10 Best Travel Umbrellas 2023 Reviews

Firstly, we will be discussing something that’s always a great thing to have handy no matter where you’re going, the best travel umbrellas for you. Incorporating every important aspect from size to strength to where you can get it from whether it be months before your next trip or only a week before.

In this new day and age, almost everything is accessible from the comfort of our own houses, making it easier to get things you might need especially if you’re traveling with a big group of people notably children. Almost every product is at our fingertips nowadays purely for our convenience.

“How do I go about choosing the right umbrella?”, you might ask. To adequately choose an umbrella perfect for you and your needs there are plenty of factors to keep in mind. Will I be sharing the umbrella or will it be only for me? How much space am I willing to have it take up? Is it strong enough to withstand extreme weather? These are just a few questions that might come to mind while looking for your perfect umbrella.

Let’s begin the countdown to finding your most suitable umbrella:

Best Travel Umbrellas

Top 10 Best Travel Umbrellas

Betsey Johnson Designer Travel Umbrella (Rose Stripe)4.9
PFFY 2 PCAK Compact Travel Umbrella Windproof Collapsible4.6
OfficeLead Travel Umbrella, 10 Bones Auto Open Close Compact Umbrella4.8
VAN BEEKEN Umbrella Windproof I Wind Resistant Travel Umbrella4.7
Viteps Windproof Travel Umbrella4.6
WSKY 12 Ribs Inverted Umbrella Windproof Automatic Folding Umbrella4.7
VIWINVELA Inverted Automatic Umbrella Double Layer Windproof4.8
SY COMPACT Travel Umbrella Windproof Automatic4.6
Repel Umbrella Windproof Double Vented Travel Umbrella4.7
Miserwe Umbrella 12 Ribs Windproof Lengthened Handle Travel Umbrella4.8

1. Betsey Johnson Designer Travel Umbrella (Rose Stripe)

Designed with different fashion statements scattered on the outer and inner parts of the umbrella, this is fit just for those ladies with a particular fashion sense who want to make that bold statement with everything down to the accessories.

The eye-catching, but fun and cute pattern makes it accessible for people of all ages without it looking too grown or too childish. Equipped with a three-section frame, auto-open/close, and a high fiberglass handle, you can feel like you’re walking in luxury anywhere you go. You can get these cutesy umbrellas with single lips, a pink rose stripe, a shiny smooch, pink/blue flower stripe, dotty roses, dreamy cheetah, flower stripes, happy pineapples, insects & flowers, insects & ruffles, retro rainbow stripes or the xox betsey design.


Cute Design

Auto open & close

Fun patterns


Designs made primarily for women

Gloss handle makes it harder to get a good grip

Non inverted closing design

No umbrella warranty

Covers only 1 person.

2. PFFY 2 PCAK Compact Travel Umbrella Windproof Collapsible

All come in two packs that you could use if you wanted to keep one in one place, maybe at home, and one to take with you when you travel. Especially since it’s a small package it makes it easier to store making it easy to keep them anywhere compact and out of sight.

These umbrellas are as windproof as a strong, small umbrella can be without turning inside out. Also worth mentioning is this umbrella is great for kids because it’s almost unbreakable with a three-fold, chrome-plated metal shaft and a strong metal frame. It has automatic open and close features.


Pack includes 2 umbrellas.

Automatic open & close.

Almost unbreakable.


Covers 2 people.


Slippery handle

No umbrella warranty

3. OfficeLead Travel Umbrella, 10 Bones Auto Open Close Compact Umbrella

Leaning for a more affordable umbrella? Well, this one might just be it. This umbrella is equipped with a fast open and close one press automatic folding switch. The best part is it’s special windproof/waterproof design and performance.

It has a strengthened black metal shaft and ten reinforced fiberglass ribs that allow it to protect against strong winds without it turning inside out, as well as it’s high-density impact cloth that allows for better waterproofing without water droplets soaking through or leaking. Even in overflowing downpours, it stays waterproof, weatherproof and instantly dries. The build is a foldable thirteen inches long and one pound to carry, it can be slipped into a backpack, briefcase or any other item you travel with.


Fast & automatic open/close

High density impact waterproof & windproof cloth

Compact lightweight

Umbrella warranty


Slippery handle

Protects more sun then wind/rain

Not very sturdy

4. VAN BEEKEN Umbrella Windproof I Wind Resistant Travel Umbrella

Coming into fourth place are these special umbrellas with Teflon coating technology enabling it to offer superior water-repelling abilities and maximum protection from any precipitation. They are sturdy, windproof and durable because of the nine resin, reinforced fiberglass ribs. They are super compact and lightweight with its small size of 11.4 inches and its weight of 13.5 ounces, coming equipped with a hard case and an extra-large sleeve with a zipper for easy storage anywhere. Also, they include an automatic open/close button with a comfortable, slip-proof, rubberized handle with wrist straps for easier carrying.


Auto open & close

Large canopy

Comes with case & large sleeve for storage

Rubberized handle

Extra windproof


No warranty

Hard to retract

5. Viteps Windproof Travel Umbrella

They come in multiple sizes ranging from 42” – 68” inches. Enhanced durability enabled to protect against rain, winds and strong sunlight. Including a double or single canopy design for the benefit of being able to absorb strong gusts of wind without flipping over. And also has that special type of fabric, named 210T, that has a higher thread density and a tighter fabric weave that gives the sturdy umbrella, ultimate water repellency.

In case you don’t want to go with the basic black, multiple color options are available including red, blue, gray and red/black blend (black on the outside, red on the inside), etc. Automatic opening and folding is an asset as well to make your life less of a hassle, especially if you happen to have a handful that day.


Many color choices

Enhanced durability

Automatic open/close

Umbrella warranty


Not very travel sized

Closing is difficult

6. WSKY 12 Ribs Inverted Umbrella Windproof Automatic Folding Umbrella

This umbrella has a different sense of style than the usual with it’s inverted design. With this reverse folding design, it prevents water droppings from getting everywhere, especially your clothes. It is super windproof with it’s twelve reinforced fiberglass ribs well supported by a premier stainless steel stretcher.

Tested against sunlight, it’s canopy will protect you from those strong UV rays if you happen to be somewhere where the sun is always out. It is also extremely waterproof with it’s 210 Teflon fabric and waterproof technology allowing you to shake it off after use and put it in your bag mess-free. Automatic open and close makes it easy to use with a single hand. At less than one pound in weight and thirteen-inch length makes it extremely easy to put anywhere and carry it around without any hassle. A special 24/7 customer service line is in order just in case you break it and need a replacement, it malfunctions or any other reason you might have for calling them.


Inverted design

Automatic open & close

Rubberized handle

Waterproof & windproof

Lighter & stronger


Doesn’t close easily

Not sturdy

7. VIWINVELA Inverted Automatic Umbrella Double Layer Windproof

This umbrella is just slightly better because it has more fashionable designs for less money and was rated the #1 New Release for golfers according to amazon. It also has that new inverted design that prevents water from dropping out when you close it, as well as that automatic open and close feature for those people that travel with a lot of stuff in their hands.

Still lightweight at under one pound and at twelve inches lengthwise, it’s an inch smaller than the previous one still making it easily portable and able to fit almost anywhere. A more enhanced feature, however, is the double-layer canopy that provides high water repellency and UV light protection but additional vents allow slight winds to pass through for those hot summer days. The special designs on the insides of the umbrellas make each one even more unique and appealing.


Multiple designs

Inverted umbrella design

Auto open & close

Lightweight & portable


Bulky on the outside

No warranty

8. SY COMPACT Travel Umbrella Windproof Automatic

The next one up is another affordable but reliable umbrella. It is a premium quality, stainless steel, ultra-slim, windproof travel umbrella. It’s been tested for durability up to 5000 times and can withstand winds up to fifty-five miles per hour without bending or flipping over. The umbrella’s canopy has been tested to make sure water does not soak through or leak, even in downpours. The rubber grip handle makes it easy to keep it secure and slip-free in your hand.

It has auto open and close features, measures thirteen inches long and weighs twelve ounces for easy and quickly accessible storage. The best part is even if you lose or break the umbrella, just contact the manufacturer on your own with your receipt and they will send you a repair replacement for free.


Auto open & close

Withstands heavy gusts & downpours

Wide range of shades

Durability tested


Hard to lock in open position

No warranty

Small size causes backpacks to get slightly wet

9. Repel Umbrella Windproof Double Vented Travel Umbrella

This umbrella is a #1 Best Seller in the folding umbrellas categories and was featured on Good Morning America. Automatic open and close functions allow easy one-hand usage. It measures 11.5 inches long and weighs less than one pound making it easily packable. With its wind defying, the double vented canopy is made to flex slightly while withstanding strong winds without turning inside out. The special Teflon coating provides super repellency making the umbrella waterproof, weatherproof and the ability to instantly dry.

Quality workmanship went into the making of this specific umbrella because it’s designed with a three-fold, chrome-plated metal shaft. It also has a strong metal frame allowing for greater stability in higher winds. The slip-proof, rubberized handle makes it easier to get a good grip with wrist straps allows for easier handling without it falling completely out of your hands. It comes with a protective travel sleeve.


Automatic open/close

Compact & lightweight

Wind defying technology

Superior Repellency

Quality craftsmanship

World Renowned

Umbrella warranty


Doesn’t protect well against strong winds

Not built to last in extreme conditions

Metal ribs sometimes break though the material if overused

10. Miserwe Umbrella 12 Ribs Windproof Lengthened Handle Travel Umbrella

It is durable and sturdy with its super windproof umbrella of twelve ribs made of premium fiberglass designed to easily withstand powerful gusts of wind and heavy rain. Each umbrella is designed with an ergonomic handle of 3.6 inches making it easier to hold and feel as well as staying comfortable.

The lightweight, quick-drying feature gives you the best protection from rainstorms, strong winds, and even hail. It’s portable and lightweight design, compact size and handle that has an automatic open-close button makes your life so much easier and comes with an upscale waterproof covering for easy carrying without getting other items wet.


Sturdy and durable

Rubberized, easy to hold handle



Slip proof wrist strap

Umbrella warranty


Hard to close

Flimsy wrist strap if overused

Heavy for a travel umbrella

Best Travel Umbrellas


Now that we’ve finally narrowed down the Top 10 travel umbrellas, we have moved on to the actual hard part: picking the right one for you. Sometimes when you’re shopping online for things you get distracted by the things you want but can’t have maybe for reasons such as budget, timing, accessibility or whatever other factors. Firstly, I would suggest you make sure you aren’t going out of your way to getting an expensive umbrella that will collect dust in the corner of your house after you complete your trip. But otherwise here are some of the questions you might have on the choosing process:

How do I know which umbrella is best for my travel destination? 

You should look at your destination’s weather forecast as well as how much precipitation or sun is normal at that time of year you will be traveling. Doing the research will give you the knowledge of what to look for in your umbrella search.

Are the more expensive umbrellas of higher quality than the others?

The majority of the time, no they are not. Sometimes competitors that are known for their branding, endorsements, publicity, etc raise the price on their items because they’re already well known and established. There are millions of competitors out there that may even have better quality, eco-friendly products for way less than those authorized brands. Don’t go breaking the bank for a travel umbrella just because of how nice it looks.

What if I need an umbrella to protect against UV rays? 

You need to focus more on umbrellas that have proven to have that extra protection against UV rays rather than umbrellas just for precipitation because some just shade and others protect against UV rays.

What if my umbrella breaks?

If you know that you or someone in your party is clumsy or prone to break something I would suggest looking for umbrellas that come with a lifetime warranty. Most of these companies listed allow you to either sign up for warranty directly through their website or through amazon themselves.

Can you fit two people under the umbrella?

I would say no if you’re looking for that small, compact, easily accessible yet easy to fit anywhere umbrella because of those travel-sized umbrellas made for easy packing without taking up much space. But if you wanted to try and fit two people underneath with that type of umbrella, at least some part of one of both of you and your party would get affected by whatever weather condition you’re trying to protect yourself against. However, some of these umbrellas do come in larger sizes when you find them on Amazon if that’s what is necessary for you and your party.

Do these umbrellas auto shut?

Yes, the majority of umbrellas auto open and shut. But although they auto shut they do not retract, that you will have to do manually.

When wearing a large backpack, will the umbrellas be good enough to use?

Yes, if you’re traveling with a large backpack, purse or briefcase the umbrellas will cover everything.

Do the umbrellas easily fit into their cover/case? 

Depending on how tightly you wrap it back up after use will determine if you can slip it back in with ease or if you will have to fight a little to get it back in its case. But keep in mind not all umbrellas listed come with covers or cases, some only come with the wrist strap.

Will this get through TSA carry on?


How do I get the water off the inverted umbrellas? 

After you close the umbrella, with its automatic shut feature, you would just shake the umbrella in the same way you do with your regular one to get out the water droplets.

Do all of these umbrellas protect against the sun?

Technically all of these umbrellas will shield you from the sun but they will not protect you from the sun’s UV rays which is the important part.

Don’t go spend all the money in your bank account because you want to look luxurious on your vacation. Make sure you’re able to use the umbrella when you return home from the trip too.

Say, for example, if you live in a state like Texas where you may not get a lot of snow, rain or hail, but you sure do get that sun 24/7, and you’re going on a trip out of country to the Bahamas where they get unexpected rain all the time based off of their tropical climate. You’ll need an umbrella that can protect against the rain, definitely, but can still primarily block UV rays for when you return home.

I would suggest going with the fourth or fifth option on this list since one of the main objectives that they were made and tested for is their protection against UV rays. This is just one out of the hundred thousand examples for what you should look for in your travel umbrella needs and apply it to your everyday life as well as your vacation necessities.


All in all your perfect travel umbrella depends on you, what you’re looking for, the weather you will be facing at your specific travel destination and how portable an umbrella you’re looking for are all factors that come into choosing an umbrella meant for you. I hope this article gave you much more insight in order to narrow down your options. Remember these are just our top ten picks off of Amazon, but there are millions of options to fit everybody’s needs in case these don’t meet your requirements. Also great to keep in mind that just because something looks good and is expensive does not mean that it’s the best quality for what you need.

Don’t forget to keep yourself updated on our new website for all your travel needs, dreams and wants. New articles will be coming out constantly covering every topic you can think of that is travel related. Make sure you stay tuned on this website for more top 10, reviews, tips, tricks, hacks, funny stories, etc all on traveling and all your travel needs. Thanks for taking the time to read we appreciate all the support, I hope we could help you out on your endeavors! Stay tuned and keep a lookout for the next article!

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