10 Best Travel Hair Dryer 2019 – 2020

Apart from the people who love to travel, most of us find traveling extremely troublesome. You need to pack tons of stuff and take it someplace else with you. Mostly what happens is that to pack light, we tend to leave many of the significant things that we need routinely. One of such things is a hairdryer. So, what’s the solution? Buy the best travel hairdryer so that you don’t have to leave it behind, only to look unstyled on a vacation.

As a layman, what do you think should be the qualities of a travel hairdryer?

Easy to carry

High in performance


Work on different kind of power mediums

You might have a few other thoughts but basically, these are some things that we want from the best travel hairdryer. In this post, I am going to discuss the features of a hairdryer, and some other significant details to help you pick the right model. There is no need to panic by looking at all the options out there on e-commerce websites. Trust me, not all of them are as promising as they sound. Read more to find the top models that commit performance and efficiency.

Best Travel Hairdryer

How To Buy The Best Travel Hairdryer?

While traveling, the need for styling your hair doubles. You have spent a lot of money on a vacation. Surely, you don’t want your hair to look unstyled and messed up.

Keeping that in mind, you need to buy the best travel hairdryer. However, most of the people struggle in finding the right option, considering there are copious options available in the market.

In the content below, I am going to discuss some of the most crucial points that you should keep in notice while picking a travel hairdryer. These tips or features will help you in making the right purchase.

#1. Power

Undoubtedly, while buying a travel hairdryer, the first thing to come to your mind will be the power. Of course, you know that power is directly proportional to the performance of the dryer. Watts are used for determining the heat level of a dryer. Most of the portable models available in the market give wattage between 1900 – 2400 W. Such dryers are great in performance and they finish the work quickly, without exposing the hair to immense heat for long periods.

Now, the noticeable thing here is that sure these take less time but because of the high airflow of heated air, these dryers can damage the hair.

You can look for the alternatives that give dryers at the power between 1200 – 1800 W. These are suitable for fine and thin hair as they don’t require immense heat to dry up the hair. People with thicker hair can go for high wattage models.

#2. Weight

It is quite understood that with all the other stuff that you need to carry along, you don’t want to add to your miseries by taking a heavy hairdryer along. Weight is the one thing that you will carefully check for all the gears and appliances that you take along. Similarly, here too, the weight matters a lot. An ideal travel hairdryer should not weigh more than 500 grams if you don’t want to tire your arm.

#3. Size

You are not always taking big bags along while traveling. Moreover, it doesn’t matter the kind of bag you are carrying, a hairdryer that is compact in size and foldable is always appreciated more than its counterpart. Some of these appliances come with a case in which you can keep the dryer and slip it in a small pocket in the bag. Make sure that the dryer is foldable, it will make your work really simple.

#4. Attachments

These days, you can find hairdryers with a lot of helpful accessories. Some of these accessories are a diffuser and a concentrator nozzle.

A concentrator nozzle is used to subdue the airflow which eventually enables precise drying of the hair. The diffuser is used to spread the airflow. This way, the air is not directed at one place only but it runs through the entire hair. These attachments are quite useful for preventing the hair from damaging and controlling the heated air.

#5. Dual Voltage

You might want to take your hairdryer to different countries along with. So, the best outlet is to choose for a dryer that comes with a dual voltage. With an incompatible voltage, there is a big risk of dryer frying up and going fritz on you soon before you are ready to use it. You can choose a dryer with dual-voltage such as 110-120V and 220-240V. You see, a dryer that comes with such voltage versatility will help you to plug it in at any voltage outlet without blowing away.

#6. Adjustable Heat Settings

A dryer without any heat settings is harmful to your hair. These days you can easily find hair dryers with head adjusting settings from where you can regulate the amount of heated air released by the dryer.

For thin and fine hair, it is important to use low heat settings however, the coarse hair can use high exposure.

So, the next thing that is highly critical to inform is that one should pick a model based on their hair type. If you buy a model that is compatible with your hair then basically, you are safeguarding the protection of hair. Let’s check out what you need to consider while selecting the right model.

Best Travel Hairdryer For Different Hair Types

As I said before, starting from shampoo to all the other things that are either applied or exposed to the hair varies with hair type. Even the hairdryer that you use should be compatible with the hair. Let’s see how these two things relate:

According to my personal experience, Tourmaline dryers are great for thick hair. They have the tendency to blow-dry hair faster than any other model available in the market. Basically, these are constructed with tourmaline gemstone that generates negative ions as the heat is provided. The performance of these dryers is higher than others and they take less time in drying.

While handling dry hair, it is best to use ceramic and porcelain dryers as they are gentle on hair. Also, the heat distribution is even with these dryers. The infrared heat produced by these dryers locks the moisture of drying strands. These dryers are perfectly suitable for thin hair and also provide them with enough hydration.

Lastly, for coarse hair, titanium dryers are most suitable. With their high heating power, they can easily penetrate through each and every strand. Since the heat generating tendency of these dryers is high, they are not suggested for damaged hair. They might just make hair condition worse than it already is.

Top 10 Best Travel Hairdryers – Reviewed

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer4.6
Conair 1875 Watts Travel Hairdryer4.8
Revlon Essential Compact Styler5.0
VAV Rotatable Folding Handle Travel Dryer4.6
Cosyonall Travel Hairdryer4.5
INFINITI PRO By Conair Mini Pro Plus4.8
Revlon Fast Dry Compact Hairdryer
Conair miniPro Tourmaline Hairdryer4.7
Revlon Compact & Lightweight ICONIC Hairdryer4.8
Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hairdryer4.7

In this section, we will learn about the leading models in the market that have accomplished large success among the buyers. These hair dryers are quite promising and easy to carry along wherever you go.

#1. Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Dyson is a brand that does not need any introduction. It is well known for manufacturing highest-quality appliances, a hairdryer being one of the best creations of this brand. You can rely on its products for efficiency, robustness, and quality.

This one is a limited edition model launched by Dyson that comes with a designer storage bag. It is easy to carry because of the sleek design and compact size. Also, it does not have a lot of weight so the dryer will not give you a hard time carrying. Unlike other models, the motor of this model is in the handle which largely shrinks the size of the dryer.

Dyson had made sure that the dryer does not affect the shine and moisture of the hair. Thus, the air temperature is measured 20 times every second and keep the heat emitted by the dryer under control.

The dryer generates controlled and high-velocity airflow to ensure ultra-fast drying. Buyers will also admire the noiseless functioning of this model. Furthermore, it has heat shield technology which keeps the surface cool even after continual usage.

This model is also enriched with 4 precise heat settings such as fast drying, styling, gentle drying, and constant cold. Also, there are 3 precise speed settings such as fast drying, regular drying, and gentle drying, etc. As far as attachments are concerned, you will get a Dyson smoothing nozzle, diffuser, and a styling concentrator.


Prevent heat damage

Comes with accessories

Storage bag available

Multiple drying settings


Overly pricey


#2. Conair 1875 Watts Travel Hairdryer

Conair is yet another top-tier company that gives sturdy construction, high performance, and great versatility in its products. This model performs on 1875 watts which makes it one of the most powerful and efficient travel hair dryer on our list. Since you can easily fold this one, it turns into a super handy and compact size to carry along.

Then there is smart voltage technology that works on fewer voltage conditions as well. You can be in any place on the globe and this model will work. Also, you don’t need any converter as you travel to different countries to run this model. There is another perk of the smart voltage technology that it automatically detects the foreign voltage and adjust the dryer accordingly.

Furthermore, there is Ionic Hair Technology that helps in soothing the hair and does not create frizz. Most of the hair dryers create a lot of mess of the hair unless you are blow drying the hair. This model understands the needs of the user by locking the smoothness and luster of hair without causing the frizz.

There are three heat and two-speed settings which makes it suitable for all kind of hair. To make it more useful, the company has delivered a cool shot feature that helps in locking hairstyles in place. It comes along with the concentrator for pinpoint hair styling. This model is worth your interest.


Quite handy

Comes with a concentrator

Easy to carry and manage

Smart voltage technology



The dual voltage feature is not as effective


#3. Revlon Essential Compact Styler

Revlon is not just the leading brand to manufacture women personal clear and makeup products but it is also a chief player in the grooming industry. This hairdryer is modeled in all-black color with the grey buttons on the top. It is a compact and weightless piece that you can easily carry in your luggage bag or handbag. This one is suitable for everyday usage.

You will be impressed with the pricing of this model. You might have to carry converters along with while traveling abroad. So, be careful about that. There are simplistic features that will surely woo you. There is no high-end usage of technology and it is a straightforward product that does what it commits.

You will have 2 heat settings and 2-speed settings. You can either operate the machine on high speed or medium. Regretfully, it does not fold so you might have to adjust it as it is in the bag. However, the small size is quite supporting and compatible to carry.

To ensure the hygiene, Revlon has given it a removable end-cap so that you can clean it easily. This is a simple model available at a highly affordable price. You might not get the over-flashy features but it does give you amazing hair drying as you travel.


Extremely affordable

Very lightweight

Comes with 2 heat settings

Removable end-cap


Does not folds

No additional accessories with this model


#4. VAV Rotatable Folding Handle Travel Dryer

VAV has created this extremely applaudable model. It is a folding hairdryer beautifully crafted in white and pink color. This is a high-performance hair dryer that has been liked by many buyers for its super compact size and great hair drying tendency.

The tourmaline ceramic technology neutralizes the negative ions which help in maintaining the moisture of the locks. After the work is done by the hairdryer, you will feel the smoothness of hair. It is unlikely for the hairdryers to leave hair supple and frizz-free. However, this model has a lot of potentials.

The size is pretty small. You can carry it in your handbag also. The ergonomic design is also quite easy to operate. It is a fashionable piece with rotatable handle design and a removable end cap to clean the dryer. Furthermore, it comes with a hanging ring which makes it more suitable for convenient storing.

As far as the technical part is concerned, this model comprises of 2 heat and 2-speed settings. It releases powerful air to quickly dry your hair. You can conveniently switch from hot air to cold air. The creative shape of the dryer is also praiseworthy.

It is crafted with DC motor hairdryer of 1000W. Fortunately, it does not cause a lot of noise either. You can use it even when other people in the room are sleeping. This will quietly do its job.

This model is compatible with 100-125V, 50~60HZ US plug. To make it safe in usage, this one has also got a built-in temperature fuse and bimetal plug with protection device. It ensures the safety of the user.


Easy to carry


Very powerful




No fancy features


#5. Cosyonall Travel Hairdryer

So, the next one in my list is this beautiful model from Cosyonall. Traveling can become much more fun when you have this handy little device in your bag. It gives you the power to style your hair anywhere anytime.

This machine is crafted in soothing pink color. Girls love to have such cute devices in their kit. However, you can never estimate its power from its looks. This one generates the power of 1600W which is fantastic for fast drying.

It is mandatory for every travel hairdryer to be super handy, light in weight, and compact. This model has got all the qualifications. Just like all the models discussed in my list, this one also has 2 heat and 2-speed settings. It makes drying more flexible and convenient for the user. For styling and fixing, you can use the cool shot button and set the look for any event or a day out as you travel.

To make it a little extra efficient, this model is accompanied by a concentrator for pinpoint styling. It is a hands-on product that you will really admire for its quality and effortless usage.


Very easy to carry

Stunning looks


Compatible with most electricity outlets


The outside of the dryer gets hot after running for a long time


#6. INFINITI PRO By Conair Mini Pro Plus

While talking about the best travel hairdryers, you cannot afford to miss this ultimate product from Infiniti Pro. The brand has accomplished all the success solely because of its unique and innovative products. It is a great model to select which clearly reflects from its massive clientele.

So, this is a professional model in a compact design. While the size is small and travel-friendly, all the other features are distinctive and quite suitable for the needs of the buyers. You need something that can not just dry your hair but also keep them frizz-free and smooth. Well, this model has the working excellence of a professional-grade hair dryer which keeps the hair smooth and supple. It does not steal away the softness of hair. This all is made possible because of the Ionic technology.

The airflow is quite powerful which saves 50% of your time that you mostly invest while using other conventional hairdryers. You can say goodbye to the wasteful hotel dryers that don’t work half as effectively as this model.

It has got 3 heat settings that you can select as per the need of your hair. Also, there are 2-speed settings which makes it versatile enough. It is a quiet hairdryer that does not disturb other people in the room. To help you style better, this model comes with a concentrator. It helps with the pinpoint styling. It is a great overall machine.


Super affordable

Suitable for travel purposes

Great performance

Comes with 3 heat settings


It is not foldable


#7. Revlon Fast Dry Compact Hairdryer

Here I come again with another model of Revlon. This one is also equally fantastic as the previous one that I mentioned above. This model has got immense power that is all packed in a compact hair gear.

Fortunately, this one has a folding handle which makes it super suitable for travel purposes. You can simply put it in your kit or even pack it at the last moment in your handbag. The work can be done through 2 heat and 2-speed settings. Also, for setting the hair, there is another function called cold shot which fixes the hair in one place.

You can also enjoy a professional blow dry experience with the Ionic Select Technology. With this technology, the hair retains their suppleness and maintains the smoothness. Even after repeated usage, the hair remains frizz-free. The patented Ion select dial helps in recognizing the increased or decreased supply of ions.

The hanging ring helps with the convenient storage of the dryer. Also, to ensure great maintenance, you get a removable end cap. It helps with easy cleaning. This is also a focusable model for all.


High-quality styling

Professional range dryer

Suitably priced

Amazing results


Too noisy


#8. Conair miniPro Tourmaline Hairdryer

If you want an uncompromised model that checks all the requirements then this is also a great model to consider. Manufactured by the brand Conair, this hairdryer is a fantastic piece. It is light in weight and perfectly suitable for traveling. The operation is quite powerful and highly expressive.

The Tourmaline Ceramic Technology of the dryer helps in preventing frizz in the hair. It gives a decent and settled look to the hair without causing a mess of them. Mostly, we people have this kind of complaints from the dryers however, this model is perfectly suitable for someone with thick frizzy hair. It will not increase the frizziness.

The weight is too less and it has a velvet touch grip to make holding the dryer super convenient and soft. You can hold it for as long as you want without fearing about fatigue and tiredness.

This is a travel model with dual voltage. It makes using the dryer extremely simple and effortless. Since you can fold the handle, this model will be extremely convenient to take along anywhere you want.

There are 2 heat settings and 2-speed settings to make this machine versatile and effective for the buyer. The powerful hairdryer comes with a 5-foot long power cord and a concentrator. This machine is suitable and effective for all kind of buyers. Whether you have long hair or short, thin or thick, this model will be harmless to every hair type.


Prevent frizziness

Great quality

Amazing looks

Folding handle




#9. Revlon Compact & Lightweight ICONIC Hairdryer

Here is yet another model from Revlon which promises to be the best one among its counterparts. It is a beautiful looking yellow colored hairdryer with all the essential features that such devices must have.

Its compactness and lightweight makes it highly suitable for travel purposes. There are 2-heat settings and 2-speed settings to give you better versatility. Since mostly we people are concerned about the texture of the hair after drying them up, this model is highly careful with the hair quality.

You will feel the suppleness and softness of the hair throughout the day. The Ionic technology installed in the dryer makes sure that the hair remains frizz-free.

Also, there is a cold shot button that gives a more stable and neat look to the hair so that even after a hectic long day, the hair can feel fantastic and properly concealed. Other than the yellow color, this model is available in 2 other color choices.


Versatility in colors

Very effective

Available at a suitable price

Makes hair damage free


The plastic is not as brilliant


#10. Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hairdryer

So, the last model that I will discuss in my list is this one from Remington. This brand is known for the hair appliances and the list is incomplete without adding a Remington model in it. The hairdryer is not just efficient but highly safe for your hair. It provides maximum damage protection and retains the shine and softness of the hair.

This model provides 3 times more protection due to Advanced Coating Technology. Most of the times, the hairdryers end up harming the hair and robbing away the natural health of the strands. This model makes sure that the pressure of air applied on the hair is not too much to ruin the suppleness.

The ceramic technology helps in providing speedy drying of the hair. Also, the Ionic technology makes sure that the hair is away from the frizz and puffiness. This model is one of the best travel hairdryers in the list that many users have appreciated.


Extremely careful with the hair


Available at a great price

Keeps the hair frizz-free


The material could have been better


Best Travel Hairdryer


Selecting the best travel hairdryer is a quest in itself. There are countless models available in the market, all promising enough and prompting for the best results. If you need to make a straightforward selection then pick Dyson Supersonic model.

While all the other models mentioned on this list are equally considerable, this model impressed me the most. First of all, it has the maximum features that give you the liberty of not just drying the hair but styling them the way you like.

Also, the compactness is highly appreciable. It comes with a small case in which you can pack the dryer and take it anywhere you want.

As I said, all the models that I have discussed in my list are one of a kind. You can pick any of these for the safe and unregretful experience.

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