Golf Vacation in Paradise: Caribbean Resorts

I’ve just recently started working with a pretty cool golfing site called Breaking Eighty, I invite you to check it out. What I have learned from working on a golf site is that there are some incredibly beautiful courses around the world.

I know there are a ton of golfers out there who love to travel to some of these Caribbean golfing hot spots when they are planning out their golf vacations. So, why not showcase some of the prettiest courses you can find only a short flight away.

If you have hit up any of these links, let me know, I’d love to hear your impressions!

Half moon

This is another Five-star hotel located in Jamaica at Montenegro Bay. The beach has been accommodating guests to more than fifty years. The guest rooms have air conditioners, WIFI access, coffee maker, TV cable and a minibar. All the accommodations room faces the beach. Outside there is an 18-hole golf course, a kids playground, and a gym.

In addition, if you love animals you can watch hatched sea turtles returning to the sea or even ride on horses. Half moon has three restaurants where guests can have their meals when they stay there. They serve very classy meals ranging from traditional Jamaican foods to Italian foods. However, be warned the meals Aare not cheaper though.

Casa De Campo

Famed golf course designer Pete Dye was behind the set up at Casa de Campo, and created three outstanding courses at one resort, many consider this a must see destination.

Casa De Campo is well equipped ensuring that guests do not lack places to feed on. There are over 10 restaurants and bars. In terms of accommodation, the rooms are well equipped with excellent WIFI connection and Flat-screen televisions. You have the option of selecting a single or double room. If you have a family, the latter one is the best. Not to forget security. The place is well guarded and patrolled. You have nothing to fear inside here.

The Tryall club

Tryall Golf
Forget playing golf I just want to wander this course. Photo: Tryall Club

Another resort in Jamaica that is still heavily guarded. This resort has all the things that you need to make your experience there one to remember this is simply a golf paradise. It’s a great place to go especially if you want to gain some golf skills. Golfers of all levels are welcomed.

One of the prettiest courses in all of the Caribbean, the Tryall Club, has holes dotted with mango and star fruit trees.

Accommodation is also available, most of the staff there are professionals. They know what they are doing. They are very hospitable and friendly. Just ask them for anything and they will be more than happy to help. You will have nothing to complain about them.

Four Seasons Nevis

It’s located in West Indies. Not only is it the largest resort in the area but it’s the biggest employer of the locals. Most of the people who will serve you are the locals. They are very hospitable. You will also benefit from the fact that they know more about the area.

In terms of accommodation, the resort has over 190 hotel rooms and over 50 villas. The rooms are very spacious that it’s possible to sleep with your children in it. There are four restaurants, which serve the guests with meals. You will certainly enjoy the place with your family.

Sandy lane resort

Sandy lane
Sandy Lane has one of the most unique courses in the Caribbean. Photo: Sandy Lane

You won’t forget this resort that is remembered for hosting the 2006 golf world championships that Germany won. The resort was started in 1933 by Ronald tree on a farm, which was initially a plantation. It’s well equipped with modern type rooms and has three golf courses. This is an expensive resort.

Many of the courses that you will see in the Caribbean will feature those sandy white beaches and crystal clear waters, however the course at Sandy Lane showcases a totally different look.

Most of the people who come here are very wealthy.


From this article, we learn that the best hotels, which are well located, near a beach and have excellent staffs. In addition, the houses are world class. However, be warned these are no cheap hotel. The cost of renting a house a day is very high. You need to be well organized financially. Don’t forget that they target rich people.


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