10 Best Weekender Bags for Men 2023 Reviews

Going on a trip is both exciting and stressing. That’s why it’s important to know what to bring based on length of stay and where you are going and to choose the best travel bag.

So, a suitcase or a travel bag for your weekend trip?

If you want more freedom, you will probably opt for the travel bag; this is the best weekender bag for men and the easiest and classiest smart option to travel.

But how to choose? And which model to take among the thousands that exist and that you can find online? This complete shopping guide will help you make the right choice.

Best Weekender Bags for Men

Why Choosing a Weekender Bag?

Some people opt for the suitcase to go on a trip while others prefer a simple travel bag. Everything depends on the tastes, desires, and habits of each. To choose to travel with a weekender bag is to always have it with you, to favor freedom, lightness, and ergonomics.

Unlike the suitcase, which requires a large storage area, the weekender travel bag for men is more comfortable to use. It also occupies very little space when traveling around by plane, train, car, or even on a motorbike.

The advantages of the travel bag compared to the suitcase

The weekender travel bag has many benefits: it is small, lightweight, practical, ergonomic. It can be worn all the time with you, even in the cabin when you take the plane.

The suitcase is often bigger, heavier, less convenient, and less ergonomic when you must fly or take the train, for example. And you are obliged to make sure that it will fit in the cabin compartment. Most suitcases are often controlled at check-in, due to the size and weight limit. However, weekender bags are accepted by most flight attendants as they are easier to fit in.

Besides, having your travel bag at your fingertips allows you to access all your stuff at any time. With plenty of practical interiors and exterior pockets, storage areas are endless with travel bags for men.

With wheels, with simple handles, or with shoulder straps, some models of travel bag can also be transformed into a backpack.

Comfortable, light, resistant, ergonomic, elegant, the advantages of the weekender bag for men are not lacking!

Top 10 Best Weekender Bags for Men

Herschel Sutton Duffel Bag4.8
Canway 65L Travel Duffel Bag, Foldable Weekender Bag4.7
Gym Duffle Bag Waterproof Travel Weekender Bag for Men4.7
S-ZONE Oversized Travel Duffel Bag4.6
Leather Duffel Bag 28 inch Large Travel Bag by Komal's Passion Leather4.8
Kemy's Canvas Duffle Bag Oversized Genuine Leather Weekend Bags4.6
Samsonite Wheeled Underseater
Perry Ellis Men's 24" Lightweight Rolling Bag-A324 Duffel Bag4.5
KAKA Travel Duffel Backpack4.5
Inateck 40L Travel Backpack, Flight Approved Carry on Backpack4.6

When choosing the perfect travel bag, you will find different types of weekender bags for men to travel relaxed. The weekender travel bag for men can be the simplest in its class or the trendiest and most expensive. Depending on its size, it can have handles or a shoulder strap. Its particularity is to be light, easy to carry, and comfortable. The choice of design and color is endless, and it has the advantage of being able to be used daily in the city or at work.

The Duffle Bag 

If you want to choose a great weekender bag for men, the duffle bag is a featherweight king. Its rounded ergonomic shapes allow it to slip into the smallest hole for optimal storage. It is also easy to use it as a gym bag or city bag. Convenient and comfortable, its internal storage capacity is unsuspected, and its handles and shoulder strap add to its ease of use. Here is our top selection:

1. Herschel Sutton Duffel Bag

If you are looking for one of the trendiest brands and high-quality products, this is a great duffle bag for you. This weekender bag made of 100% cotton with a synthetic lining offers dimensions. The bag is perfect for a weekend trip:12″ high, 23″ width, 25″ length. It also has a shoulder strap, and it offers a handy exterior pocket.

It is the perfect option to travel, but the Herschel Sutton is also great as a gym bag or a city bag. With Herschel, you have the quality that comes with heavy-duty zippers, etc., but you will have to pay the price for this simple, yet classy weekender duffle bag.


Convenient bag

Easy to carry-on

Trendy brand

More capacity than it looks


Price point

Only one compartment

2. Canway 65L Travel Duffel Bag, Foldable Weekender Bag

This is an excellent value duffle bag that is proposed by Canway. We love this weekender bag for men, which comes with a shoe compartment. Be sure of the high quality of the product made of polyester fabric with high tear resistance and a nice bonus: it is a waterproof weekender bag.

Here you have 65 liters of space within a perfect size travel bag: 26.3 x 13.7 x 12.2 inch, creating a lot of space in the main compartment and six pockets. And to make things even more comfortable, it is a foldable weekender bag that is easy to store.

We also like the two side straps, the removable, the ventilated sides, and the reinforced structure, making the Canway duffel bag a sure bet.


Durable high-quality materials

Water-proof weekender bag

Laundry and shoes compartment

Solid claps and fixtures

Simple yet chic look


Does not fit under the seat in airplane, train and bus

Unfitted shoulder strap for heavy weight

3. Gym Duffle Bag Waterproof Travel Weekender Bag for Men

This a classic and straightforward waterproof 40 liters travel bag that comes at a great price point and value for money.

Everything was developed to be the most accessible and most convenient weekender bag that you can even use daily. We love the separate shoe compartment, and you will surely appreciate this sporty duffel bag with its waterproof lining and ventilated shoe pocket.

With its dimensions about 21.3×10.2×11 inches, this 40-liter weekender bag has some real capacity to pack your stuff for a couple of days. You will also enjoy the many extra pockets all around, the strong and durable zippers, and the simple and elegant design.


High-quality materials et zippers

Simple and classy sport look

Greta space and shoe compartment

Can be converted to a backpack


Plastic parts could be nicer

Lots of straps are hanging from the bag

The Diligence Bag 

These kinds of duffle bags are some of the most famous weekender bags for men, as the diligence bag has been trendy for some time. Of a rare elegance and class, the diligence bag makes it perfect for travel as in daily life. Its vintage style seduces more and more followers, as it is all in all very practical.

Here is our selection of these classic duffle leather bag according to user reviews and some great styles:

4. S-ZONE Oversized Travel Duffel Bag

Made out of canvas and genuine leather trim, we are looking at a classy weekender bag for men and the perfect two days carry-on travel bag.

The S-Zone diligence bag for men is both light and durable thanks to its top-quality materials and construction.

With dimensions of 21.7 (L) x 14.8 (H) x 10.2x(W )inch, this weekender bag offers a real space to pack your clothes and more. You will surely appreciate the fact that you can use it as a carry-on bag on all your flights while keeping this trendy and casual style.

This bag is excellent for all purposes. Perfect for daily short business trips to weekend travels, you will always have enough space while never compromising on style with this retro look.


Good construction

Nice style

Good price

Large capacity


Have to take care of the zippers

A bit heavy due to high-quality materials (leather and jean canvas)

5. Leather Duffel Bag 28 inch Large Travel Bag by Komal’s Passion Leather

This great-looking weekender bag for men comes in 3 sizes: 28, 30, and 32 inches, and this will become your favorite travel bag.

Made from full-grain leather on the outside, the lining of durable canvas, It is all nicely crafted to create a luxurious diligence bag. We are sure you will be proud to choose this weekender bag when traveling.

In terms of space, this weekender bag has a large main compartment, as well as two pockets where to fit your shoes.

It is a unique travel bag with its vintage look, it is functional with its zipped pockets and removable strap. It will be the perfect bag for business trips, short holidays, or even if you want to go camping with style.


Great look and retro style

Good value for money

Durable quality leather

Double shoulder strap for comfort


The zippers could be covered by leather

Only one internal compartment

6. Kemy’s Canvas Duffle Bag Oversized Genuine Leather Weekend Bags

It is another excellent diligence/duffle bag from Kemy’s, made of genuine leather and canvas.

If you are looking for a stylish weekender bag for men, this is an excellent option with its vintage retro style. This bag is a perfect option to travel for an overnight stay as it has a great shoe compartment that will keep the rest of your clothes clean.

It is a spacious travel bag with multiple compartments, great to put your toiletries and all kind of other accessories you want to carry with you.

We love the leather pulls and the adjustable shoulder strap. It is effortless to carry, and you can choose to wear it cross-body or directly on your shoulder.


Great look and style

Meet airline requirements

Quality materials

Many extra pockets and compartments


Shoe compartment is a bit small

The wet pocket is not fully waterproof

The weekender bag with wheels

Often more ergonomic and comfortable than the classic travel bag, the weekender bag with wheels has some significant advantages. It is easily transportable, especially if it is a trolley version. With 2 or 4 wheels, this handy bag sneaks around while allowing your arms and back to relax. Here is our top selection according to our reviews:

7. Samsonite Wheeled Underseater

The critical point of this excellent weekender bag for men is that it fits under the seats on most flights. No wonder you will love the quality as this is a Samsonite travel bag, durable and chic.

You will also appreciate the inline skate wheels that make it easy to roll around in any condition, and the excellent packing space that it offers.

With perfect dimensions: 16.0 inches x 13.0 inches x 7.5 inches, this is an ergonomic weekender bag with a retractable handle and several compartments perfect for storing wet and dry clothes separately.

You will also find a useful exterior pocket to access directly to your travel documents, or store your phone and tablet.


Samsonite is recognized brand

High-quality materials

Durable and stylish

Good capacity and many extra pockets


Price point is high

Slightly larger than some airline restrictions

8. Perry Ellis Men’s 24″ Lightweight Rolling Bag-A324 Duffel Bag

This is another version of a duffle bag but with wheels. It is a great weekender bag for short trips, as you can easily pack all you need in it.

The conception is smart, with durable materials and plastic knobs under the bag, as well as extra reinforcements around the wheels. They also did not forget to add up a shoe pocket, a comfortable extendable handle, and nice compartments to store all your stuff.


Large capacity

Quality materials

Good construction

Sturdy handle and good wheels


Very sporty style

No shoulder straps

The weekender travel backpack

Some travel bags make backpacks, and others are downright hybrid. That is to say that simple travel bag with handles; it turns into a real backpack for even more convenience. This 2 in 1 is very successful, especially among young people and the travelers who will move a lot around.

You will find the top selection of the best weekender backpack bags for men, according to our tests and reviews:

9. KAKA Travel Duffel Backpack

This backpack weekender bag is perfect for an outdoor escape or an overnight trip. Made of sturdy material: durable Oxford, this bag is ideal for the modern active travelers with a useful water repellent conception and a shock-resistant laptop section.

With dimensions of 19 x 12.5 x 9 inches, you will find enough space to pack all you need for travel or to go to work.

The front part also offers many compartments to store your phone and tablet, a useful compartment for some clothes, and even a front pocket of the weekender backpack.


Good design

High-quality materials

Good price point

Many compartments


Not enough padding on the straps

Access to the things at the bottom of the bag

10. Inateck 40L Travel Backpack, Flight Approved Carry on Backpack

With this “flight approved carry-on” bag, Inateck is proposing a great weekender bag for men. The dimensions: 21.6 x 13.4 x 7.1 inches are fitted to fit in all airplanes and offer enough space to fit the biggest laptops and a whole set of clothes for your trip.

You will love the whole well-thought structure with two main pockets, two laptop sections for tablet and computer, clothes compartments, and even a toiletry bag.

Finally, it is also a safe and secure travel bag with lock heads to quickly close your bag at any time and protect your most essential items.


High-quality materials

Easy and comfortable to wear

Large main compartment

Good design and conception

Meets airline requirements


Plastic parts could be nicer

Back panel is not breathable

Best Weekender Bags for Men

How to Choose the Best Weekender Bag for Men?

If you are looking for the right criteria to choose your future weekender travel bag, here are some elements you should consider.

Understanding the different types of bags: 

Whether classic, on wheels, duffel, diligence, waterproof, or backpack, the weekender bag for men comes in all shapes and for all tastes. Everyone has to choose their priorities according to the use that we want to make.


From about 30 cm long to 90 cm long, the travel bag can have a lot of different sizes and dimensions. The choice will depend on the number of personal items you want to put in, but also where the bag will while traveling. The capacity of the bag is also significant. It can vary from 20 liters to 150 liters.

Empty weight

Usually very light, the travel bag has a weight ranging from 500 grams to 1200 grams. It depends on its size of course, but also the materials and its other components (wheels, trolley, handles, etc.)

Interior storage capacity

The interior storage of the travel bag is essential. Small pockets, nets, large pockets: everything must be made for an entire organization of his personal belongings (clothes, shoes, books, computer, toiletries, etc.)

The material

Regarding the material used to make travel bags, it is quite diverse. Bags made of nylon, polyester, polyamide, fabric, leather, nubuck, etc. you will find an extensive range of materials and options.

The type of use

Regular or occasional use? Depending on the use of your weekender travel bag for men, it will be chosen rather large or small, nylon or fabric, more or less light. Regular use will require a more resistant suitcase, while a casual use will allow more flexibility in the choice of the bag.

With or without wheels

A trolley bag can be convenient if the trip is long and hectic and if you have to carry a lot of things within your weekender bag. The wheels allow comfort and practicality not insignificant, especially if the luggage is heavy. While for a short journey, and a bag filled, the wheels will not be essential.

The brand

The brand of the weekender bag can be a quality point if you want it to last in time. Now, many brands offer high-quality travel bags at very competitive prices. However, you do not need to focus on the most famous and expensive brands anymore.


The weekender bags for men come in a wide variety of designs, from the sporty look to the classy look, and from the classic shape to the latest chic and hype trend. Colors are also important in the choice of your weekender bag style.

The price

Depending on the brand and the size of the bag, prices vary from single to double. We can find good weekender bags for men at low rates (about USD 40 to 50) and more expensive weekender bags (up to USD 500).

Best Weekender Bags for Men


Which should be the capacity of my weekender travel bag?

If you travel for the pleasure, visiting a new place, a business trip, or taking a short vacation, the capacity will be less critical. Travel conveniently by choosing a model that combines functional capacity and easy-to-carry design. For these few days, a capacity of 35 liters will be suitable if you leave alone. In the case of a trip for two, consider increasing this capacity according to the clothing and accessories you will need. A soft bag with multiple compartments and easy to carry will simplify your life.

Which are the different sizes of travel bags?

You will find two main sizes of weekender bags for men:

1. The cabin-size travel bag

The cabin-size travel bag is the most used by travelers. Indeed, this is the most practical bag to travel by car, train or plane, because it is lightweight, functional, ergonomic, etc., and most importantly: always with you!

The personal effects are stored in the multiple pockets, and if necessary, you need to look for them directly. Often of a reasonable size and coming with a locker, this cabin size bag is accepted by all airlines because you can store it in the cabin coffers.

2. The large weekender travel bag

The bunker travel bag is also very used, even if you cannot take it in the cabin. Its advantage: its storage capacity. Both light and practical, these larger weekender bags can hold an impressive number of personal belongings, while still being easy to carry. It remains very ergonomic with its multiple storage pockets and comfortable handles. The bunker travel bag also has the advantage of having wheels to facilitate travel.

But overall, when you can, keep in mind that the cabin-size travel bag is always the best option for a weekender bag for men!

What should be the capacity of a travel bag on a business trip?

The capacity of your bag is essential. If your business trip lasts only a few days, you will need only the bare necessities. Its small-capacity will be enough to carry some clothes and a toiletry bag. If your stay is more prolonged, choose luggage in which you can take several suits and clothing that you will need, as well as documents. Do not neglect the compartment for some laundry products.

Conclusions: Suitcase or travel bag?

The final choice should be according to your habits. Choosing a weekender bag for men rather than a suitcase to travel may seem unimportant for some, but be aware that this can change the comfort of your trip.

Indeed, depending on whether you travel by car, bus, train, boat, or plane, etc., as a user can choose one or the other of these two kinds of weekender luggage.

For those who are used to travel with a suitcase, they will probably prefer to take a small cabin one to make the trip. While those who prefer freedom and lightness, a modern look, easy and practical carry-on luggage, will choose to go for the weekender bags for men.

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