10 Best Travel Purse 2023 Reviewed – Explore The Greatest Options

Traveling is one of the most amazing things that people love to do for leisure and relaxation in their lives. Taking a day off to tour an exciting new place or simply go out to seek good adventure are excellent activities to change your mind from the monotony of workdays and from the stressful work and school days. It also gives you a chance to connect with your loved ones by taking a trip with family and friends. Since you are planning, there are certain mandatory things that you will need for travel. I can tell because I need a lot of stuff. One of the most important things is the best travel purse.

You can start by finding the perfect luggage and ensuring that all your stuff is ready for the big day. But it is more important to have your valuables and important belongings sorted out as a priority. Where do you think you should keep the cash, or the passport, or your credit cards? Should they be in the luggage bag? No. They should be handy and close by. So, what you really need is a handy travel purse, mostly with a string that you can wear while traveling. This will keep you hands-free.

Considering the importance of these purses, I have created this mind-blowing guide to help you know everything about the travel purses, how you should pick the most appropriate option and also recommend some of the most amazing choices available in the market.

Best Travel Purse

Types Of The Best Travel Purse

You will be thrilled with the type of options that are available in travel bags and purses. You don’t just have to use a hand carry bag because, after a certain time, those also get extremely annoying as they tire your hand. So, you need sling bags that you can wear on your body.

When you go out in the market to shop, there are three main categories that you come across. Let’s discuss them in detail:

#1. Shoulder Bags

I know, we are discussing travel purses but these are not extremely hefty bags. These are also considered in the category of purses, considering their travel-compatible features.

These are tiny bags that you can wear on your back. They have great space and sections made for managing the stuff that you need to carry. The drawback with these bags is that they are the easiest to steal. Anyone can come and snatch these away. Surely, this is a major flaw but if you can be a little vigilant while wearing these then they can be your best friends while you travel.

#2. Cross Body Bags

As far as security is concerned, you will find cross body bags really safe. These are placed across the body with one shoulder holding the weight of the travel purse. You have your whole body to protect the bag from getting snatched away. These can be used by men as well as women as these are not gender specific.

#3. Messenger Bags

Lastly, there are messenger bags which is beneficial for the people that are seeking for spacious bags. If you have more stuff to carry along as you travel then these bags will be pretty helpful.

These are larger in size and have more durable straps. Also, there is an additional flap cover that encourages the security of the bag against snatches and stealing.

So, these are the common types of bags that you can find online for travel purpose.

Best Travel Purse

Features Of The Best Travel Purses

Here, I am going to describe some of the common features of travel purses, let’s grab a quick look:

#1. Security

Who doesn’t want a safe and purse on travel? The most essential features you should seek in the best travel purse is the security and safety of the things that you take alongwith. Since all of the things that you keep in the hand carry purse are important such as cards and passport, you should be cautious of the scanning machines and suspicious devices that may steal your personal data. RFID protection is an ideal addition to the travel purse. However, finding one may be troublesome but certainly a worthy purchase.

#2. Multiple Pockets

It is important to have multiple pockets in a travel purse. It is an excellent addition to your purchase since it provides better organization and sorting opportunities to the user. I carry a lot of small things with me as I travel so having various pockets is something that every woman will appreciate. They give you easy access to all the different things kept in the bag such as passport, cards, cash, and other gadgets. You can understand that when you are blocking a queue at the airport and you can’t find your passport, how troublesome it gets. It can also be your ID or headphones that you need but cannot find because of the poor organization of the bag due to lack of sufficient pockets. Hence, multiple pockets is a feature that you should definitely look in a travel purse.

#3. Large Space

There are people that prefer smaller bags over the large ones. Well, the small bags are handy and quite convenient to carry. However, having more compartments is a great advantage for travelers. You can avail the opportunity to store more stuff inside the bag, without having the need to pack less while leaving the home or adjust crucial stuff in the luggage bag because your travel purse cannot make enough space for all your belongings.

#4. Style

I don’t want to take a boring bag with me while I travel. I mean, women have this habit of gauging each other’s stuff and surely, I don’t want to look like I am carrying a boring bag because I don’t have great taste. It’s in human nature to get fascinated by something that looks pleasing to the eyes. Therefore, the style holds a significant place when it comes down to the best travel purses. Luckily, these days, there are enchanting styles and designs available in travel bags that anyone would love to have. Take a thorough look at the style and design of a bag before you hit the “buy” button.

#5. Water Resistant Material

Most of the stuff that you carry in your travel purse is highly important. Some of the common things are cards, passport, documents, cash, and gadgets. Considering the significance of all these things, you need to have a bag that is resistant to water. Surely, you don’t want your passport to tear apart because of the water or phone to quit working in the middle of the trip because it was raining outside and your purse couldn’t resist water or hinder its entry. In short, just make sure that you pick the right material of a purse that can protect its belongings in an earnest way.

So, this was the key information that you need before buying the best travel purse. Its time to share some of my favorite travel purses that you might appreciate.

10 Best Travel Purses – Reviews

Plambag Canvas Travel Purse4.7
Baggallini Everywhere Bagg Beach Travel Purse4.9
eBags Piazza DayBag 2.04.6
Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag4.8
Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Travel Purse4.6
Baggalline Pocket Crossbody Travel Purse4.8
Peak Gear Active Crossbody Purse
Estalon Leather Crossbody Purse4.7
Baggallini Triple Zip Bagg4.7
eBags Villa Crossbody 2.04.5

Well, like always, I cannot conclude my guide before sharing some of the hottest travel purses in the market. In nutshell, I would like to tell that I haven’t personally used each one of them but have done thorough research so that you don’t end up with anything that is not worth your money. Without any further ado, let’s start:

#1. Plambag Canvas Travel Purse

When I first come across this bag, my first impression was enthralling. This looks amazing and I would have loved to carry it along as I travel. People say that this one is “small” in size. Well, if you ask me, it has got a pretty decent size to accommodate all your important belongings. In fact, this is one of the biggest bags that I am going to discuss today in my list.

Ok, so, this is a messenger bag and I think it works for men and women both. It does not have any flashy feminine look so even men can carry it. Going further, the bag gives you sufficient space and pockets to manage your stuff.

There are around 9 pockets including 7 zipped pockets and 2 external side pockets. You can easily place all the important things inside this bag. Also, there is space for gadgets such as a 10 inches tablet and a water bottle. Surprisingly, there are 8 card slots on the inside where you can keep your card ID proofs, credit cards, debit cards, etc. You can also tuck up your keys and pens in separate slots inside the purse. Also, there is a little hole where you can thread the headphones for quick access. The flap is closed and kept shut with velcro and sturdy canvas material is used in the making of the purse. This is a great travel purse for all.


Great organization


Separate space for gadgets and other belongings

Suitable for men and women




#2. Baggallini Everywhere Bagg Beach Travel Purse

Baggallini is one of the most incredible brands that I have come across. Its been more than 10 years since I am traveling and closely keeping tabs on all the essential brands that manufacture great travel purses. Certainly, this is one of my favorite brands. As far as this bag is concerned, it is among the best crossover bags for travel, in my opinion.

There are two common styles of purses, one is wide and the other one is tall. It depends on your needs when you pick a travel purse. This Baggallini Everywhere bag among the wide bags with a width of 12 inches, unlike the typical 9 inches wide bags that are of no good to the users.

There are plenty of pockets in this bag, including two front pouches, one zip, and a snap. Also, there is another front pocket, along with the main compartment that can conveniently accommodate an iPad and various other things. You can also find another thin pocket at the back of the purse where you can keep your ID or boarding pass for quick access. This pocket can be unzipped at the bottom and can conveniently slide on to the handle of luggage to hold it on during transport.


Wider pockets

Decent organization

Multiple compartments

Easy to carry


Not all pockets are useful


#3. eBags Piazza DayBag 2.0 

Oh well, this one has some really striking features such as RFID blocker. The eBags Piazza Day Bag 2.0 has so much to offer that it is my favorite. I cannot plan a trip without this bag. It is lined with protective material, so everything inside the bag is RFID protected.

The soft material of this bag is yet another key feature that you will appreciate. It is made with nylon material that does not get snagged or ripped easily. As I said earlier, there is a lot of space in this purse. It’s very well laid out with three exterior flat zip pockets where you can keep stuff that requires immediate access. Furthermore, there are two side pockets that are perfect for storing bottles of water or sunglasses. You know, the zipper bags are not as durable, as far as my experience is concerned. However, this one is an exception because it is designed with a well-made self-repairing YKK RC coil zipper. It does not break at all. I have used this bag for many years and it is still in a great position.


Multiple color options available

Waterproof material

Suitably priced

Comfortable to travel with


Might be too big for some users


#4. Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag

Come on, let’s face it, sometimes we all get a little paranoid before travel. Afraid that your purse might get stole? Well, you are not the only one with such a threat. Getting robbed while on travel is more common than you know. Well, if you want to be safe then the Travelon anti-theft classic bag is the right choice for you. You might think that it is too small, yes it is. But, you can get a larger version of this model also.

Let’s start with what I love in this purse. For starters, this one has got a slash-proof strap. It also has a locking main compartment and RFID card slots for extra protection of your belongings. Isn’t it great?

You know how don’t want to leave your bag laying on the floor or on the chair in a restaurant. Well, with this one, you don’t have to leave it anywhere as it can easily sit in your lap. Trust me, there is no extra weight to bother you. Still no? Well, then the strap of this bag is made to be attached to a chair to prevent stealing.

It has got a decent height of 9.5 inches which is suitable enough for all your major belongings. It’s not really large, still, you can stuff a lot of content inside such as passports, iPad mini, your phone, wallet, keys, and sunglasses. Oh, I almost forgot, there is a small LED light attached on the inside. You can easily check out the stuff inside the purse.


Anti-theft measures

LED light

Great organization

Suitably sized


Not too many pockets


#5. Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Travel Purse

Surprisingly, the scanning machines that are there in malls or metro stations or even at the airports have the ability to read the information on the credit cards that we carry in our bags. That is why it is important to carry a bag that can conceal this information from such machines. This bag has amazing protection against theft that includes an RFID blocker so that the electronic cards cannot be read in these machines.

The slash-proof material and straps make it quite wonderful and effective. One of the greatest things is that the outside pockets have locking zippers. This way, if you have kept something important, you don’t have to worry about its safety. The strap is hooked to the bag with a sturdy carabiner. You can clip or unclip it and secure it to something, such as the table at a restaurant.

The prime inner pocket has a lot of space to keep your stuff and for easy organization. You get a credit card slot at the back pocket and some extra room for the travel documents. There is also a dedicated pocket for the passport. In the two small pockets on each side of the purse, you can keep a small umbrella or water bottle. I like to put my keys on the outer pockets. This way I don’t have to struggle to find them on reaching back home.


Dedicated passport pocket

Suitably sized

Great features

Stunning looks


Sizing is a little inconsistent


#6. Baggalline Pocket Crossbody Travel Purse

It won’t be wrong to call this one as a small travel purse that might not suit everyone’s needs. The Baggallini pocket crossbody purse is only 8.5 inches wide and around 2 inches in thickness. However, the good part is that it has well-zippered interior pockets. Furthermore, the three exterior pockets and credit card slots are available to help you with the easy organization. Since there is a dedicated passport pocket, you don’t have to struggle to find it when needed. There is a room for Kindle. However, a tablet might exceed the size of the purse. It’s a great option because of the streamlined making and being lightweight. If you have fewer things to carry while traveling then this bag is suitable for your needs. However, if you like to carry a lot of stuff then prefer some other item from the list.

The strap is adjustable so you can move it up or down however you are comfortable. The strap is not incredibly sturdy so you might have to be careful, especially in the crowded places. Another thing that I was pretty impressed with was the removable RFID wristlet. You can fearlessly carry your cards if you want. The back pocket is suitably sized to stash your smartphone so you can save yourself from the trouble of going through the entire purse to get the phone.


RFID wristlet

Passport pocket

Various compartments

Outer pocket solely for the phone


Small size


#7. Peak Gear Active Crossbody Purse

This model from Peak Gear is not just stylish but highly functional. If you are an avid traveler like me then this is a bag that you would highly appreciate. It comes in two color options and both are equally exciting.

The cross body bag is highly suitable for your next adventure. It is made with flexible nylon and gives you amazing durability. Also, it can resist water so take it out without worrying about the changing weather. Furthermore, the organization is ensured through multiple pockets. The YKK branded zippers ensure jam-free use of the pockets.

To increase the security of your personal information, there is a hidden RFID pouch where you can put all the cards and ID to enjoy protection against electronic theft. All the pockets consist of secure magnetic closures and make the small purse extremely convenient to use.

The brand offers exceptional customer service and you can also get an extended warranty on request. This is one of the most superior products that I have come across while researching the best travel purse.


Extremely functional


Hidden RFID pouch

Exceptional customer service




#8. Estalon Leather Crossbody Purse

I have a keen fondness for the leather products that is why this is one of the most desired models that I want to use. Well, as I said, this one is made with a leather exterior which means that it will require more maintenance from the users. There are three color choices available.

While the size is small, it is still suitable to incorporate all the essential stuff that you need. The bag is carefully constructed with 2 exterior zip compartments and 1 interior zip compartment. Also, there is a dedicated pocket to keep your mobile phone easily accessible and handy. It also has a holder and strap adjuster. There are YKK zippers to ensure seamless usage of the purse and to increase its durability.

The material used in its making is 100% authentic leather. It has a gorgeous and timeless look. You can use it for many years to come without worrying about it getting out of style.

The construction is done studily so you don’t have to be concerned about bag breaking out any time soon. This is a perfect model for the women of superior choice.


100% authentic leather

3 color choices available

Highest quality standards

Great in style


Needs care and maintenance


#9. Baggallini Triple Zip Bagg

I think this one is probably the smallest purses that I’ve chosen for my list. Honestly, I have used this bag for a lot of trips and I guess it has accompanied me for more than 10 years. The length is merely 7 inches, so you might have to keep limited articles in the bag. However, its small size does bring some perks to the table. It is really easy to carry this one, especially if you have a handful of things to keep in your travel purse.

As far as the inner pockets are concerned, they are not bogged down with dividers, thus making it easy for you to stuff all that you have in a single compartment. It is suitably sized and has enough room for your passport, a camera, keys, and a few other things.

Another unique thing about this bag is that it has got detachable straps and there are belt loops on the back. You can use it the way you want. You can wear it like a side pack or simply hook inside another bag. The front zipper gives you enough room to put your phone.


Easy to carry


Amazing color options

Front pocket to keep mobile phone


Not suitable for people who keep a lot of stuff in a travel purse


#10. eBags Villa Crossbody 2.0

Among the smallest bags, the eBags Villa is a shining member that can not be missed. It comes in a size of 10.5 inches height and width, and 2 inches thicker. There is plenty of space inside for the essentials. You can also keep a book or tablet inside it.

There are two zippered front pockets, one main top-zipping compartment, and u-zip rear compartments. I would say that this is among the strongest contenders in the race of the best crossover travel bag for women.

There are two front compartments Inside the front compartment. These pockets are meant to accommodate phone and sunglasses. One of them is fleece-lined so that no harm can come to the screen of the phone.

Also, there is another compartment where you can keep your keys. There is something that I didn’t like about this bag is the strap which is narrow and doesn’t connect very securely to the bag. Other than that there are no flaws in this model.


Excellent quality

Great for basic essentials

Decent looks

Multiple compartments


The straps are too narrow to connect securely with anything


Best Travel Purse


For me, there are two clear winners. The first one is Plambag Canvas Travel Purse which is large in size, gives you great support, and perfect for a long holiday. Furthermore, it suits the personality of a man or a woman. You can read all the features in detail above.

The second one that I fancy a lot is the Peak Gear Active Crossbody Purse. The brand simply gets what a traveler needs. There are sufficient compartments to help you keep all the essentials in the right places.

All the other models that are discussed in my list are great in their own unique way. I can proudly say that all these brands are working so efficiently to manufacture these products. Go ahead and make a selection. You will never have to regret.

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