Europe Trip Cost – Suggested Budgets

Historically, Europe is the most famous travel destination to visit either for vacation or business in the world. In addition to this, it is famous for its known lively pubs, impressive history, easy transportation, and small beautiful town.

The continent is a great place to visit on your first trip mainly because of its tourist infrastructure, and the train system is excellent among the rest.

There exist a great diversity of many things to do and see in many destinations or areas in the European continent but can be limited by time and amount of money. While some areas are more expensive than others, so choosing the right cities and countries, your budget will take you a lot farther.

Depending on how you travel, style, destination; the trip can be relatively expensive or cheap. But the question is: how cost is Europe trip?

Europe Trip Cost

Europe Trip Cost

Well, it depends. Backpacking through Europe depends on many intriguing factors and lots are to be included, the significant day-to-day costs associated with travel are; meals, hotel accommodation, roundtrip airfare, incidentals, local transportation, sightseeing and many vast chunks of a budget when trying to figure out trip to Europe cost. Better, it is a little bit complicated to answer how the price is the Europe trip?  Reason has been that there are just too many variables.

Planning any trip is an overwhelming and daunting task, most especially a backpacker or first-time traveller. More worsen, this is indeed a budget, except for one of the world’s most expensive natural continent to visit to avoid a stiff breeze of cold.

Furthermore, costs are based on your destination. Those Scandinavian countries (Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden), The Netherlands, France, Ireland, the UK, and Switzerland are the most expensive places to visit in Europe. Cost for entertainment, accommodation, food and transportation are substantially higher than the averages. Countries like Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia, Portugal, and the rest of the Balkans are significantly inexpensive

For these are a little breakdown of likely costs to be incurred.


Airfare for flights in European countries is quite cheap, but in another way round depends on the season of travel, origin, and destination. There is more than 20 distinct budget airline that runs different regional routes, almost each of the flights is found to be under $50 one way.

More on this, train and local transport is also a better option as they are less expensive. There are multiple rails derives that are fit and good for various countries while they’re of great value, but better research is needed to know whether they make sense for one’s itinerary


Another visible colossal chunk of the budget but relatively depends on your preference of comfort. Honestly, Europe gives the best option regardless of the price range of a backpacker. With hotels, hostels, Airbnb, luxury hotel, and budget hotels, accommodation would make sense and all cost between $35-$350 per night.

For the cheapest Countries, prices are average, and the most competitive countries see accommodation cost on the shallow end of this range while at the high end in rich countries.


Holding a check of $10 after a three-course meal in Europe’s cheapest countries would be visible. For example, you can get a bowl of fish in Helsinki, a crepe in France for around the same price. More, food prices are of great variance on a trip to Europe costs. It ranges from $12-25$.

Sightseeing and attractions

Things tend to more tricky here. Sightseeing isn’t expensive, going there frequently, you’re certainly going to spend more. First, try free stuff in every city you visit meaning that checking on whether there are art galleries and museums with no entrance fee. Most parks are always free of charge and often simple to walk around and are the most preferred way to see a new city that doesn’t cost a single penny.

Random spending

Many forget to include miscellaneous like shopping on their trip costs. It is crazy to have it in mind you’ll spend nothing on various; there are a lot of souvenirs you’ll have to pick for yourself regardless of how costly there. The desire to buy a gift for the right people? Nothing is wrong in buying a gift for friends and yourself; all these must be included in the costs.

Imagine, some cities like Italy have a better shopping experience than others. There is a need to think about costs and where you’re going accordingly. For example, Italy is known for leather shoe and sandal. This will be attractive, and there is nothing wrong with buying a quality shoe. For this, the costs must be included in the budget.

Venice, Venezia
Venice, Venezia

In conclusion, how cost is Europe trip? You know the answer – it depends! However, a stress-free estimate is around $4300. The cost of a trip to Europe depends solely on the backpacker.

Most of all these figures are based on what a typical adult would find acceptable. Dedicated bottom-cost traveller and students can do better. Also, many guidebooks suggest accurately what cost could be. In a trip, there is no limit to downside and upside, taxis, private guides, luxury hotel and even normal class air can increase the costs into many thousands. Traveller has to decide for him/herself the right level of comfort and enjoyment for self on a trip.

All these figures can at least provide a starting point, but he/he must be conversant and ready to do better research to have at least knowledge of what’s going.  The lowest- cost way to visit Europe is to stay in the countryside. With this, it will be easier to do day-trip excursion to nearby art galleries, museums and other nearby attraction.

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