11 Best Under Seat Luggage 2023

Seeing airlines are all the time asking for higher fees on checked baggage, passengers need to choose the best under seat luggage that allows them to pack smartly. It doesn’t matter if you’re one of those travelers who has to all the time go around the world for business or you’re just looking to visit a friend who moved to another country, you can carry in your under seat luggage everything you need for your trip.

Think about the fact that you’ll have to keep your documents and plane ticket in a pocket with easy access, so have a good look at your bag before buying it. The underseater will be for you what a purse is for any lady, so make sure it’s well compartmented and that it can hold everything you may need in an emergency.

Read this article further. You’ll be sure to find the perfect hand luggage for you.

Best Under Seat Luggage

How to Choose the Best Under Seat Luggage?

Depending on what you need from your luggage, you can opt for one of the many models available. However, there are a few features that every baggage you carry with you on the plane needs to have.


For example, you definitely need the dimensions of your bag to be according to what most airlines require. This is why you should go for an under seat luggage of under 22” x 17” x 10”. Anything larger than this and you’re no longer allowed to take the bag with you. The Samsonite Underseat Spinner II is only 16.5” x 13.75” x 9”, so you’re safe with it when it comes to dimensions.


Second of all, it would be a good idea for you to choose something that’s easy to carry around. It can be a hassle having to hold a bag in your hands during the long hours you spend waiting to get on a plane.

As said before, the Underseat Spinner II can be pushed in any direction, making it comfortable for you to move around the airport without any worry that your hand or back are tired or hurting. The handle is activated at the push of a button, so it’s easy to place this luggage anywhere, incredibly fast.


Another thing you should consider when choosing your luggage is style. Since the hand bag is the one you make and entrance with when arriving at a destination, you may want to consider buying something that looks nice.

Samsonite has got us all used with their elegance and quality materials. The Underseat Spinner II impresses with the beautiful Majolica Blue color and the stylish appearance. Not to mention how practical it is to have access to all the items in your bag without having to make a mess in only one compartment.


Buy something that offers quality at a good price. The best under seat luggage should offer you everything you need from it, at a good price. If you can afford something very expensive, keep in mind you’re often only paying for the brand. It’s easy to find the exact same features on a bag for which you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

If you scroll down, you can find your best choices. Read more and decide what under seat luggage suits you best!

Best Under Seat Luggage

Top 11 Best Under Seat Luggage

Samsonite Underseat Spinner II 4.7
Lucas Wheeled Underseat Bag4.6
AmazonBasics Underseat Luggage4.9
Aerolite Underseat Luggage Carry On Suitcase4.7
TPRC 15” Under Plane Seat “The Rafael” Luggage4.9
Samsonite Wheeled Underseater4.8
Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat Bag
Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On with Back-Up Bag4.7
Kenneth Cole Reaction Dot Matrix4.8
High Sierra Endeavor Wheeled Underseat Carry-On4.6
Travelers Club Luggage 17” Top Expandable Underseater4.8

In case you don’t like the Undeseat Spinner II, there are many other options from which you can choose. All the following bags can be considered the best under seat luggage. You should decide based on your needs and taste.

1. Samsonite Underseat Spinner II

Samsonite could help you have the most comfortable flight, and you won’t have to pay an extra fee for your luggage. Their Underseat Spinner II is quite elegant and has many features, including an USB port. Fitting under most of airline seats, this bag is made from mesh lining and could easily be called the best under seat luggage, as it’s ergonomic and practical.

Besides, it features an exterior pocket, so you can put here your ticket and passport. It’s just awful to have to look for these things in your luggage, especially when you’re hurrying to go through the Check-In at the airport. You can take a book or a magazine with you, in the same compartment.

The Samsonite Underseat Spinner II can be taken anywhere. It has 4 multi-directional wheels that go in every direction. Keep in mind the USB port is only that, so it doesn’t include a battery, which you’ll have to buy separately. The handle is adjustable, meaning that if you happen to be very tall or very short, you won’t feel uncomfortable pulling or pushing this trolley. The 10-year warranty from Samsonite makes this bag worthy of anyone’s money.

Therefore, this is not only a stylish and practical underseater, but also one that gets immediately replaces if it malfunctions. It also features a compartment for the laptop, but some users of 15” screens have complained their gadgets didn’t perfectly fit in this pocket. If you have something under 15”, you can relax. In case your laptop is bigger, you may need to keep your packing lighter.

Travelling with a low-cost airline, you need to check their policies on luggage. Some of these companies have different under seat restrictions, so the Samsonite Underseat Spinner II can be too large for you to be able to take it with you on the plane for free. In case you haven’t opted for a low-cost flight, you can buy this model without worrying. If this bag doesn’t meet the requirements of your airline, you can choose from the many options presented in this article.

Don’t hesitate to read more and to look at what underseaters are available on the market. After all, this article is meant to help you choose the best under seat luggage, according to what type of traveler you are. Let’s see what you need to know before deciding what to buy.






Has only one front pocket

It’s not so lightweight


2. Lucas Wheeled Underseat Bag

If you want to pack things separately, then this Lucas bag is perfect for you. Having many compartments for all your items and featuring a special case for toiletry, you can organize your things perfectly in this underseater.

More than this, it includes travel slippers and a document holder. The pockets have zippers and fold, so you have easy access to everything you need in your luggage. Spacious and featuring wheels, you can carry this bag everywhere, either in your hand or in its wheels. The handle is activated by a button. Available in black, blue and red, you can use the Lucas in all your travels.






Not too stylish

Too many exterior pockets


3. AmazonBasics Underseat Luggage

This bag from Amazon is quite amazing because it combines practicality with elegance. Fitting in most overhead compartments of airlines, as well under the seat, it measures 13” x 13” x 9”. Made from polyester, it comes with the one-year warranty from Amazon. You can fit some clothes and even a pair of shoes in it.

You can put your passport and a magazine in the front pocket. The handle is telescopic and activated at the push of a button. No matter where you want to go, the wheels will help you carry it, so your hands will never get tired.


Good price




Zippers can easily break if you force them


4. Aerolite Underseat Luggage Carry On Suitcase

Available only in red, this underseater can be perfect for ladies. It’s classy and in the same time ergonomic. Perfect for carrying what any woman needs the most when traveling, it fits inside the main pocket a few clothes and toiletries, not to mention that it has a few special compartments for the phone and your documents.

Aerolite has always used the best materials and made bags that can last for a lifetime. This under seat luggage for women is also durable and beautifully crafted, so you can be sure to make an impression with it, no matter where you may be going. Besides, it comes with a 2-year warranty, so if it malfunctions or has any defects, you can always ask for a replacement.


It’s elegant

Has enough compartments

2-year warranty


Available only in red


5. TPRC 15” Under Plane Seat “The Rafael” Luggage

The TPRC Rafael model is made from polyester and looks very nice. You can put your passport and plane ticket in one of the front pockets. It can last you for a lifetime, if you’re careful with it. While featuring an USB port, the power bank and the cord are not included in the price.

Without spending too much, you can have an under seat luggage that gives you a business look. The wheels are very helpful for you to carry it anywhere. This bag from TPRC is available in 3 colors: black, blue and purple. If you travel a lot, you surely could use its functionality and elegance.



Good price

Side USB port


The handle can break if you’re rough with it


6. Samsonite Wheeled Underseater

Another Samsonite underseater, this bag has exterior pockets for you to put your documents and anything you need fast access too. It’s made from a combination of polyester and nylon, so it can last you for a very long time, especially if you take good care of it. Featuring wheels and a button-activated handle, you can take it with you anywhere, not only on the plane and around the airport.

The dimensions are 13” x 13” x 6.5”, but this doesn’t mean you can’t fit in it what you need the most in it. As a matter of fact, if you know how to pack efficiently, there’s a good chance for you to put inside a pair of shoes and some clothes. All of the pockets, including the main one, have zippers.



Belongs to a famous brand


A little bit expensive

Not too spacious


7. Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat Bag

This Delsey underseater is perfect for women because it looks classy. Inside, it has compartments for large items and toiletries, as well for smaller things you may want to take with you. The exterior pockets can be used for documents and the plane ticket. Compact and lightweight, this bag allows you to carry everything you need with you, on the plane. Its dimensions make it perfect for the overhead compartment or for being placed under the seat.

You surely can make an impression with this elegant bag made from polyester. It’s available in many colors, ranging from navy and light blue to purple and violet. If you want something simpler, you can always opt for the black version of it.


It’s elegant



Not quite suitable for men


8. Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On with Back-Up Bag

Travelon has probably the best under seat luggage on the market. This bag is durable and looks elegant. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lady or a gentleman, you can take it with you on the plane and impress everyone. Featuring one main compact pocket where you can put your clothes and maybe a pair of shoes, it also has exterior compartments for what you must use all the time, like your passport and the plane ticket.

Unlike other underseaters on the market, it has a special compartment for your water, so you don’t have to carry the bottle in your hand, losing it every time you decide to take a seat and have a break. You can clean this bag without too much effort. All it needs is a wipe. This underseater from Travelon is definitely high-quality and looks different.




Easy to clean


Quite pricey


9. Kenneth Cole Reaction Dot Matrix

This beautiful underseater from Kenneth Cole offers probably the easiest maneuverability. Featuring dual skate wheels and two types of handles, it can be carried any place, not only around the airport or the train station. The main compartment is spacious, so you can fit inside everything you need for a short trip. It also has exterior pockets for you to put the things you need fast access to, like your documents and a book.

Made from polyester, this bag can last you for a lifetime, not to mention the dot it will never go out of style. Because it’s very lightweight, you never have to worry any airline will ask you to take things out of it, just to be able to travel. With 10-year warranty from the manufacturer, you can be sure this is the hand luggage for you.



Easy to carry


10-year warranty


The dots may not be to everyone’s liking


10. High Sierra Endeavor Wheeled Underseat Carry-On

The High Sierra on wheels is definitely the best choice for someone who’s always on the run and spends a lot of time in airports. Featuring a sporty design and compact, this underseater is perfect for those who have to travel for work. It has a special laptop compartment and can be maneuvered without effort.

Its interior is divided, so you can fit inside everything you need, including a pair of shoes. It can be said it’s the best under seat luggage for those who need to travel for business. The main handle is retractable and activated by a button. The wheels make it easier to be taken any place, so you can use it if you have to travel by train or bus too. The exterior pockets can be used for storing the plane ticket and your documents, also a book or a magazine.

The price can be a little bit too high, but it’s surely a good idea to spend your money on this underseater, especially if you need to take a laptop with you.




Laptop compartment


Sporty look



11. Travelers Club Luggage 17” Top Expandable Underseater

At a very good price, the Travelers Club 17” underseater is made from cationic polyester and can last you for a lifetime. Just like the High Sierra bag, it features a special compartment for the laptop, so you can use it for any business trip.

Different from other under seat luggages available on the market, it can expand, so you can use 8.5” of space when you need to. Besides, it has a 2-in-1 side USB port, so you can charge your electronics anytime. It can be taken anywhere, no matter if you have to travel by train or by bus, not to mention it’s perfect for the airplane, regardless the airline. Make sure you don’t use it expanded when you take it with you on the plane, though. Therefore, if you go somewhere for work and you need your laptop, this is definitely the underseater for you.


High-quality for a good price



Not very stylish

Available only in gray


Best Under Seat Luggage


This section answers the most frequently asked questions about the bag you can take with you on the plane. Don’t hesitate to read it before deciding on a bag.

How Many Bags Can I Take on the Plane?

When traveling by air, you can only take one bag on the plane. Depending on the airline, you may also be allowed to have one personal item as well. This is because the overhead and under seat spaces on airplanes are limited. The dimensions of the luggage you take with you shouldn’t be larger than 22” x 14” x 9”. In case you arrive at the check-in with something bigger, you may not be allowed to travel.

Should I Buy a Wheeled Under Seat Luggage?

Airlines don’t specify what kind of under seat luggage to have. Therefore, you can opt for a wheeled or a hand one. The Samsonite Underseat Spinner II has wheels that can turn in any direction, meaning it’s easy to carry around and to maneuver. However, you can always choose a bag that doesn’t have wheels. What you choose is only a matter of what makes you feel comfortable.

Wheeled underseaters are recommended because they don’t require too much effort to be carried around. The models available are classy, so you can make a good impression even if you don’t have a handbag. Perhaps a business partner is waiting for you at the airport, case in which the way your bag looks matters a lot.

Should I Go for Something Expensive?

Just like with any other product on the market, the price of your under seat luggage matters. You shouldn’t spend all your money on something expensive. In the same time, try and choose a bag that looks good and is ergonomic. The materials from which is built should be durable, so go for polyester.

If you can afford an expensive bag, don’t hesitate to take it. However, if you just want to be practical, make sure to go for something that offers quality at a good price. The underseaters presented in this article feature everything you need and have good prices, not to mention the Samsonite Underseat Spinner II is a bargain considering the brand and its functionality.


If you want to feel perfect in your trips, make sure to look for the luggage features you need the most when it comes to traveling by air. In the same time, keep in mind that the airplane and the airport may not be the only places where you need to carry your bag. Look for something that has exterior compartments because you’ll need to show your documents and plane ticket a lot, especially if you travel a lot by air.

The Samsonite Underseat Spinner II can be the best under seat luggage, but if you don’t like it or perhaps it doesn’t meet your needs, there are many other models for you to choose from. It’s your money, so make sure you spend it wisely. Have a safe a trip!

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