garment provider if you want your clothing to be ship-shape and ready-to-wear. An ideal garment bag bridges the divide between a suitcase and a protective suit by providing helpful pockets, compartments and storage spaces intended to keep every piece of clothing comfortable and secure while you are in transit.

Best carry on garment bags give many advantages beyond a periodic duffel bag or suitcase. You can use a garment pocket:

Hang it up! Hang them in the vehicle, on the bus, on the train, and in the hotel when you get there. The only place on the plane you can’t put them up. But for that too, there’s a solution— just lay them flat to maintain your dresses wrinkle-free and willing to go.

Choose from a range of transportation alternatives: Depending on your requirements and wearing preference when in transit, you can have a rolling garment bag, a chest wardrobe belt, or a wardrobe duffel bag. There’s plenty to choose from of distinct garment pockets.

Size and Capacity:  The size of the pocket that performs best for you will be determined by whether you want to inspect your garment bag or not. The total dimensions for carry-on bags will generally be around 22x 14x 9 inches— so be sure to take that into account before you purchase.

When it gets to capability, some pockets give plenty of space for additional extras such as shoes, laundry kits, and informal clothing, while others are intended to maintain your dress crease-free and prepared for the boardroom.

Top 10 Best Carry on Garment Bags

ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag for Travel & Business Trips4.7
Mercury Luggage Executive Series Tri-Fold Garment Bag4.8
Victorinox Werks Traveler 4.0 Wheeled Garment Storage Carry On4.7
Delsey Luggage Helium Sky B O Garment Bag4.6
Mercury Tactical Gear Code Alpha Hybrid Garment Duffel Bag4.5
Samsonite Leverage LTE Expandable Softside Luggage with Spinner Wheels4.6
Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright
Travelpro Crew 10 Carry-On Rolling Garment Bag4.5
Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0 Wheeled Garment Bag–Best Carry on Wheeled Garment Bag4.5
Tumi Alpha 2 Carry-On 4 Wheel Garment Bag4.5

The following are some of the finest choices to assist you on your next journey to bring your finest dresses or suits. There’s plenty of selection from bi-folds, tri-folds through wheeled-bags.

1. ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag for Travel & Business Trips

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, you need to create sure you’ve got the correct shoes for any occasion. The Zegur foldable garment bag is lightweight and slender to carry, but it has more than enough ability to hold up to three suits or clothes, plus any accessories you might need to go with.

Although it is less than 2 feet broad folded up, this additional lengthy garment bag opens up to an enormous 43 inches. This implies no dress, and to combat them inside, only the shortest clothes will have to be folded. To maintain everything in location once packed, there are dual buckles.

Close the inner zipper to show 4 narrower compartments for clothes, ties, and other small products when the clothing is all inside. For all your travel documents, there’s also an exterior pocket, plus room for pens, cards, devices, and cables. You can even fit in a notebook to maintain you busy while you’re waiting for your plane. There are carrying handles plus an adjustable shoulder belt for simple carrying. There is also a luggage belt on the back of the waterproof garment bag to create it even simpler to secure all your possessions together. There’s not even a need to unpack when you achieve your target.


Durable and comparatively lightweight

Expandable case

Wetpack for filthy or wet equipment

Extender board for longer clothing


Awkward sizing

2. Mercury Luggage Executive Series Tri-Fold Garment Bag

In a short time, a duffel garment bag can create it simple to carry your clothes. This tri-fold Mercury luggage bag opens up to an enormous volume, allowing you to hang your clothes in no moment flat, from suits and pants to clothes, skirts, and blouses. There’s no need to cram anything in either, as everything just fits in one manner.

Then use the tie-down belt to keep it in position before closing the cabinet. There is a tiny zippered pocket on the outside underside of the dressing compartment for your larger products. Do you triple fold and zip it shut when fully packed?


Folded nylon / polyester size: 22.2 x 15 x 6.75 inches size: 5 lbs. 45 x 22.25 x 2.75 inches.

Durability that is questionable.

Do not use the maximum volume you can’t hold up the purse

3. Victorinox Werks Traveler 4.0 Wheeled Garment Storage Carry On

This one from Victorinox is an excellent choice if you want to bring an easy garment bag on your next journey. It has a big, full-length primary compartment with space for clothing as well as the hangers-on which they arrive. With a big u-shaped zipper, these garments fold into position. There are a few inner mesh pockets and a bigger zippered pocket. These can keep clothes, ties, and all the other items you need.

There are a few extra compartments on the outside of the pocket. For significant papers or electronics, the front one is big and zippered. There is an accessible compartment on the back which can also double as a strap for use with a suitcase’s handle system. For various carry choices, there are a few carry handles as well as a removable shoulder strap.


Even when completely packed, gliding through tiny alleys, airports, etc. is much easier than 4 or 2 wheels+ Lightweight: two pounds heavier than my former samsonite. That’s a lot in a carry-on type of packing for 2 months.

Liquid outer pocket and tablet or tiny computer larger pocket.

Very spacious: not all of the same size carriers have the same ability, you’ll see when you open this one.

Attach a purse scheme: very helpful when I’m at the airport and have a snack-filled plastic bag suddenly.


The garment bag requires up a ton of space and is not helpful for wrinkle protection. Fortunately, it can be detached. Instead of using an eagle creek pack-it envelope for garments that I need to maintain free of wrinkles.

4. Delsey Luggage Helium Sky B O Garment Bag

There is no external zipper for this Delsey garment travel bag that would offer it the safety necessary to check it at an airport. But it can still operate in your favor for a carry-on. It is produced of micro ballistic material that is lightweight but highly powerful. There is also a vapor barrier to stay out of the pocket and off the clothes it holds any moisture.

For simple access to your clothing, a removable hanging hook on the outside of the pocket allows you to open it and put it in a closet or cabinet. It also has a universal inside hanging clip to fit your closet’s periodic hangers.


Easy access for shoes is excellent overweight marker (50 pounds) integrated into the side carry handle Interiors have lots of pockets for stronger organization. Premium value for excellent cost Handles & spinner handles is extremely soft.


The black version is nearer to violet

5. Mercury Tactical Gear Code Alpha Hybrid Garment Duffel Bag

The Code Alpha Hybrid Garment Bag Duffel Bag is an excellent choice if you want a flexible bag that meets your requirements both at home and on the street. It can be used for company journeys products you need, as well as the army or police equipment. If necessary, it can even hold all you need for the gym.

As the bottom, the sides of this duffle garment bag open, exposing a lengthy interior cabinet to store tidy and wrinkle-free garments that you want to keep. There is a zippered clothing room for holding your dress or other clothing in position with a few crease-stop buttons.


Many organizational rooms and pockets.

One of the lighter choices.

Upright orientation makes rolling the bag through the aircraft aisles easier.

Smartlink belt allows more than one luggage to be handled.

Warranty for life


The upright stance makes the garment bag spacing uncomfortable. It requires some time to get used to it before you learn to value the room well

6. Samsonite Leverage LTE Expandable Softside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

This rotating Samsonite garment bag is sufficiently sturdy to last through even the toughest journeys. It is produced of powerful Poly ripstop, combining high-strength polyester ripstop with nylon. In certain fields, there are even additional resistance fibers woven to further decrease pulling. But this is still a lightweight garment pocket despite the additional equipment.

The Samsonite lift carries on wheeled wardrobe bag has lower sizes, making it simple to fit into nearly every accessible overhead cabinet. Both mesh and WetPak compartments are inside to maintain your humid products separate from your other equipment. There’s also a big exterior pocket for the products you need nearby.

For the longer garments, you don’t want to fold or wrinkle, there is an extender panel on the inside. The belts of compression keep everything in position. And the hook on the hanger helps you bring your clothes out of the closet and placed them in the pocket square, and vice versa.

The handle has a push button which, when expanded and recessed, enables you to lock it. This holds your handle in location for simple travel at all moments. On most surfaces, the inline roller wheels spin beautifully. There is a holding grip on top to maintain your backpack off the floor when lifting it is not an alternative. If you’re searching for one of the top horizontal clothing boxes, this model is an A-list.


It’s lasting: the bag’s other benefit is that it’s very sturdy. The unbreakable zipper pullers make sure from time to time you don’t have to fix the bag. Longevity saves more time and cash.

Carrying and moving is simple: Another benefit of this Samsonite bag is that it can be easily carried and moved. The lightweight handle of the alloy makes the wallet mobile as it is no manner adds to the bag’s weight. Mores, the vehicle’s soft rotating gears also allow it to move from one place to another readily.


Imported: The bag’s only drawback is that it is imported. The shipping cost of the item abroad would have significantly improved the purchaser’s price at which it comes.

7. Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright

In a powerful frame, the best carry on a garment bag has a large ability. The Baseline Domestic heavy-duty garment bag utilizes external ballistic nylon that is resistant to wear and abrasion to maintain it intact. It also resists humidity and dust, so when you arrive at your target, your possessions will be tidy and dry. The hybrid fiberglass frame is sufficiently strong to keep its form at all moments, but it is also lightweight, making it simple to carry. Reinforcements are available at all angles to decrease bump wear.

The top carrying handle is cushioned to maintain it comfortably in your fingers as an upright carrying on the garment bag. A built-in upper fabric grip is also available to create it simpler to raise and store in the overhead bin. Aircraft-grade aluminum holds the grip secure from dings and bends, pulling it comfortably with 3 stop heights for those of all dimensions.

Other excellent characteristics of this roller wardrobe pocket include numerous inside and outside compartments, a big storage space, and a triple suit to maintain your clothes and other significant wardrobes completely folded and free from wrinkles. A hanger strap allows you to move rapidly from the pocket to the closet, and compression belts keep all the rest in location.


Ver packed all your items to fit perfectly in a carry-on, just to realize that you didn’t leave any space for souvenirs on the way back? Enter Briggs & Riley’s Baseline CX pocket. This upright wheeled suitcase has a special system that allows you to pull two levers when you need more space to expand the bag by 25 percent and compress it again with a push of a hand when you don’t.

The 8′′x 14′′x 21′′ pocket fits within the carry-on boundaries of most carriers even when it is extended to complete capability. The four-wheeled bag glides readily and remains upright regardless of how unevenly you pack it, and the retractable handle moves readily to three distinct heights.


The suiter in this pocket is NOT removable, unlike the past variant of this carry-on. If you don’t need the suiter, you can unzip and remove the lower portion of the suiter, but that’s it. The predecessor of this bag had a suiter that could be deleted entirely, which has several benefits: first, when you can bring it out of the suitcase and lay it flat, it is simpler to place clothes inside the suiter.

Second, you can remove the suiter and hold it with your suit (or robe) inside it when you achieve your target (the earlier model included a hanger in the suiter).

8. Travelpro Crew 10 Carry-On Rolling Garment Bag

This triple carriage of Travelpro’s garment bag is robust and reliable, maintaining your clothing comfortable and secure through any kind of transport. The interior is intended to maintain apart from your clothes and clothes your standard clothes.

These products can be added in, included hanger, and then fastened in to keep them in location. The tri-fold scheme then remains free of wrinkles, safe and secure. For your smaller clothes, a large mesh pocket carries your clothes and other bigger products, with small mesh pockets in the big room.

There are also several exterior pockets for holding your significant travel documents, as well as bigger products such as sweaters and shirts. Dobby Duraguard covered nylon is the exterior fabric, which is sufficiently sturdy to withstand tears and abrasions. There are corner guards and skid guards that provide even more security for those heavy wear fields to put on the bag for a longer enduring garment. The ball bearing closed tires roll over any ground smoothly.


Compact and solid

It does everything, and it’s created very well at a wonderful cost.

Great selection as a go – to-bag company journey.

Excellent for brief journeys


Too large for the rows of aircraft.

No moist or humid plastic room

9. Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0 Wheeled Garment Bag–Best Carry on Wheeled Garment Bag

The best way to take your garment bag is robust and durable, maintaining your equipment secure even during the roughest processing. This Victorinox wardrobe pocket is produced from robust Ballistic nylon, with back skid pads to minimize abrasions. It also has YKK Racquet coil zippers that can be locked so that your equipment in the pocket is as safe as necessary.

For increased control, there is a dual-trolley handle system, plus inline skate wheels of 80 mm for the smoothest spin on just about any ground you ride. An integrated ID panel will assist you to locate your carriage in any luggage room, even with the same pockets around it.


Jacket holder performs excellent for 3 blazers / jackets

Super soft handles that maintain well

Garment separator is fantastic when separating shoes or filthy dresses

Really light but robust.


Would have preferred a TSA lock to click the zippers in-less likely to break that way

While the attach-a-bag strap works, even a moderately heavy bag doesn’t work well when you’re sitting.

10. Tumi Alpha 2 Carry-On 4 Wheel Garment Bag

This Tumi carries 4 handles instead of the standard 2, making it much more maneuverable in even the tightest areas. These dual-spin wheels have a recessed structure that turns readily without sacrificing the room you might need to store your equipment.

The Tumi folding garment bag’s exterior fabric utilizes its proprietary FXT ballistic nylon, which is highly sturdy and handles all wear kinds without displaying it. The building of Durafold adds much-needed strengthening to the frames. Impact-resistant caps during rougher travel safeguard the angles from harm.


Several consumers observed that because of its solid ballistic nylon material, the Tumi Alpha suitcase is durable.

His polyester covering and zipper closure were lauded by most customers.

Reviewers said that for vital stuff, it has a front U-zip pocket.

It comprises of four recessed swivel wheels, according to those who have attempted this bag.

Reviewers believed it was spacious in its primary room.

Users discovered it had a three-stage grip for telescoping.

Other customers also commended the two-stage extension scheme of their tier lock.


A critic thought the bag was heavier than anticipated.

Another critic had problems with the bag handles

Garment Bag


Are Pockets with Wheels Stronger than Bags with a Handheld or Brace on the Chest?

Multiple kinds of roller garment pockets genuinely exist. They usually come with two or four wheels, but three-wheel layout pockets are also available. Our view is that the two-wheel layout pockets are the simplest to use as you just grab the handle and push the bag as you travel.

The four-wheel bags are becoming more prevalent, and while these seem more comfortable, when you try to go around a corner, it also seems the tires can get stuck or move badly.

Finally, if you always prefer to keep your items close to you and you don’t like to pull the grip, then it’s better to go with a handheld garment bag.

Do Clothing Pockets Job for Clothing and Suits?

You can use clothing pockets for any kind of clothing. Some are specifically produced for suits, however. Some garment bags function better just because it provides a wrinkle-free guarantee for suits and clothes. These are typically the pockets with hangers. You can connect your garments to the hangers and save them in the layout of the pocket. This should ensure that they do not fold while they are in service.

What are the Finest Fabrics for a Robust Garment Bag?

A nylon building with enhanced zippers and waterproof fabrics is what we see a lot in these pockets. Due to its capacity to safeguard against water, most travel pockets use nylon. This operates better than products made from leather and polyester that you can see on high-end and low-end pockets.

Some garment sacks produced harder fabrics such as polycarbonate or polypropylene can be found. They’re sturdier, but it’s not going to be easier to fit into a narrow room, like under a seat or in a crowded overhead bin.

Where Do You Place a Basket of Clothing on an Aircraft?

Usually, garment packs roll or fold and fit readily on a flight in the overhead spaces. Check with your airline what the specifications for carrying luggage size are to ensure that sizes of your garment bag are approved.

Do Pockets of Clothing Avoid Wrinkles?

No wardrobe bag can ever ensure that your wardrobe is free of wrinkles. However, because of their sizes and the manner they fold, they will do a greater job of stopping wrinkles then regularly take on baggage.


While several the best carry on garment bags are currently on the market, the best ones will be what fits your budget and transport mode. If you’re continually on the go and enjoy walking with your hands-free, it’s likely better to grab a shoulder strap garment bag with plenty of space inside.

However, the Samsonite Luggage Lift Carry-On Wheeled Garment Bag must be the finest bag on this list. With loads of elevated scores and loads of customer satisfaction, we agree that as well as the comfort it has the most room and organization. With a Samsonite Luggage Lift Carry-On Wheeled Garment Bag bag you won’t go incorrect, and it’s likely going to last you 10 years or more.

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