6 Big Reasons Canada’s Heliskiing Is World’s Famous!

In this article, we’ll look at the top six Reasons Heli skiing Canada is the world’s popular and why so many come to Heli ski in Canada from around the world.

Background Of  Heli-skiing

The history of heli-skiing in Canada has been about pushing the boundaries of what was possible in skiing. From the early days of mountain guides owning their own helicopters to the modern luxury Heli ski operation, heli-skiing Canada has always been about one thing: finding the best snow and the deepest turns. It was about moving away from the ski resorts and leaving behind the known world to spend time in areas that few had skied, let alone even ventured in.


Heli skiing was born in British Columbia Canada. Wintertime in Canada is Awesome! Did you know that over half of the world’s Heli skiing operations are located here in British Columbia?

Since 2004, visitors from as far away as Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, and the United States have come to Heli skiing in British Columbia to spend some of their winter times in Canada with Northern Escape Heli Skiing.

Six big reasons

If you’ve ever wondered why 95% of the world’s Heli skiing operators are based in Canada check out our six big reasons why Heli skiing Canada is a must for everyone’s bucket lists.

No. 1.Expertise

They have been skiing in Canada for more than 50 years.

In the late 1960s, a young Austrian guide working in Canada stumbled on the idea of using a helicopter to whisk skiers into the most remote mountain areas.

The idea was a huge success and now, 50 years later, BC is offering the widest range of Heli-ski destinations anywhere in the world.

No. 2. Room/space

With two large mountain ranges in British Columbia, one on the coast and one on the interior, Canadian Heli-ski operators have unique access to thousands of square kilometers of ideal ski terrain.

No. 3. The green part – Trees

The tree skiing is popular in western Canada’s interior ranges.The trees are where the powder tends to be the deepest and staying perfect for longer as the snow is less affected by the wind and sun.   The huge bonus of having skiing in the forests is that when it’s not sunny and you can’t ski the big glaciers up in the Alpine you can still get out to ski these beautiful majestic forests.

The trees provide some protection from inclement weather as well as also providing better visibility for pilots and skiers, massively reducing the risk of the dreaded ‘down-day’.  That is without a doubt the reason why British Columbia’s interior ranges have the world’s most successful Heli skiing.

No. 4. The snow presentation

It is about 10 to 15 meters fall each year! Great? Yeah!

The Pacific Jet Stream carries moist, warm air from sub-tropical climes which cool and condense when it collides with cold arctic air flowing south – the result is the perfect light, dry, knee to waist deep powder.

No. 5. The connection and access

Daily direct flights to Vancouver and Calgary

Western Canada provides a unique wilderness experience and yet it’s very easy to reach.

Direct flights operate daily from London and other major cities around the world to the vibrant cities of Vancouver and Calgary. With good onward connections, it couldn’t be easier to reach your chosen Heli-ski area.

No. 6. Superb vertical fall

One of the biggest reasons why heli-skiing in Canada is the world’s famous is due to its amazingly amazing vertical fall or drops…

Below are the ratios:

Ski at elevations up to 2,450 meters (8,000 ft.)

Vertical ski drop in excess of 2,000 meters (6,500 ft.)

Vertical guarantee of 100,000 ft. /week

Unlimited Vertical Heli skiing option (average 145,000+ ft.)

Average of 8 to 15 Heli ski runs a day

Bonus point?

To bring one more important thing under your notice; Canada has the longest heli-skiing season you can get around the globe.

TypicallyHeli ski season near Terrace, British Columbia, Canada runs from mid of December to mid of April.

Last but not least; you have a variety of options

When Heli skiing in Canada, you’re spoiled for options because 95 per cent of the world’s Heli ski operators are located here. Not to mention that only in British Columbia 80 per cent of them run.

You will get the opportunity to heli-skii with the biggest (and longest running) operators.  Reputed operators have access to a tenure that is a third of the size of Switzerland, and within this area, they have a number of different lodges to choose from.  Every lodge offers something slightly different in terms of Heli ski terrain, accommodation and group sizes and so the scope of the activity means that if you’re a professional looking for a quicker program or a novice looking for an introduction to powder there’s something that fits you – your option is unlimited!

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