Eat Your Way Around the World

I like food. Eat Your Way Around the World!

I wouldn’t classify myself as a ‘foodie,’ because in all honesty, I’m not all that adventurous, nor do I really care what you eat, be it foie gras or spaghetti-o’s, but, if you like food, and like to travel, and like to combine them, then come over and sit by me for a while.

The Battle of Oranges
The Battle of Oranges

The interesting thing about food festivals is that there is one for virtually everything: beer, blueberries, buffalo wings…you eat it, you name it. So, maybe you’re thinking what does this have to do with you, but I think it does, and since my blog is less of a democracy and more enlightened despotism, I’ll tell you why I think this. And it’s for two main reasons.

1 – The obvious, being your tummy will thank you.

2 – The not-so-obvious, by following your passion, you might be able to go to an off the beat place and meet people who have a similar love like you, increasing the possibility of new friends, and starting a new tradition.

Everyone has food they love, don’t be ashamed, embrace it, sure I love filet mignon and lobster tails, but things I really love: ketchup, maple syrup, beer, cheese, BBQ and pizza. Maybe you love strawberries, or oysters, or wine, or corn, there are festivals for all.

One of the best things about festivals is the personality. Sure there are many on the tame end of things, close down a street, line it with booths, wander around eating, maybe listen to a band, see some fireworks have a beer, very nice, very relaxing and wander back to the old bed and breakfast. Festival success to be sure.

If maybe a little more adventure is something you like on your plate, try The World Pea Shooting Championship, in Witcham Village, England (about 35 minutes north of Cambridge), or how about The Battle of the Oranges, in Ivrea, Italy, outside Turin, in the Italian Alps, or even the Charleville Camel, Donkey & Yabbie Festival, smack in the middle of Queensland, Australia.

More on the bucket list path, I hear you, then I’d suggest Oktoberfest, in Munich, Germany, I’ve been looking for some buddies to join me in the Hofbrau line. La Tomatina, in Bunyol, Spain, is billed as the world’s largest tomato fight, something I saw for the first time while watching (and this will age me, doh) Road Rules: Europe.

Oktoberfest – Image by Pexels from Pixabay

If you already have a vacation booked somewhere, search to see if there are any food fests in the area during the time you are there, oftentimes, it’s a great way to see how a culture celebrates, no two festivals are alike!

My go to guide for finding all things food, is a fantastic website called Food Reference, sorting can be done by state, month, or country, essential for planning.

So get on it, make it a challenge, pick food and go, I guarantee besides being delicious, it will make for a great story.

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