Soak up the Sea and Sun in Sharm El’Sheikh, Egypt!

Sharm el Sheikh, referred to locally as Sharm, is a fantastic little resort located just on the southern point of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Sharm el Sheikh holidays is one of the most popular Egyptian destinations because of its amazing beaches, diving spots and desert views. There is something for everyone here and you wont be disappointed.

Sharm El-Sheikh
How’s a veiw like that suit you?

Accommodation & Amenities

You will find that the vast majority of accommodation here will be hotels with everything from luxurious well known name such as Hilton and Marriott available to little known local hotels that are unique just to Sharm. There is something here for every budget and the more luxurious hotels will have amazing private beach areas and some will even have amazing diving spots either on site or just a short boat trip away.

You will find that some hotels will offer diving training and experiences on site which means you wont even have to leave your hotel if you choose not to and yet you can still explore the depths of this beautiful stretch of ocean and some of the marine life it holds.

Sharm el-Sheikh, Red Sea, Egypt
Crystal clear water makes this a mecca for diving!

Day Activities

There is plenty to do in Egypt. Some of the most popular activities to take part in including diving, fishing, swimming, boat trips, shopping, and quad bike rides through the desert. There is something available here for everyone, regardless of age, size and budget. There is a whole host of things that you could enjoy for a small budget or even for free here and some of the local walks are simply amazing.

Dining & Entertainment

There is much to try here in Egypt and the local cuisine is absolutely amazing. There are many different areas offering everything from fine dining to ice creams by the beach side, which are particularly wonderful during the muggy evenings.


Sharm El'Sheikh
Sharm El’Sheikh has some beautiful blue skies most days of the year.

The weather here is variable and you will find temperatures from as low as 13/55 degrees in January right up to a peak of 39/102 degrees in August which is just amazingly hot. The peak of sunshine hours occurs in July where you can expect around 400 hours during the month making this one of the more sunshine filled destinations, even at that time of year.

Night life

Na’ama Bay is the place to visit if you want to enjoy some amazing nightlife. There are lots of restaurants here also so you can have a meal and then carry the night on with friends or loved ones over a few drinks in a bar. There are many different bars and clubs here and you will find a wide variety of music on offer, everything from local music to chart toppers will be played here and almost everyone, musically, will have their appetite satisfied.

Whether you want to enjoy some quad bike riding in the desert, a horseback ride with younger children or dive to the depths of the ocean there is something in Egypt for you. There are so many activities to take part in here that you could easily return back here year after year and never find yourself doing the same activity twice.


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