10 Best Tennis Shoes for Men 2023

Tennis is a demanding sport that requires a lot from the players both mentally and physically. This is because it involves some short races that need top speed, jumping, and backward motions and also splits steps. Therefore, players require to go for the top ten best men tennis shoes in order to get their best performance and get to the winning edge when taking their opponents. With that reason, a great player should grab the best quality pair of tennis shoes for his daily practices sooner or later from our company. Many players make a mistake of buying just a normal shoe for playing tennis which is very wrong because a tennis shoe is designed to produce quick forward motion and sidestepping when playing tennis because the movement is what matters most in this sport. For you to get the best out of tennis games, you are supposed to get an actual shoe.

When considering the type of shoe to buy one should consider the weight of the shoe. You should always choose a light shoe because tennis involves much jumping and short races that require top speed. Another important thing to consider before buying tennis shoes is the material they are made from. The best tennis shoe always helps in preventing the inside movement of the player’s foot and also enhances stability when dealing with quick forward and backward movements. Importantly it prevents the player from any unexpected injuries due to irregular movement of the foot. In comparison with the running shoes, running and tennis are both sports that depend mostly on the use of the feet but the way feet are used during sports differs significantly. Therefore having an appropriate shoe for a specific sport is much important. Tennis shoes are specifically designed for use on the tennis court and mostly supports stability whereas running shoes are specifically designed for cushioning and they are made in such a way that it helps a runner to move forward.

Tennis shoe sole is made in a special manner in that they are durable. The constant stopping, starting and sliding of tennis puts more considerably focus on the durability of the shoe sole. The most tennis shoe sole is flat with specifically designed patterns on the sole depending on the type of court you dealing with.  Running shoes have flexible and soft soles but they are not designed for stepping at all it only allows quick forward movements.

Best Tennis Shoes for Men

How to Choose the Best Tennis Shoes for Men

Tennis is a game that involves lateral movements and short sprints as well as quick stops and starts, though this one is required to have footwear that can stand up for the game. In selecting the best of tennis shoes for men, you must consider several aspects before arriving at the choice and preference of the type of shoe he will buy. This include; court surface, playing style, and personal preference based on the selection of the pair of tennis shoes. It is also imported to note that before making a purchase on tennis shoes for men, you should consider the tennis shoe styles, is different from the footwear.

Tennis shoes are generally flat with distinctive designed patterns on the sole, all based on which type of court you typically play on. Also through frequent starts and stops, while moving on, the court contributes also to the design and pattern of the tennis shoe.

Court surface

The court surface is the crucial part that needs more focus even before one arrives in making a decision which type he should buy.

For the soft court, it automatically indicates that the type of tennis shoes has a design with non-damaging traction into consideration, for multi-court the design, the pump is contrived in a way that it fits in both hard and soft court. For the hard court, the tennis shoes they have an execute with more durability providing a more flexible outsole and supportive upper. The outsole and upper materials should be more robust and made of leather.

Shoe Fit and Foot type

There are three elemental foot types, which include; neutral, overpronation, and underpronation.

Foot with overpronation tend to roll inward during every stride through that such people need a stabilizing tennis shoe

The neutral type is suitable for any tennis shoe.

For the over supination type the supinators roll their foot outwards all along with every stride, such men should purchase more flexible shoes which will alleviate any shock while making latera displacement.

Playing style

Through the playing style, men can determine the type’s suitable shoes. There are two types of players, the baseline player, and serve-and-volley player.

Baseline player this is the player who plays along the rearward line of the court, the shoes needed for such player requires lateral support and should have a durable sole due to lateral motion.

The serve-and-volley player usually charges the net through that there are much back slide moves. Hence the suitable shoe for such a player should have a durable toecap.

Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes for Men

adidas Men's Cloudfoam Advantage Cl Sneakers4.7
New Balance Men's MC696 Light Weight Tennis Shoe4.4
Head Men's Sprint Pro Court Shoe4.5
K-Swiss Men's Bigshot Light 34.6
ASICS Mens Gel-Challenger 11 Tennis Shoe4.6
ASICS Men's GEL-Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe4.8
Adidas Men's Adizero Ubersonic 2 Tennis Shoe4.7
adidas Performance Men's Barricade4.4
Wilson Men's Rush Pro 2.5 Tennis Shoes4.6
Babolat Jet All Court for Men4.6

1. adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Advantage Cl Sneakers

Adidas men’s cloudfoam advantage clean is one of the favourite shoes for tennis. This type emerges the best in top 10 best men tennis shoes in amazon. They have a simple design and durable. It is one of the incredibly lightweight boots that will not bring you downs around the court. Replaceable insole that can be replaced with your own orthopaedic insoles Its design is in a way that it allows you to move quickly and probably faster around the court. It is among the cleanest shoes with affordable pricing. They also various colors with the same design in different prices. They have a plan suited with three perforated stripes for ventilation as well as the pull tab at the back.


Superb traction


Lightweight and perforated for breathability

Replace insole


It’s not real leather, but it’s close

The insole is stuck in place

2. New Balance Men’s MC696 Light Weight Tennis Shoe

This one is the most perfect tennis shoes, as it is ranked among the best top 10 tennis shoes for men, they have a durable build regardless of the simple design. They have superb traction, and they have the best stability through the synthetic fabric on the padding. This type of shoe will offer you what exactly you opt for the best output on the court. The perforated toe point protects the toe in case you slide when making a shot, or even when turning on a dime in search of the ball. They offer the best and excellent comfort from the ABZORB cushioning and the C-cap midsole. They are available in various colours and at an affordable price.


Have superb traction

Fitted with c-cap midsole

Have ABZORB cushioning for comfort

Its leather nature and synthetic uppers

Rubber sole

3. Head Men’s Sprint Pro Court Shoe

The head men’s spring pro court shoe is designed in various colors based on one’s choice. Through a combination of high synthetic leather and best performance sole, which has a comfortable interior padding, makes it the best. It is suited with perforated ventilation in the front to avoid the overheating and sweating of the foot. Lightweight to eradicate additional dragging of your feet. They have duralast rubber outsole for exceptional traction. Through the composition its feature it makes to be ranked the top best men tennis shoes.


Synthetic and leather

Interior padding



Duralast rubber outsole for exceptional traction

4. K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Light 3

This is also another type of shoes has an average price, not too expensive and not cheap as well. Its design is in a way that it features the outsole through the texture. The shoe is lightweight in a way that it is easy to move in. The ADIWEAR 6 outsole enables it to offer the best feet support as it enhances flexibility. The ADIPRENE cushions help in protection as the midsole gets support from the forefoot straps.



ADIWEAR 6 outsole for durability


ADIPRENE cushioning for toe protection

Textile collar lining

Synthetic and fibre


Toe wrap material is plastic

Poor customer services

5. ASICS Mens Gel-Challenger 11 Tennis Shoe

The ASICS men Gel-challenger 11 tennis is one of the most beautiful tennis shoes as it absorbs landings with absolute ease. Men have different perception thoughts, but the ASICS addresses it in the Men’s Gel-resolution 8. The AHAR material in the outer part of the shoe is the wear resistant and therefore durable, while the rubber sole offers the exceptional traction on the court. The PGuard toe protector helps to protect the toes.


AHAR material for durability

Pguard for toe protection

Rubber sile for exceptional traction

Excellent pricing

6. ASICS Men’s GEL-Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe

They hare peculiar design in a way that the breathable mesh located in the front with a flexion fit, which helps the toes from sweating and overheating. With the Impact Guidance System enhances the natural gait. It’s made of the PGuard, which increases the durability of the rearfoot and forefoot. The Gel cushioning helps in absorbing shock as the solyte midsole lends support.


Have padded tongue and collar for support

Fitted with gel cushioning system

Have pguard for ultimate toe protection

Flexion fit for comfort.


7. Adidas Men’s Adizero Ubersonic 2 Tennis Shoe

Tennis is the fast and competitive sporting game that demands a lot of input from your feet. While on the court, you need to move quickly and effortless, through this, your feet need protection from the pressure you subject to them during the game. For this case, the Adidas Men’s Adizero Ubersonic 2 tennis shoe offers the best and is the best top ten shoes for men. The rubber sole provides the traction that you need to stop and turn instantly. It have a replaceable insole and a torsion midfoot support, lightweight. The footwear is not well priced, but it gives to your wish in a tennis shoe as well in performing on the court.


It have a replaceable insole

Lightweight uppers

Excellent pricing

Torsion midfoot support

8. adidas Performance Men’s Barricade

The performance barricade 2019 is another one of their outstanding performance, comfort, style, and performance that comes together to give the edge on the court. The TPU mesh in the upper skin of the shoe offers to breathe, allowing the foot to remain fine during the game. They are lightweight and extremely durable. The rubber sole provides superb grip on the court as the ADRIENE in the forefoot help you in achieving explosive push-offs, thus allowing you to stop and turn quickly. The outsole allows the movement of the shoe with your foot providing stability as well as support. Through the high performance that the shoe guarantee it to have durability and flexibility making it to be the best men tennis shoes.


Made in geofit design

Have superb traction rubber sole

Lightweight as well breathable uppers

Fitted with replaceable insole

9. Wilson Men’s Rush Pro 2.5 Tennis Shoes

The Wilson Mens rush pro 2.5 is fitted with the Endofit inner lining which locks the foot in place, ensuring that you don’t encounter slippage during the aggressive push-offs and even when serving. It is lightweight to ensure that there is no drag added to your feet, mostly when serving. The collar and the padded tongue provides that the feet settled in the shoe as the cushions act as the bridge of your feet. It offers flexibility stability and breathability being the most import aspect of a tennis shoe. The torque chassis midfoot shank creates allowance for stopping, turning and push-off with ease in movement, the traction found from Duralast rubber in the outsole fitted with herringbone making it exceptional and the Wilson brand comes the best men tennis shoe for men.


Duralast rubber outsole for great traction

Padded tongue for extra support

Fitted with collar for extra support and comfort

R-DST+ technology for exceptional comfort

10. Babolat Jet All Court for Men

The upper part is composed of Kevlar fiber, which makes it exceptional. It is lightweight that will not weigh you down while in the court, and its design is in a way that allows you to move quickly and easily around the court. The outsole allows the shoe to move along with foot, thus providing stability and the support that is required. The Tri-Fit is fitted as a shock absorber as the compressor system is designed to give you the edge on the court, as well has replaceable insole.


It have high-tenacity polyamide fibre for durability purposes

Shock-absorbing technology for ultimate comfort

Lightweight and exceptionally comfortable

Replaceable insole

Best Tennis Shoes for Men


These are generally frequently asked questions by the consumers. FAQs helps the consumer to get a better understanding of how and what to choose the desired product. There are several questions when it comes to men’s tennis shoes and these include:

Why should I choose to wear tennis shoes?

Men’s tennis shoes are made in such a way that they are meant to accommodate forward, backward and side- to- side stepping movements. Tennis shoe is also made with hard material so as to provide support during abrupt stops and starts movements.

Importantly, tennis shoes are designed in such a way that it determines the level of a player’s performance. If you get the wrong shoe for tennis then there will be high chances of being involved in unexpected injuries during sports. Therefore, wearing tennis shoes when playing is a very important thing since it gives comfort to your feet and the best performance.

How should I choose the best men’s tennis shoe that has the best arch support for flat feet?

When choosing a tennis shoe whether you are a learning player and wants to get the best shoe or you are a professional player and you want to get a new pair of shoe, it is always advisable to choose a right type of shoes to satisfy your desires. Flat-footed players need the best shoe that can be able to support their low arches. Most flat-footed players are known to have a foot movement that occurs during landing and hence when playing they need a shoe with flat arch because if they wear a shoe with too high an arch may cause injuries, discomfort and cause a lot of costly operations. Therefore tennis players with flat feet are urged to look for a shoe designed for flat-footed.

Which men’s tennis shoes are best for high arches?

As stated early, tennis is a game that demands a lot and it involves a lot of activity, speed, and quick movements. It shows that a player will have a common effect on the playing ground. Players with high arches understand the pain and much discomfort they sometimes fell in their heels and the balls of the feet when walking. Therefore when playing a vigorous game like tennis, you should get the right shoe to avoid such pain and discomfort when playing. Choose durable material and designs together with shock absorbing cushioning that will prevent you from getting unnecessary pain when playing.

Which men’s tennis shoe has the most cushioning?

Playing ground for tennis always have different surfaces, there are those surfaces featuring soft surfaces (clay or grass) or hard surfaces. When playing in a hard surface then one should get a shoe with good comfort and cushioning.

The reason why the quality of men’s tennis shoes so expensive?

Tennis is not only an expertise sport but also a technical game that is played by very many people worldwide. Tennis sport requires technical skills and therefore tennis shoe should be of high quality to give the best performance. Companies producing tennis shoes have shown interest in the need for high-quality shoes that satisfy the demands of the game. Therefore the shoe has to be designed in various aspects that can help a player make the very best out of tennis sport. Coming up with a high-quality shoe costs a lot the manufactures and this is the reason why it is becoming more expensive.

Where should I find the top tennis shoes for men?

The best men’s tennis shoe is found on Amazon. For the first learners, choosing the best shoe that fits your desired needs time researching. Many of our players normally go for the cheapest shoe but that’s not the best choice because Amazon has the best quality tennis shoe though quite expensive but it lasts for a long period and provides the best comfort to your feet.


Tennis is one of the exciting sporting games, for the best outcome from participation will be determined with the types of footwear the best result anticipated because of the best wear as it involves more of the foot movement. Tennis has existed in the century, and it remains the favourite game in sporting as it has gained wide popularity.

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