10 Best North Face Backpack 2023

Another hiking trip? Another adventure? Then ‘North Face Backpack’ is your best friend on your way to the top. As hikers you need to keep in mind that you can’t go empty-handed and don’t even think that you don’t need survival tools I mean c’ mon even ‘Bear Grills’ need it.

You should have gotten my point that I know that we love adventures, who doesn’t? But before that let’s keep in mind safety is the key to another thrill. In my point of view if the word hiking comes I only choose the North Face backpacks, so how do you choose your Best North Face Backpacks?

And why not I mean they are ridiculously comfortable and reasonable in price, I mean not all backpacks are the same some are good and some are not but trust me you haven’t seen the real deal yet if you didn’t go with the North Face. It gives you a real hiking experience if you want your trekking to be full of adventure without any problem.

Top 10 Best North Face Backpack

The North Face Unisex Jester Backpack4.6
The North Face Borealis Backpack4.8
The North Face Big Shot, TNF Black4.6
The North Face Vault Backpack4.8
The Surge-North Face Backpack4.8
The North Face Recon Backpack, TNF Black, One Size4.9
The North Face Wise Guy Backpack
The North Face Router Laptop Backpack4.8
The Recon CLG4 North Face Backpack4.7
The Surge Transit North Face Backpack4.6

1. The North Face Unisex Jester Backpack

Available in over 20 different colors and a flex vent suspension, Dude I think it’s high time you get a grab on this.  How about going cycling on a Saturday afternoon with this monster on your back with all your books, laptop, your ECD and your water bottle and still return with a dry back? I don’t think it could get any better than this.


Different styles available.

Durable and washable polyester.

Great size

Very sturdy

A 360-degree bike tight loop works wonders.


Bulky when about 75% capacity

Bungees on the front are rarely used if the interior products are utilized actually.

2. The North Face Borealis Backpack

When you want to stand out in style the Borealis is what you choose. It comes with a 28 liters water capacity which is 14 on each side as there are dual water bottle carriers. You can choose from 40 different vibrant colors and patterns. To top it all it comes with a lifetime warranty so I think it’s time to stop thinking and get on the hills.


Available in over 40 different styles.

Cordura nylon mini-ripstop material.

The capacity of holding a 28-liter cargo.


Fleece-lined pocket for the laptop is difficult to wash/dry, even in a machine.

Dual water bottle holders dropped out water bottles a few times. I know it’s a little ironic.

3. The North Face Big Shot, TNF Black

Yes, you read it right ‘Big Shot’ and believe me this name suits this baby like perfect. Coming with 33-liter cargo storage and no matter where you go, work or your spontaneous weekend, this is your new partner to accompany you anywhere you wish. I know you might be wondering about the space but with your 17” laptop and your office essentials with water storage, this is ‘Big Shot’ to you.


Great for traveling

Very spacious

Many storage uses

Flex vent technology is stellar on this model


It comes in 7 different and epic styles.

Washable and Easy to clean.


It has a narrow opening.

The fleece lining is extraordinary and also a significant factor for this model but takes up extra space.

4. The North Face Vault Backpack

Going on long trips? Have work tomorrow? No problem, this is exactly what you want with you. Comes with an ultra-sturdy zipper is why you call it ‘The Vault’, built for a complete bad-ass who is tough on the inside out. With the polyester, 600D-rating throw this thing around and still be able to rock it. With its unique designs, it adjusts with your spine making it your back pain reliever.


It comes in over 15 different styles.

Ultra-durable polyester.



Contours to the shape of your spine beautifully.

Ultra sturdy zippers.


Storage is not that good to fit items into.

Doesn’t stand up on it’s own

It has a 15” laptop space, but it is tough to fit, it works best with a 12” laptop.

5. The Surge-North Face Backpack

This might be the one you’re looking for if you into rugged colors and designs. Never look back once you own this because with the fleece-lined quick grab pocket takes out your essentials like your wallet or smartphone with ease. There’s more, more space to put your snacks on your way to go. But the best part with the space that they give for laptops, just put it and forget about it breaking.


Available in 5 rugged designs.

It comes with a 33-liter storage cargo.

Padded sleeve present in the front for quick access.


It contains a lot of pockets, so storing larger items can be a bit difficult.

Although the flex vent is present on this model it does not work on the shoulders despite working everywhere else.

6. The North Face Recon Backpack, TNF Black, One Size

Traveling light and you want to look great as well, my friend, this bag is designed for you. Crafted with the most advanced and durable material on the planet, The 2100 Cordura nylon mini rip-stop. Storage of a 31-liter cargo and more external pockets make your journey easy and enjoyable.

Having a 360-degree bike-tight loop makes it easier for you to carry a piece of extra baggage. It comes with a lifetime warranty and specially designed for high school and college students so they can look great with the ‘Recon’.


It comes with a 33-liter storage capacity.

Many storage uses


North Face has provided a lifetime warranty for this model.

Present with a 2100 Cordura nylon mini rip-stop.

360-degree bike tight loop.


It does not have the flex vent technology.

Designed more for school use professional use.

7. The North Face Wise Guy Backpack

Well, If you want something in your budget and still look cool, then my friend this bag is designed just for you. With a 27 liter storage of cargo and made up durable polyester this is your new ‘take it anywhere’ thing.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty and believes me I also owned this once for 4 years and while traveling it got a little tear so what do I do? I mean I did have a lifetime warranty so just to check the North Face I returned them this bag and they gave me a new one. Yes, seriously these guys have excellent customer service so just relax and order yourself this one, might come in handy.


The price is inexpensive.

Has 27-liter water storage.

Made up of durable polyester


Foam back panel doesn’t do its job quite well.

No designated laptop space available.

Apart from the all-hazard orange flagship design, all the other designs are funky, strong and wild. You don’t want people using words to describe your backpack.

8. The North Face Router Laptop Backpack

Now, this is what you want if you are an Alpha. The military design and the 500D Cordura nylon ripstop, this is what suits your personality when you go out. It only weighs 3.3 pounds and has balanced weight distribution across the entire bag, it also has 31-liter water storage and enough space to keep your 15” laptop in it and stop worrying about your screen breaking in it.

Wait! There’s more, how can we forget about the flex vent technology to give you a sweat-free shoulder and back, the padded mesh backing panel which eliminates joint pain and gives you full spinal support which I know we all need when carrying larger backpacks. So if you’re going on a hiking trip next time I think this is what you should choose.


It is an excellent choice if you’re going hiking.

Comes with the flex vent technology to reduce strains on long walks.

It also has a lie-flat laptop compartment which is useful.

A tough military design to speak for your personality.


It is a little expensive.

It is not resistant to rain.

9. The Recon CLG4 North Face Backpack

It’s Recon’s Big Brother and it comes with more features. With a 15” laptop space, Carved with the Ballistic Cordura nylon ripstop and fleece-lined sleeve if you carry your tablet with you, you just earned yourself enough space and durability. It weighs only 2.63 pounds and is designed to support your shoulder even more than before.

The Recon CLG4 comes at an excellent price and is designed mainly for commuters, but if you have a hiking plan on the weekend, Take this nature tough bag with you and trek through your favorite trails and return to the ground safely with no scratch. If you don’t know it has a lifetime warranty also so stop worrying and get ready for your next adventure.


Fleeced lined and dedicated laptop compartment

Padded 15-inch laptop sleeve.

Comes with a lifetime warranty by North Face.

Made with the Ballistic Cordura nylon.


It has not been designed for professional use.

It doesn’t have support on the bottom so it won’t stand on its own.

10. The Surge Transit North Face Backpack

I know you get anxious when you lose items while traveling, everyone does, but with The Surge Transit, it’s time to kiss your worries goodbye. With ultra-sturdy zippers and solid construction, this bag is designed to keep your items safe and sound when you’re in transit.

The flex vent gives you the coolness that you need while traveling and have sweat-free back. The dedicated media pocket lined with fleece will keep all your electronics safe. The cosmic blue and the grey mist color sure give contour to your style that you need. It also has storage for your books if you are a book lover who loves to read on their way. It is suitable for workplaces and professional occasions. Don’t forget the lifetime warranty.


Ultra-sturdy zipper makes it easier for us.

Has a quick access panel in the front to go for your electronic items.

Additional lumber panel for maximum support.


Round bottom so won’t stand on its own.

Not enough capacity as compared to other North Face Backpacks.


I just love hiking more now… Don’t you? If I am right you are probably guessing which bag to choose because I know it’s quite a lot to take in and you want the best of the best for your every experience, So why don’t I make it easy for you and tell you by my personal experience that which bag do you want to choose. I know thrills are exciting and dangerous as well but for me the more dangerous the better.

I have been hiking for more than 6 years now and believe me that even I don’t know yet which bag to take with me as you don’t know what are you going to face on your way and what things you might need so the bag should be capable of anything so it doesn’t make this trip my last.

It is tricky to choose from so many varieties today and as a hiker, I know it can be difficult to choose from a bag which will be durable and will help you put all the things that you need as well as secure your things while passing. I have made a list of bags that will be suitable for every occasion.

North Face Backpack

How to Choose the Best North Face Backpack

1. For Hikers

Yes, I know how much you love hiking, Even I do but we can’t go empty-handed we need some essentials and even massive storage for carrying our things. So, the best choice would be “The Big Shot North Face Backpack”. This bag will be your new friend while hiking in the mountains.

2. For Travelling

Can you smell the fresh air while going on a family weekend? Yes, it’s time for you to dress in your best clothes but what about your accessories? I’ve got just the thing for you “The Vault and The Recon North Face Backpack”, with the unique design and the adjustment with your spine The Vault is what you should be taking it because it is tough as a rock, but with the 31 liter cargo storage and the 2100 Cordura nylon The Recon will your second best choice.

3. Casual

Who doesn’t like to go out in style and make their personalities even more appealing? “The Borealis North Face Backpack” will be your best choice. With 40 different vibrant colors and designs, a 28-liter storage cargo and a lifetime warranty this is what you should opt for.

4. Professional Occasions

Time for work? No problem I have got just the right thing for you. ”The Vault North Face Backpack” will be your best choice. You can also choose this bag for your workplaces and I am sure it won’t let you down.


Why choose North Face Backpack?

With a lifetime warranty on the majority of their bags and suitable for every occasion with reasonable prices I think it might be the right choice to switch to North Face from your old brands.

Is North Face cruelty-free?

Yes, the company guarantees 100% cruelty-free down.

Does North Face sell anything other than bags?

Yes, the North Face is an American Company that also produces clothing, footwear, and outdoor equipment.

Is North Face cheaper than other brands?

Well, if compared to Columbia North Face is expensive but mainstream as well if compared to other brands.

What does North Face mean?

As the northern hemisphere is the coldest, iciest and the most formidable route to climb this brand was made to tackle all obstacles no matter the condition.

Who is the Founder of North Face?

Doug Tompkins.

Is North Face the best for winter clothes?

With the real fur puffer jackets and the materials of goose feathers, I think this is the brand you choose in winter.

North Face Backpack

Unique Features Specific to North Face Backpack

Did you wonder what makes these bags so special? Let me tell you.

Flex Vent

This is designed to keep space between the pack, and your back/shoulders to make you dry on the back while you strolling. These are even great lumbar supports and reduces 10% of the physical strain you feel while carrying your bag.

Fleece-lined pockets

There are other brands with the fleece line pockets but North Face did it first and they do it way better than their competition. Fleece is a great way to carry fragile electronics and items such as your glasses or souvenirs you grab on vacation.

Unique designs

Well, if you want to stand out of the crowd and make yourself noticed, you have to make sure that you look good in every possible way. Thanks to North Face, It puts dozens and dozens of designs and patterns on each pack, not to forget their other items are also to be included. To make their products truly unique and noticeable to everyone they don’t take any chances and put out multiple and vibrant colors of different designs of their product that is eye-catching to their customers. When you see a North Face product you just know that this is it.


So far so sure and you now know that if you want anything in your adventure trip who to ask for, In my personal opinion I think that North Face is one and the most selective brands I have chosen for  a while now and so far I didn’t have any complaints, I mean what should I say about their customer service and their products, They are absolutely the finest brands I have seen so far and I don’t know how they manage such great tactics to satisfy the customer’s need but I have to say one thing, I really had trust issues when they were giving a lifetime warranty at that time when I was buying my first Bag pack from North Face.

On returning from my hiking trip my bag just ripped from the sides so just for the sake of seeing as it had been 4 years I just returned them the bag and it was shocking when the delivered me a brand new bag, I was like really?? This was the best experience I had so far in buying products from this type of brand. I don’t think that I have faced a such loyal and customer satisfactory brand up till now but I assure you once you bond up with this brand and use their products I don’t think you will to another brand because they make customers feel like family and help them out in anything they need

In the end, North face is an amazing choice if you going for your first hiking gear, your winter accessories or your stunning footwear, they got you covered in almost everything. With their unique designs and multiple color products that are eye-catching, I think that if you want people to notice you must try North Face and you will notice for yourself.

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