10 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet 2019 – Top Picks for Men and Women

Honestly, I never knew how challenging it will be to find the best running shoes for flat feet. First of all, I would like to say that many individuals are unaware of what flat feet are. There are tons of articles on this topic. However, not all of them guide you in the right direction. I mean that there is a lot of misleading information available on the subject that prevents you from recognizing the right need.

Most of the conventional stores and online websites will persuade you to buy shoes with more arch support. However, experts in the industry will recommend the opposite.

While my next few sentences will sound a little complex, I will try to simplify them as much as I can. The best shoes for you depends on various factors such as your gait cycle, type of feet, and range of motion.

There are abundant options in running shoes available that might help make low arches feel more comfortable and supported. After years of understanding and research on the subject, I am finally able to crack the code and jot some great recommendations on best running shoes for flat feet. This guide will help you in every step, and at the end, I will suggest my favorite shoes.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

What Are Flat Feet & Why Does You Require Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet Particularly?

Sometimes, what happens is that when you go to a general store, the seller tells you that you have flat feet. So, you get perplexed on what exactly are these.

Before you find the right product, it is essential to know all about flat feet and what are the causes of this condition.

Technically, the foot arch is formed by metatarsal and tarsal bones. Furthermore, they are supported by bones and ligaments. This way, feet can bear the weight of the body in an erect posture. Even after long hours of standing, the feet don’t feel excessively tired.

The height of the arch determines the foot type and pronation, and you can quickly check the arch height through the wet feet test. Low arch people don’t have the curve along inside of the foot. Also, these people are prone to overpronate which can lead to injuries. So, the low or no arch feet are known as flat feet that are completely sitting on the ground.

You have to be very careful while selecting the best running shoes for flat feet. Now, I am going to discuss some of the useful tips that will help you in making the right selection.

Things To Consider While Buying Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Once after determining the flat feet, the next step is to be vigilant in finding the right running shoes. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the luring options available out there. Not all of them are meant for you. But, I will help you simplify the search on the following parameters.

#1. Structure

Shoes with added support on heel and toe areas are the ones best suitable for the flat feet. Because the feet completely touches the surface, you need to focus more on both these areas. Such shoes with extra support are best suited for the flat feet, especially structure wise.

Next thing that you need to consider is the insole of the shoe. The insole that is stabilized on the arch and heel area while running is the finest picks in running shoes.

You should be extremely confident about the quality of the shoe and designed for the impact activities. Please be sure that these shoes are different from standard running shoes. Always pay more attention to the structure.

#2. Styling

Making of the running shoes for flat feet is such that they are more on the bulkier side. It is because of the additional padding and extra features that these shoes have. If you desire to wear lightweight shoes, then this is a disappointing arena for you. The boots are bulky but for a good reason and your benefit.

No wonder that lightweight shoes are more attractive, but they also lack in significant support for a flat feet runner. Such shoes can also cause accidents due to over-pronation. That is why you should make comfort and support a priority. This way, you can also safeguard useful running session and durability of the shoes.

You don’t have to be disheartened as there are some pretty stylish designs available in shoes for flat feet.

#3. Pricing

You can never compare standard running shoes with the best running shoes for flat feet. There are specialized features such as motion control and stability that costs immensely to the buyer. Also, flat feet running shoes also have a stronger frame, great padding, and conventional sole design. The prices are genuinely set because these shoes are loaded with amazing features.

While purchases these shoes, always make sure that one-time purchase is always better than ruining your money first and then making a repeat purchase. Of course, these shoes require massive upfront payment, but at the same time, they enhance your running capabilities and minimizes the chance of long term damage.

Choosing the right shoes, whether it is based on their costing, structure, or style, you have to make sure to be aware of all the ins and outs of the product. Never give up on reading the detailed description, better so, if you can check out the related reviews. This helps in providing great insight into the products.

Running Shoes

10 Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet- Reviews

ASICS Gel Kahana 8 Running ShoesMen4.6
Xero Shoes TerraFlexMen4.6
ASICS Gel-Torrance Men's Running ShoesMen4.7
FEIKENIU Sneakers for MenMen4.9
Jabasic Men Breathable Knit Running Shoes AthleticMen4.9
Merrell Vapor Glove 3Men4.7
Feetmat Athletic Sneakers
Brooks Women's Revel 2Women4.9
Brooks Mens/Womens Adrenaline GTS 17Men/Women4.8
Under Armour Women's Micro G Assert 7 SneakerWomen4.6

In this section below, I am going to talk about my favorite models. You can count on these products as most of them have been personally used and others are thoroughly tested for their performance.

#1. ASICS Gel Kahana 8 Running Shoes

Well, when we say the word “running shoes”, is it possible to not think about ASICS? To me, absolutely not. ASICS have been around for many decades, and the kind of progress this brand has made with its amazing features and well-detailed shoes is remarkable.

As I said earlier, you can find some super attractive designs in the best running shoes for flat feet. This is one of the most exceptional designs that you can see in the market. It has got dark, rugged looks that fascinate most men.

The features are also extraordinary, starting from the gel-cushioning system that helps in absorbing shock. I can keep up with my running times and postures with these shoes. The upper mesh construction keeps pumping air in and out of the shoe.

The shaft measures low-top from the arch. The midsole is also made thoughtfully. The SpEVA technology makes sure to improve bounce back characteristics and also minimizes midsole breakdown.

It has got much-needed features and available at great price. The strength and comfort of the shoes are unparallel. You can expect great credibility from the shoes as these are manufactured by ASICS.


Smoother transitions from walking to running

Amazin support and stability


Fascinating design


A little heavy


#2. Xero Shoes TerraFlex

This pair of shoes from Xero are among the most extraordinary running shoes for flat feet. These give you the freedom to run, walk, hike, climb, or do whatever you want. About the design, this model is available in three color variations. You can pick any color, and it is simply the best.

Unlike other flat feet shoes, these are genuinely light in weight. They make running, and because of the breathable mesh upper, the heat cannot collect in the boots, making you uncomfortable while running.

There is a 4 mm lugged sole that provides incredible traction. You can run uphill, downhill at any speed or in any situation or weather conditions and the shoes will be your best companion.

Protection is also ensured with bare foam layer technology. It also helps in relaxing the feet while running and give much-needed comfort.

I have used this model personally, and I couldn’t be happier. They have got everything right. Although, a little setback is that the size of the shoes run a little smaller. You might want to order half a size larger than the standard size.


Matchless comfort

Great looks

Available in different colors



Picking the right size can be a little tricky


#3. ASICS Gel-Torrance Men’s Running Shoes

Next model that I would like to highlight here is ASICS gel-Torrance running shoes for men. This one is also crafted intelligently, keeping in mind the need for flat feet runners.

First of all, I would like to talk about design. This model is available in multiple color choices. The design is jaw-dropping. With ASICS models like such, you never have to compromise on the looks of the shoes.

The Gel-Tolerance technology used in this pair gives excellent traction and freedom to run on any terrain. It has got maximum support and cushioning to absorb shock, every time to hit the ground. Also, the brand made sure to give proper weight distribution on the feet because improper distribution can result in massive pain in flat feet.

As a runner, you know that there are transitions in speed and terrains that we have to take. The prime concern here is not to have a pair of shoes that make these transitions difficult.

Torrence is an excellent purchase although the lighter colors will need regular maintenance. You might have to wash these twice a month, and they take forever to dry up.


Smoother transitions


Proper weight distribution

Available in various colors


Needs maintenance

Takes a lot of time in drying up after wash


#4. FEIKENIU Sneakers for Men

Sneakers are stylish. Mostly, there is a misconception that running shoes for flat feet are not as attractive as the standard shoes. Well, after checking this one out, can you believe people say that.

These are super stylish sneakers and available in two color options- Black and Blue. The quality of the shoes is merely exceptional. Also, the brand does not rob you of your money because these are among the most affordable running shoes for flat feet.

The anti-slip rubber sole makes them safe enough to be used on any terrain. The upper is made of mesh and breathable. It ensures complete ventilation and prevents the feet from overheating.

Also, the design is odor-free which means you don’t have to experience nasty odor of sweaty feet after every run. This pair makes an excellent purchase for professional runners, joggers, people who like to work out a lot, or even for every day walking.

These shoes are not waterproof. While you can still have them out in the rain but don’t expect them to dry up soon. They are also high in maintenance.


Various color choices available

Among the most affordable running shoes

Great ventilation

Odor-free design


Not waterproof

Require maintenance


#5. Jabasic Men Breathable Knit Running Shoes Athletic

Jabasic is not as popular as other brands that I have mentioned in the list, but this pair of shoes will grab your attention. I will be honest; I haven’t used them personally. But, one of my friends tried this pair and was happier than ever.

So, your color options with this model are black, grey, and navy. The upper is designed with knit mesh that keeps the feet at ease throughout the day. Also, since the air keeps flowing in and out, the feet get enough breathing.

These shoes are pretty lightweight and do not tire your feet. There are a padded collar and fixed tongue sock design that gives the most exceptional support to the ankles. The fit is also quite apparent.

Furthermore, there is anti-slip EVA outsole that gives you the freedom to run on any terrain of your choice. Also, the insole is so soft that it offers maximum support and traction all day long.

While everything else with these shoes is excellent, we could have used more styles and color options. I mean, isn’t three colors too limited for anyone to make a selection?


Great traction

Fine design

Extremely comfortable

Anti-slip technology


The colors are too limited


#6. Merrell Vapor Glove 3

The Merrell running shoes are so graceful in their appearance that you will instantly fall in love with them. They are sporty in looks and have brilliant qualities. There is all kind of colors available in this model. Irrespective of your style, pick the color and coordinate with your attire.

The upper mesh quality is incredible. This ensures amazing comfort while wearing the shoes. Also, they are more durable than the standard running shoes available in the market.

Even if you are not planning to walk a lot or run in these shoes, they make a perfect match with all of the college attires or solely for a weekend getaway.

The traction makes sure that you have the freedom to choose the terrains. There is no pain or discomfort.

The cushioning could have been better. However, these work decently with flat feet. If you have regular pains in your feet because of less arch support and cushion, then you might want to buy some other product from my list. This one is preferably suitable for people with flat feet but no pains.


Graceful appearance

Available in a variety of colors




Not suitable for people with major foot pains


#7. Feetmat Athletic Sneakers

You will observe that the design of Feetmat resembles a little with ASICS gel-Torrance. By the way, the style is fantastic which makes this model a favorite purchase among young runners. These shoes are great for running and training and suit the budget of most buyers.

The incredible color options available in these pairs is quite apparent. The quality is also high, so you can buy multiple pairs to coordinate with your clothes.

These are ultra-lightweight shoes and have mesh upper that gives you the room to spread the foot while running and reduces irritation. It comfortably fit the feet.

The brand made sure that you can comfortably wear these on different kind of terrains, the shoe is crafted with rubber sole. The arch support is enhanced that give perfect support to the midfoot.

The support on the toes and heels is quite fantastic, making these a great pair of shoes to buy for people with flat feet. These also help in reducing stiffness and pain.

Because it is made with high-quality fabric and material, you can expect them to accompany you for the longest time.


Extremely durable

Highly comfortable

Good arch support

Versatile designs and colors available


The memory foam insoles could have been better


#8. Brooks Women’s Revel 2

It is impossible not to incorporate any product from Brooks when we are talking about the best running shoes for flat feet. This scintillating model is for women and has incredible features in its kitty.

Brooks shoes are usually lightweight. This model is a little heavy because of the obvious reasons. The extra cushioning and stability provided here make them a little bulky. However, they are still smoothly manageable.

The styles are ravishing, and there are plenty of colors available in this model. These are well-suited for everyday running, workouts, and post work activities.

Talking about the upper of the shoe, it is made with heat-activated yarns with a flat knit that takes the width of the feet and prevent stretching over time.

The fit is also incredible. The midsole is also made with fantastic technology to ensure that there is utmost comfort to the wearer. Even while transitioning from running to walking on any terrain of your choice, the comfort remains intact.


Available in multiple colors

Great for everyday running

Amazing style

Expands with the feet to ensure a comfortable fit


Little bit bulkier


#9. Brooks Mens/Womens Adrenaline GTS 17

So, I have another splendid model from Brook that deserves your attention. This brand is famous for constructing the most durable and comfortable shoes. First of all, there are various colors available in this model.

The rubber sole is a prime feature. You can choose any terrain for running, and these shoes will help in accomplishing your mission. The cushioning is excellent and so as the arch support. All the things that you want in your running shoes for flat feet are readily available in this pair.

The weight distribution is also seamless. Therefore, there is no room left for foot pain or injuries. This model has got a streamlined look. The cushioning is also done decently so that you don’t feel excessive height that could ruin the balance while running.

The transitioning is also quite appreciable. The design is so made that for all the time you are wearing these shoes; your feet will be at ease. Running and working out can be made easier with these shoes.


Classic looks

Multiple color choices

Intelligent weight distribution

Suitable for all kind of terrain




#10. Under Armour Women’s Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker

When my wife first showed me these shoes, I was utterly spell-bound by its beautiful looks. As we dig deeper, the quality came out to be the show stopper feature of this pair.

It has a simple design, nothing too flashy or showy. But isn’t this precisely what we want from the running shoes? The colors and the combinations are pleasing to the eyes. However, when you end up buying a lighter shade, you might want to wash it a couple of times in a month to keep them fresh looking.

The shoes are lightweight. They come with an external mesh which makes running more accessible than ever. The flexibility and comfort are wonderful. Even if you choose to walk or run, or indulge in any sports activity, these shoes will be a suitable option.

Ok, so here comes the hiccup; the sole is made of synthetic material. Yes, it is not a complete gone case, but you might not want to hike in these shoes or go near the water. They are not slip-resistant.


Great for improving the runs

Comfortable and breathable

Classic design

Extremely durable


Not slip-resistant


Best women Running Shoes for Flat Feet


I will come straight to the business. You want my personal favorite among all the recommendations. Well, I am completely in love with ASICS Gel-Torrance and Brook Adrenalin.

I have both these pairs. They share some great features such as suitability of different terrains, durable, breathable, and matchless arch support.

I have carefully compiled this list so that my readers can take maximum advantage of these suggestions. While you can pick any of the options mentioned above, these two are my absolute favorite.

Check out all these products and make a selection.

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