10 Best Luggage Sets 2023

Have you at one point stacked your stuff in a single suitcase and regretted doing so thereafter? Well, it becomes a hell of a job when you have to locate something and you can’t even tell where exactly you packed it. This is the moment you’ll appreciate the importance of the best luggage sets.

Being organized for pleasure or business trips is very important. It really makes traveling fun. The luggage sets are built to accommodate most of your needs. The sets are not only appealing to the eye but also extremely practical.

Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of luggage set brands in the markets. Some are top quality while others are so cheaply done that will end up ruining your travel instead of making it enjoyable. Your luggage should be the last thing to trouble you during a trip.

So how exactly can you differentiate the best set from the worst? Which models rank high in terms of quality, style and pricing? All these questions plus more are well answered in this article. Take a look.

Best Luggage Sets

Things to consider when purchasing a luggage set

A good luggage set should be well-designed, durable and appealing. Besides, it should keep your stuff safe throughout your travel duration. Otherwise, there won’t be any difference between your luggage set and cardboard boxes.

An ideal luggage set for your trip should be waterproof to protect your other items in case your liquid toiletries break. It should also have the ability to accommodate a wide variety of items in different pockets. These are just some of the little things that we often ignore but are very important for any trip.

So what are the features that a good luggage set should have? These are what we are going to look at in this section.

Weight and Size

The size of the luggage is a very important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked during purchase. For how many days are you going to be away from home? What is the amount of items you are planning to carry with you? The quantity of stuff you are going to carry along to the trip will determine the size of luggage set to buy.

However, when considering the size of your suitcase, it is important that you also take into consideration the mode of transport you are going to use. There are some airlines, for example, that have restrictions on the size of luggage that they can carry.

Does the suitcase come with zippered pockets for additional storage? These are also going to impact heavily on the storage capabilities of the luggage set.

The size of the suitcase also impacts heavily on its weight. Very big sets are known to be bulky. On the other hand, smaller models tend to be lighter. A good luggage set should be lightweight so as to minimize the likelihood of straining and exhaustion.

Material and Lining

The material which the luggage set is made from is the easiest way to know if it’s a good or a bad purchase. Models made from materials like polycarbonate materials are strong and do not allow things in or out even if you run into bumps.

Always avoid suitcases made from canvas or cloth exteriors as they don’t last long. They are not the best for homes with little kids as they can easily damage them. You need to go for a product that will give you value for money. And this is where the waterproof materials come in handy.

The sets do come with linings as well. Some of these are waterproof while others are not. The waterproof linings will help secure some of your belongings in case accidents like toiletry spillages occur.


The warranty duration of a product says a lot when it comes to the determination of the quality of the product. The longer the warranty, the more durable the luggage set is likely to be. If you want to know that you’re about to buy a flimsy luggage set, you will notice that the warranty is such a short one or sometimes there is none at all.

Avoid any product that has no guarantee or warranty. The warranty needs to cover every aspect of the product including the zippers. Otherwise, just a small item like a zipper might end up rendering your entire bag useless.

Softside versus Hardside luggage set

Luggage sets are available in two categories, Hardside or Softside. Each of these has its merits and demerits. It is, therefore, important that you analyze on these before you narrow down on which one to buy.

Softside luggage sets, for example, are lightweight and easy to lift. They also have flexible interiors and can fit compactly into small spaces.  They aren’t much durable and are mostly non-waterproof though.

On the other hand, we have Hardside luggage sets that are waterproof and often come with TSA-approved and long-lasting locks. Additionally, they don’t stain. However, they are more expensive.

10 Best luggage sets in 2020

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage4.6
Coolife Expandable 3-Piece Suitcase4.9
Coolife PC +ABS Three-Piece Set Expandable Suitcase4.7
Merax 3-Piece P.E.T Luggage Set 4.8
Kenneth Cole Reaction 3- piece luggage set4.6
S Traveler Yorker expandable luggage set4.5
Caribbean Joe 4-piece Castaway luggage set
Rockland 2-Piece Luggage Set4.5
Merax Flieks 5-Piece Luggage Set 4.04.6
AmazonBasics Softside Spinner 3-Piece Luggage Set4.6

1. Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage


Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside is absolutely one of the best quality luggage sets you can always prioritize. It is extremely lightweight with durable spinners that you won’t miss loving. The polycarbonate construction gives it an amazing appearance together with the sharp molded details.

This product is perfectly designed with fully lined interior comprising of cross straps. Its own zippered pockets privacy curtain is an additional plus to its quality. From the stylish and the bright design, never worry about keeping track of this eye-catcher.

If you are the kind of person who likes traveling in style, then this item will be one in a million! Its elegant brushed look has the potential of hiding any scratches that might come your way. Like any other human being, you would love to make your journey a memorable one with this quality product.

The superb make of this product gives it the ability to absorb impact through flexing when subjected to stress. Then it pops back to the original shape by way of eliminating dings and dents while protecting the contents. Its side-mounted lock safeguards your belonging till you reach your destination

This stunning item requires no key and hence it is good to go regardless of your destination. Here, all you need to do is simply push your case along and the rest of the task is carried out by the wheels. Isn’t that amazing? The wider and new pull handle provides you with an extremely comfortable grip.

Its multi-stage pull handle that is aluminum made provides it with the extra lightness that you deserve. Samsonite has achieved over one hundred years of durability, style and reliability which absolutely tells more about its thriving quality in the markets. It has dimensions of 28 by 19.8 by 12.5 inches.


Amazing look.

Easy to travel with.

Absolutely large enough and has multiple pockets.

Reasonably priced

Perfect quality

Few scratches or scuffs

The aluminum push handle makes it lightweight enough

Fewer folds and less wrinkles on the items

Well designed

Sturdily constructed


Somehow not waterproof

The plastic zipper lock is cheaply done


2. Coolife Expandable 3-Piece Suitcase


Coolife is another household name when it comes to quality luggage sets. The Expandable 3-piece suitcase from Coolife is well-constructed, durable and lightweight. It is made of ABS material plus impact resistant shell that is hard.

This product is quality oriented as from the molded corner guard, which absorbs and deflects shock thus providing high impact resistance. The strong, solid zippers ensure that the items are kept safe all through the journey. Handling this luggage set is as simple as possible due to the soft touch top accompanied by with the side handles.

The product acquisition goes hand in hand with fantastic customer care services that you will enjoy to the fullest. Additionally, there is an inclusion of a two-year manufacturer warranty. With this product, all your worries about achieving neatly packed clothes are well catered for, due to the interior skirt-like division with straps which keeps clothes neat.

The mounted TSA combined lock gives an outstanding peace of mind during security checks for the cases. You can’t wait to have such an impressive item for your journey to several destinations. It is also available in three different sizes such as large, medium and three- piece small luggage set all made from the strong ABS material.

It has strongly designed sturdy wheels that help in maneuvering the luggage all over with ease. The 4 double spinner luggage wheels provide superior strength and maximum gliding effortlessly in whichever direction. The scratch resistant finish gives the item a superb and attractive appearance.

The push button lock has the ability to adjust to various heights thereby providing comfort when it comes to rolling of the case. The large luggage set has dimensions of 20.9 by 11.4 by 30.3 inches, medium luggage set has dimensions of 17.7 by 9.8 by 26.4 inches and small luggage set has dimensions of 15.4 by 8.7 by 22.4 inches.


Superb quality luggage set

Lightweight enough

Sturdily constructed

Nets inside one another if not in use

Smooth moving wheels

Lovable luggage set

Expandable, thus accommodates more stuff

Very easy to manage

Long lasting usage and safety

Good customer care services


So spacious hence can easily fill up and exceed weight limits.

The zipper becomes tough to close when the luggage is full



3. Coolife PC +ABS Three-Piece Set Expandable Suitcase


This is absolutely another charming luggage set from Coolife that you can always consider as well. Travel in style with this reasonably designed item that will bury all your initial worries. The ABS plus PC material and the lighter, hard and durable shell protects the set from any scratches.

Its beveled edge make-on upper part adds toughness for handling the luggage. The set provides smooth and fluent handling due to the ergonomic telescoping handle system. It proves fit for both business and personal travel that is in agreement with the set standard for airlines.

It is incredibly economical since it can be stored into one another and hence saving space for storage. This product goes beyond offering a solid case, instead it offers you a cool life and a superb style. The fully lined interior design plus the mesh pocket provides an additional space to keep your luggage.

This product has a 360-degrees double wheel that ensures no entry of small rubbish when the set is on use. Its advanced design has led to the TSA combined lock that has resettable code hence assuring you of utmost security during travels. It is about 28-inch expandable and hence provides an extra 15% packing capacity.

The three-piece set features 28-inch suitcase meant for consignment, a 20-inch suitcase that is for carrying to the plane, and 24-inch suitcase for checking in the plane. It also has unique multi-directional silent wheels that ensure no noise when in rotation. The luggage set comes with a two-year warranty plus good customer service.

This set appears in a new wine-red color that is fantastic. It has dimensions of 31 by 19 by 13 inches and weighs about 27.9 pounds. Get yourself this set and enjoy transporting your travel essentials effortlessly.


Super spacious

Reasonably priced

Superb wheel glide

Wonderful color

Amazing quality

Smooth gliding zippers

Very sturdy construction

Easy to maneuver around


Can be turned away in some planes due to size



4. Merax 3-Piece P.E.T Luggage Set


The Merax 3-Piece is an incredibly global innovation that is worth considering. This product has dimensions of 32 by 20 by 12 inches and weighs about 28 pounds. It is a nontoxic product that is both environmental and health conscious. The non-toxicity is as a result of the FDA-certified green material used.

It is a super durable PET luggage set that can withstand the weight of a truck without crushing. Even though it has a striking appearance, it has the ability to resist high temperatures of about 158 degrees Fahrenheit and low temperatures of up to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a great indication of how convenient the Merax set is.

It is a set that will serve you for more than 50 years of use. This is because of the original construction of anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet radiation on the material, thereby prolonging its duration of usage. Generally, this luggage set has the maximum ability to withstand impact and stress.

The handle and wheel of this item ensure the set can withstand up to 50lbs force and also 50lbs of pressure from rolling. Its shipment includes 3 pieces under one set and the luggage is placed inside one another to save on space. This luggage set can’t be sold separately but as a set. This set is available in gold color but can also be purchased in different colors.


Awesome product

Long lasting

Lightweight enough to withstand lots of stuff

Attractive inside

Excellent customer care services

Additional hidden pocket

Timely deliveries

Very easy to roll


Difficult to smoothly roll when heavily packed

Can get snagged when the ground is uneven



5. Kenneth Cole Reaction 3- piece luggage set


Here is just another great deal to consider when in need of a luggage set. Make your travel easy and stylish by placing right your orders. This 3-piece set is an inclusion of 20-inch carry on size, 24-inch check size and 28-inch upright suitcases with spinner wheels for easy and quick maneuverability.

It contains garment restraints that hold content in place and a fully lined interior that is spacious enough. Besides, the molded corner reinforcements provide high impact resistance and the molded side wheel enhances the upright stand of the suitcase.

This luggage set has dimensions of 20.5 by 11.8 by 29.5 inches. It is of charcoal color but it’s also available in some other numerous colors. It’s upon you to choose the one that meets your taste. The set has a combined weight of up to 24.2 pounds. Its multidirectional four-wheel spinners enhance smooth rotation on any terrain hence hastens movement.

If you are the type who values both function and style, then this is the best set for you. Due to the hard side, there is a four-wheel spinner set that is lightweight and out of bound. The u-shaped zipper pocket, flexible and convenient top and handles make it easy to lift. What’s more, it is made from the ABS exterior that has molded.


High resistance to wear and tear

Awesome carry on bag

Strong zippers

Easy to push around, including on narrow isles

Strong and durable suitcase shell

Affordable prices

Great spinner


The fabric might disintegrate under extreme stress



6. S Traveler Yorker expandable luggage set


U.S Traveler manufactures have another luggage set that you can take into consideration. This amazing luggage set comes together with innovation and functionality upon collection. It has been mindfully constructed using durable and lightweight fabrication to perfectly suit your travel needs.

Are you interested in having additional space? The expandable property provides an extra 25% packing capacity. Besides, the adjustable add bag strap provides extra space to carry additional bag effortlessly. Contains several front zipper pockets that help in carrying travel magazines and documents.

It has been technically designed with inline skate feet to make it roll smoothly. Also its internal retractable push-button handle design allows for easy usage. What’s more, it has dimensions of 33 by 22 by 15inches and weighs about 30.5 pounds.

Its dual side and top carry handles and the bottom grip make it easy when lifting the luggage set. It is an absolutely amazing product which is unisex. The zippered mesh pocket, tie and slip pockets allow for plenty of space to suit all your stuff.


Generously sized bags

Deeper enough and still portable

Extremely safe for contents

Fast shipping

No discoloration

Lightweight duffel bag




The zippered lining appears thin



7. Caribbean Joe 4-piece Castaway luggage set


It is another great product to be considered when in need of luggage set. This product has dimensions of 29.5 by 18.2 by 12.8 inches and is chocolate in appearance. Travel in style with this superb set that takes into consideration the package and quality you would desire.

This luggage set features 3 upright spinner wheel suitcases that enhance effortless and fast moving of the set around. The set also includes 20-inch, 24-inch and 28-inch spinners plus tote bag for extra storage space. It weighs up to 29 pounds which makes it reasonably portable.

Its telescopic button handle provides smooth grip and ease of usage. Fully lined design with signature logo print, the set is also spacious enough and attractive. The spinner wheels of up to 360 degrees allow for easy usage on spinner bags.

The material used to make this set is the 1680D poly which is known for durability. The beautiful chocolate color matches a wide range of travel environments. It is actually a unisex set meant for adults.


The handles and wheels work perfectly

Eye-catching color

Super match with airplane seat bag



Good customer service


Handles may fail to extend

They have a bit of chemical smell



8. Rockland 2-Piece Luggage Set


The Rockland luggage set is just but another great choice for your stylish travel. It has been manufactured with patented durable Eva molded Hi Count fabric. This perfect construction makes the set great deal for serious and experience travel.

It is designed to keep the traveler on the move due to the upright and tote bag consisting of keys and locks. It weighs up to 6.3 pounds thereby being extremely lightweight. What’s more, this product has dimensions of 8 by 13 by 19 inches.

Comes packed with: back zipper secured pockets, stability bars for upright stay, retractable handles, top and side grip handle and inline skate wheels. It also has 3 internal organizational pockets to satisfy all the traveling needs. The flight tote bag has dimensions of 14 by 11 by 5.5 inches.

The tote bag contents include; spacious enough compartment, elegantly printed interior lining, super strength industrial hardware and adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. Travel perfectly with this pinkish luggage set that proves to catch the eyes.


Awesome price

Perfect luggage set

Works easily

Spacious to hold huge packages

The expandable zipper is superb


Some sets may have smaller and narrower feet that make it fall down.


9. Merax Flieks 5-Piece Luggage Set


This Merax Flieks is a 5-piece luggage set that can be of great help during your holiday trip as well. The luggage set is made from durable tear-resistant and lightweight polyester fabrication. It set has a light grey interior lining with high visibility. The set is available in 21-inch, 25-inch, 29-inch upright bags and 18-inch and 15-inch travel and flight bags respectively.

Additionally, it’s interior mesh pocket with zippers as well as the tie down straps are essential for any travel needs. The set also comes with an expandable feature that gives you up to 25% additional packing capacity.

Its handle system is the reliable retractable internal push-button. The set also has in-line skate wheels instead of spinner wheels. This ensures that the large luggage performs better on uneven grounds. The 24.2-pound package also has side carry and top handles together with bottom grips that ensure you lift it with a lot of ease.



Well-made and durable

Well-colored with nice appearance



Additional storage capacity available


Poor quality locks


10. AmazonBasics Softside Spinner 3-Piece Luggage Set


Here is another reliable 3-piece luggage set available in 21 and 25-inch upright individual bags. There is more than sufficient packing space. If you intend to have a weekend getaway or an extended business trip, then this set can be of great assistance to you.

Unlike the hard side luggage, this soft side luggage set offers more flexibility. It is not too big and can be easily fitted into small spaces. Besides, the luggage set can be collapsed to a smaller size so as to create room for other luggage.

It is built with durable zippers for the purposes of offering additional reliability. Its design is also expandable to create an additional storage space when there is need. Because it comes with a three-year warranty, you can be sure that it’s a top quality model that is quite durable.

The fabric lining that the luggage set comes with helps protect your stored stuff from snags and scratches. There are also additional storage pockets in the interior sections with secure-closing zippers. Fitted with 360-degree spinner wheels, the 20.2-pound luggage set is navy blue in color.


Easy to clean


Nice handle and extension




Mediocre wheels


Best Luggage Sets

Wrapping Up

You won’t appreciate the importance of a well-organized trip till you get to your destination and fail to locate where you stored some of your stuff. Before you get to that point, it is a great thing to get an ideal luggage set that will make your work quite simpler.

But what is the best luggage set in 2020? Of the 10 reviewed products, the Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage Set takes the overall prize as the best of the best. It is durable and spacious enough. It is also lightweight and reasonably-priced among other top quality features.

The other remaining products are also great choices that you can consider as well. We hope this guide has been of great help to you. In case of any concerns, please reach out to us through the comment section below.

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