9 Best Messenger Bags for Women 2023 Reviews

Like me, you might also be a Romantic wanderlust. There is no crime in this, as we know the pleasure we gain from seeing magnificent beauty around the world. But has your woman messenger bag ever disappointed you? It happened to me when I travelled down to a part of Africa. I bought a few sculpted and painted artworks alongside some handy cultural items that could fit in my bag. But then I lost nearly all the content I bought to show off in America. It punctured my bloat and saddened me.

Since then, I have spent a few months carrying out research on the best bags that I can carry with me when next I’m going on a vacation. Having combed through shops and the internet, I have come across the best 9 messenger bags for women.

Before I introduce you to the bags, I will give you a reliable guide on the quality features to look out for when choosing a bag as a lady. Mind you, this guide applies to you as a young lady and to even a middle-aged woman or any female person that loves traveling. Just be a female and a wanderlust.

Best Messenger Bags for Women

Top 9 Best Messenger Bags for Women

Qipi Messenger Bag4.7
Lily & Drew Carry On Weekender Overnight Travel Shoulder Bag4.7
Kate Spade New York Chester Street Dessi Pebbled Leather Shoulder/Crossbody Bag4.8
Michael Kors Jet Set NS Travel Messenger Bag4.7
Handmade World 15" Vintage Leather Messenger Bags4.7
OCCIENTEC Messenger Bags Waterproof Satchel Shoulder Travel Bag4.5
Canvaslove Breton Top Pattern 15 inch Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag
FreeBiz Laptop Bag Convertible Backpack Business Briefcase Messenger Bag4.8
Kamlui Laptop Bag 15.6 Inch - for Women Laptop Case Shoulder Messenger Bag4.6

You can find hundreds of messenger bags for females out there, but what’s the prospect of getting the one that will actually serve you? You don’t have to sweat further. We have done the assignment for you. Find the liste of ten best messenger bags for women carefully compiled after due research.

Now, peep these:

1. Qipi Messenger Bag

Qipi has been out there for a while manufacturing messenger bags for use. The brand is known for its quality and creative designs. You can purchase any of the design at an affordable rate. It’s perfect and reliable for your vacation, especially if you’re going to be exploring a long distance.


The messenger bag is crafted from highly durable fabric that can endure getting stuffed and rugged travelling requirements. The flap, strap and handle are not likely to disappoint you as they can stand the test of time. For instance, the handle is made of enduring rubber, and the shoulder strap is soft-padded, so it prevents your shoulder from aching from the weight of the content.


The bag is spacious enough to house your 15.6″ laptop with the soft-padded compartment that protects it against possible scratches or easy damage. Also, you get lots of other compartments and pockets for documents and other essentials. Either you need a small one where your identity card and pen can fit in, or you need one large enough for an A4 paper, it’s designed to suit you.


The back is designed to be comfortably carried and spacious to take in your essentials like laptop, tablet and phone without the fear of damage. The strap allows adjustment for your convenience, and you can carry it like a briefcase or slant the long strap across your body to move faster and comfortably. The bag weighs 1.6lbs and it lasts longer than canvas. Even if you travel with it every day, it will still last for years.

Suitability to Weather

This bag is built to withstand the harsh weather of Africa without cringing from the cold weather in Europe, America or Asia. It can withstand drizzles too, thus, bides you time until you find a place to hide from the rain. The handles are deliberately designed for any situation. Either it requires you to run or stroll.


Cost is not too high for the qualities

Varieties of pockets and compartments

Adjustable and comfortable strap and rubber handle


Velcro hits the zipper

Some pockets a not deep enough and don’t have zippers

Strap doesn’t swivel

2. Lily & Drew Carry On Weekender Overnight Travel Shoulder Bag

Lily and Drew’s brand is renowned for its manufacturing of exclusive varieties of travel and lifestyle products. The husband-and-wife-owned company aims at making travel convenient for everyone.


The bag is made of heavy-duty exterior fabric that enables you to carry heavy loads without any fears of damage. You don’t have to panic when it’s about to rain as the polyester exterior is water-resistant. The interior is fully lined to prevent unwanted scratches and equally makes it feel like a luxury bag for its price. In addition, the laptop compartment is padded to protect your laptop against unforeseen circumstances. The strap is comfy yet detachable.


Your 15.6″ laptop can easily fit into this Lily and Drew design. The bag weighs 3lbs, and the overall size is 16″ Height by 13″ Width by 6.5″ Diameter. There are a lot of pockets in and out of the bag where you can put your essentials. At the sides, you find two large pockets for your water bottles. The front compartment has a zipper and has small pockets where you can slip in slim and small objects. The chamber also has a tether strap where you can attach a key chain.

The main compartment five mesh pockets and another zippered pocket. Also, there is a small mini pocket behind the logo where you can easily slip or collect your mobile phone, boarding pass or passport.


The bag is exceptionally designed to suit travel demands, especially at the airport. There are sleeve slides handles that ease your airport travel. The straps are padded just as each compartment, to protect your shoulder and your luggage as you carry it. The two large pockets at the exterior allow you to store water to drink later. With enough pockets for your essentials, the bag is made of polyester fabric to bear tough times and much weight.

Suitability to Weather

The design and material enable you to use the bag without any fear that it will break midway. It’s convenient for any weather, withstands rain and heat with the polyester fabric and padded interior design.


Price is very low compared to the quality of material

Enough space for laptop and pockets for essentials

Has two sleeve slides handles for airport travel

Has pockets for water bottles

Fit under a plane’s seat


Material feels old-fashioned

Can’t soak in water to wash

May not be too perfect in terms of size

3. Kate Spade New York Chester Street Dessi Pebbled Leather Shoulder/Crossbody Bag

Kate Spade is a reliable brand that offers durable leather bag with gold-toned zipper, front zip, and top zip closure. The price is high, but good for its quality.


The bag is made of quality leather that withstands rain or heat, keeping its content safe. The logo and zips are gold-toned for durability and fashion. The interior lining is Kate-Spade customized to give it a speck of style and originality. This implies that your belongings remain protected despite harsh travel circumstances.


Although this cross shoulder messenger bag lasts long considering the material and zippers, the size may deprive you of the full experience. The container is 10″ Length, 9.25″ Height and 2″ Width. This implies that you can’t travel with your laptop in it. It’s for casual use or very light travelling that doesn’t require taking too many essentials along. There is one zip pocket and another slip pocket in the interior. The front zip pocket with rubber tasseled zipper can accommodate your tablet, phone or other things you’d like to bring out fast, like your identity card.


The design appears simple yet smart and intelligent. The touch of gold adds some appearance of luxury, which it deserves for it price. The logo is a touch of gold embossed in leather. Both the top and side zippers are gold-toned to give it some sparkle. You can adjust the shoulder strap to any length you want at a limit of 22.5″.

Suitability to Weather

So far, this design remains the best when it comes the ability to stand rain. Being leather, it water can hardly penetrate. The fact that the strap is adjustable keeps you on the alert for any situation and enables you to carry it comfortably.


Leather protects content from rain

Adjustable strap

Portable with the touch of gold


Cannot contain laptop

The pockets are too limited

Set May is not fit for a long-distance journey

4. Michael Kors Jet Set NS Travel Messenger Bag

Michael Kors is not only known for the attractive brand name, but also for the production of a range of beautiful and quality designs.


The 1.46-pound bag is made of leather with polyester lining at the interior. The adjustable shoulder strap of 21.5″ -24.5″ drop enables easier portability. With this material, you can be on the go without any fear of what the weather brings. More so, it means that the bag would last for years.


With 10″ Width, 9.5″ Height, and 2.75″ Diameter, you can fit in a couple of clothes and you tablet alongside some of your essentials. However, it doesn’t have provision for your laptop. There is a back snap pocket for a few other items you may want to take with you.


The leather design and adjustable strap stand for durability and convenience. Yet, the bag is designed to enhance travelling, as the user won’t have to pack irrelevances along. It compels you to travel light.

Sustainability to Weather

The messenger bag can withstand rain and harsh weather. And it endures rugged travel as well. You can easily adjust the strap to suit your preference and situation as well.


100% polyester lining

Quality leather

Adjustable strap


Might be too small for a long-distance travel

Doesn’t have enough pockets and compartments

Pocket has no zipper

5. Handmade World 15″ Vintage Leather Messenger Bags

Handmade world produces nostalgic, yet enticing leather vintage bags that keep buyers coming for more. This product, for instance, is made of original leather that dares rough usage. Remember that this product is handcrafted, so it’s just as perfect as it looks.


The bag is made of 100% quality leather. This explains why it rather improves with age and glows better. The buckles and fittings are made of brass. The inside is also lined and stitched to endure heavy duty. So, no disappointment of a sudden tear of breakage.

Magnets are used to ensure tight closure and prevent vulnerability to thieves. The magnet also makes opening and closing quick and easy in case you’re in a hurry.


In addition to the two compartments inside, there is one zipper security pocket where you can keep things that you consider expensive. At the backside of the back is an outer zipper where you can easily pull out your tablets or other essentials you’d like to access quickly.


The vintage design is handmade, and the leather chosen is durable. The simplicity and material quicken the nostalgia of good old days in mind.

It’s designed with quality lining and YKK zippers to endure heavy-duty. There are also magnetic for easy access to the content of the bag.

Suitability to Weather

This bag is deliberately designed to outlive rough usage. But for the fact that you’d be wet, you don’t have to cringe from rain because of your items when they are in this bag. They feel as safe as a tortoise in its shell.


Perfect-looking nostalgic vintage design

Made of original quality leather, not canvas

Flap has straps that can be buckled, means security


Looks quite old-fashioned

Might be feel a little bit heavy

Might be too big for some users

6. OCCIENTEC Messenger Bags Waterproof Satchel Shoulder Travel Bag

Occientec is famous for making quality, spacious fabric bags that withstand severe weather, including drizzles and harsh sun.


This bag is made of water-resistant polyester fabric which also gives it the capability to endure rough travel use. The bag is lightweight and has a shoulder strap that feels soft, adjustable and comfortable. The fasteners are made of durable plastics to consolidate beauty and color.


This bag is big enough to contain your 14″ to 15″ laptop. For those who love to be organized, there is enough compartment and pockets to keep your belongings. For instance, your camera, phone or tablet can fit into some of these pockets.


The bag is a diligently designed to be water-resistant. It has multiple components and pockets and can be used for several purposes, including school, hiking, casual use or travelling. It’s a stylish bag with a strap you can adjust to your preferred length.

Suitability to Weather

Being a water-resistant bag, the content cannot quickly get soaked. It endures tough and rugged usage circumstances even with your loads choking it up. You can use it for travelling, hiking, shopping, camping or in college. It fits nearly every condition, yet last long.


It’s water-resistant

Has many pockets and compartments for proper arrangement and organization

Spacious enough to fit in a laptop and to carry enough items for long-distance journey

The flap has a fastener, so the content is secured


Fasteners are made of plastic

Needs a little effort to fit in 15″ laptop

Makes some creaking sound as you walk

7. Canvaslove Breton Top Pattern 15 inch Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag

Canvaslove Breton cannot be alienated from a beautiful and enduring design that awakens a user’s self-esteem. And, in the case of this new, lightweight messenger bag, it’s come as a shocker in terms of beauty, space, and function.


This bag is made of waterproof polyester fabric to prevent rain from spoiling the items in the back. There is also a luggage strap that enables you to carry your laptop to wherever you’re traveling. The material gives us some classic sight to behold and satisfactory durability. At the bottom and two sides is high rebound bubble to protect what you’re carrying from shock.


The bag is big enough to fit in your 15.6-15 inches laptop or your 14 inches Macbook. The two pockets available can take in your phone, tablet, jotter, pen, etc. While the bag is lightweight, it’s spacious enough to fit in your essentials and has guaranteed longevity.


This bag is designed to secure your property and prevent possible damages. This is where there are rebound bubbles at both the bottom and sides to prevent consequences of falling. There is a strap that you can adjust to your preferred length and convenience and small handle that helps you to use it as a briefcase.

Suitability to Weather

The bag is made of leather that fills you with the courage to use it at any time. The fact that it lightweight enables you to carry your luggage with ease. The rebound bubbles feature in the bag feels you with confidence to use it in different climates. For instance, you won’t have issue climbing hills and mountains with it to view the world in a bird’s perspective.


Made of materials that suit rain

Rebound bubbles save the content from damage

Has a strap and small handle

The design and pattern are very attractive


Looks quite huge

Color may get dirty took quick

8. FreeBiz Laptop Bag Convertible Backpack Business Briefcase Messenger Bag

Freebiz goes a step higher in creativity with this convertible type. And the experiment hasn’t gone bad as it gives us a beautiful, convertible product.


The bag is made of waterproof fabric for heavy-duty function. The compartment for your laptop is padded to keep it safe from an unexpected hit. The bag has lockable zippers that keep your items safe from being stolen. It has padded straps of use when you want to use as a messenger bag or a backpack.


The bag is wide enough for a 17.3-inch laptop. You can use the bag as a briefcase, messenger bag or backpack. This enables you to determine which style is the best and can take enough of my need for the journey and at the destination. You can also check other compartments and pockets to fit in your drawing pad, jotter, tablet or phone.


The bag is made of high-quality, thick fabric that dares rain and tolerates harsh usage and makes your travelling experience pleasurable. The strap is strong enough to bear your laptop and a few of your possession without getting broken.

Suitability to Weather

The bag is rugged to withstand rain tolerate harsh sunshine. The convertibility of the women messenger bag to either a messenger bag or backpack or briefcase makes it suitable for any condition. It suits both fashion and enhance the user’s convenience.


The bag is convertible to any form

Made of thick fabric that stands the test of time.

Large enough for laptops and other items.

Strong zippers


The strap may break if overloaded or you’re carless

Looks too bulky

9. Kamlui Laptop Bag 15.6 Inch – for Women Laptop Case Shoulder Messenger Bag

Kamlui might not be so popular, but it’s one of the brands that have creative design and longevity in mind. Their taste for color is unique and soul-lifting, as they have a way of using selected colors to play around mood, which is lovable.


The lightweight bag is made of lasting canvas materials and superb protection. It has a padded strap that you can adjust to a fitting length. And when you’re tired, you can switch to the padded handle.


You can fit your 15″ to 15.6″ laptop into the bag. There are pockets and compartments where you can store laptop accessories like mouse, laptop charger, earphone and other items like 44 paper, wallet, iPad, mobile phones, pens, etc.


The lightweight back is made of canvas and designed to take in your laptop and other essentials. It has a padded handle that allows you to use it like a briefcase and strap that enables carrying as a messenger bag. There are enough spaces and compartment for other necessary items. The color is white and indigo with pink flapping over it. And it’s charming.

Suitability to Weather

It can withstand rain to an extent and durable enough to endure heavy objects like a laptop. The canvas material used is designed in a way to keep your gadgets safe despite bumps and shocks.


Designed to withstand bumps and shocks

Beautiful colors

Big enough for a 15″ laptop

Has a perfect flap covering the zipper with fasteners


The canvas may not be as durable as the leather variety

Pad in strap not enough

Best Messenger Bags for Women

How to Choose the Best Messenger Bags for Women

There are thousands of bags out there from which you can decide to select one for your traveling. But it often said that quality matters. Unless you want to have a taste of my last experience which I actually don’t love talking about, you would like to go for a quality bag which you can use for a long time and probably dash out eventually.

Here are the features to consider before selecting a messenger bag for you.

Consider the Leather Quality

Remember that slogan of ours, “quality matters.” It’s important to always consider the leather quality of a messenger bag before choosing it. Right, sometimes styles appeal to us as women. But we won’t ever regret putting quality before fashion. So check the leather quality. It’s a part of the features of a quality bag. You can’t have a fashionable bag that lacks quality and yet expect a blissful vacation. One thing would lead to the other, and the bag will disappoint you. This is a tragedy I don’t want you to experience.

Rain Resistant

If you’re traveling, you should ensure that the bag you’re carrying is water-resistant. This saves you from rain embarrassment. And who knows? You might feel like having some near-water fun or even cross a river. In this case, carrying a bag made of fabric could endanger the content which could include a laptop or camera. So, generally, your bag should be water-resistant.

Consider the Handle of the Bag

Some bags have impressive design and components, but their handles are a flop. Such bags would taint your travel story if a plot you wouldn’t be willing to narrate. It’s better to avoid the tragic flaw by selecting a bag with a solid handle. If you choose a leather messenger bag for women with a fabric handle, it may disappoint you. Going for a quality leather bag, to me, means that you’re going for a bag made of full quality leather. And I trust you wouldn’t want a handle that falls off your shoulder always as you walk, so choose carefully.


Everywhere in the world, you find negative people. No matter the stories you’ve heard or read about how good the people in a place are, there are always bad eggs. So, when you’re buying your messenger bag, consider the security of the content. Buy one that zips right below the flap. This might seem quite insignificant, but a thief always observes before stealing. Seeing that your bag has a flap over the zip might put them off. Stealing from a bag with the zip at the top of the flap or with no flap is easy.

It’s also essential to ensure that the zip of your bag is durable. It must look quite big, and the teeth must be metallic. Don’t go for those with tiny and plastic zips that may get spoilt too easily. You wouldn’t want to become vulnerable to petty thieves or lose relevant items you took along.

Compartments and Pockets

You may not want to travel with a big bag. In fact, it’s one of the practices that you should get used to. The smaller the bag, the more useful the items you’re taking with you. However, the bag you’re going for should have enough compartments and pockets to fit in some necessities. If you would lug around with your laptop, don’t forget to your charger. A more hidden compartment for your personals, like your undies, would be a good idea. And a place for fragile things like camera, and small items like your flash drives and hair bands, lip gloss, etc., should be available.


Always consider the weight of the bag you’re buying. No matter the quality, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to carry a bag that overweighs you. So go for a quality, lightweight bag that has enough space for the items going with you.

The consequence of picking a heavyweight bag does not end with walking awkwardly. First, you will delay people you’re walking with, that’s if you’re exploring in a group. And you might end up straining the shoulders bearing the load.

Check out the Sewing

Some friends had jokingly called me mean for this, but “once beaten twice shy,” goes the aphorism. Therefore, it’s essential to check if the bag you’re buying is properly sewn, to avoid losing your items. You may retrieve your camera if it falls but imagine you’re on a hill and it drops there and rolls down. Unarguably, it would become a carcass in an instant.

Read Reviews

The adage that says reading is the path to enlightenment comes to play here. If you can read detailed reviews on authority websites, then you’re likely to choose nothing but the best. You can also come across buyer’s guides on most of the review sites.

In case you feel like some products are over-hyped on a particular review site, check another or go straight to Amzaon.com. On Amazon, you’ll come across satisfactory buyer’s reviews that will likely not mislead you, that’s if they are honest ones. Meanwhile, live, word-of-mouth reviews might remain the best, because you must have had had particular trust in the person you chose to tell you about a product.

Ask Friends that Travel Around

This is a more straightforward step. You can ask friends on social media groups or even around you about their previous travel experience with their bags. They would gist you and offer new recommendations. Some of the bags listed below were recommended by some friends. So it’s really a good idea to ask. It’s, in fact, a more credible source of getting the best messenger bags for women.

When you get a recommendation from friends, you compare with your research and decide which is best for you. This is a sure-fire method to that will amp you up in your journey. And I bet you wouldn’t want to give the shoulder about it.


Check the material your bag is made of. If you’re not going for leather, make sure that the fabric it’s made of is thick enough. They will help secure your gadgets and other items you’re taking alongside. If the material is too light and soft, it might detach from the thread sooner than expected. Don’t let this be your tragic flaw as a travel hero. Always be observant. And let your story be as thrilling as Gulliver’s.


If you’ve bought a good bag once and you decide to replace it for a reason or the other, know the brand you want. For instance, you might have left the one you were using before because it’s old-fashioned. In this case, let your research inform you about specific brands. This way, you will know what you want and be able to sift through different models or styles that the brand design. You have lesser work to do than someone who’s just getting introduced to brands.

Also, remember that most brands are known for what they produce. While some produce just fashionable handbags, others produce durable fashion bags for women. As a matter of fact, some brands are known to produce better quality than others.

If you read the section above, you’ve arguably known how to choose the best messenger bags for you.

Now let’s examine the top ten messenger bags for women that can save you from my kind of predicament.

Best Messenger Bags for Women


Which is the best, leather or fabric?

Both leather and fabric are excellent. You can choose any, depending on your taste and affordability. Also, consider the weather. For instance, if it’s raining, I’d go for leather.

Can fabric bag really resist water?

Yes, polyester fabric bag with polyester lining can be water-resistant too. I only personally prefer leather for rain.

Can one get any of these bags apart from the US?

Yes, most of the bags ship to different countries around the world.


Bags are significant for travelling. You cannot be organized without travelling with a good bag. First, you are prone to losing many of your items to stealing or damage. Also, your traveling experience will lag documentation.

It’s better to purchase one expensive bag than buying many counterfeit products. Always go for quality, and you will enjoy it to the moon. This is the major reason for the compilation of the ten quality messenger bags you may also decide to opt in for.

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